If you are going to work in the energy of what is coming, then you will have to wait to be happy. If you work in the energy of now, then you will be happy with what you produce, and you will know that your energy is telling the world how to move in the direction of their increase in happiness, contentment and Love. It is all in the now of the moment and the inner knowledge that life is as we create it, and it is our life of Love that makes our world peaceful and full of Love in the creation of Life.

Inspiration for the Day, brought to you by Spirit through Nancy Tate, August 17, 2020     


07-03-20: There is one thing that you may want to see and that is that the moment that you are in is the superlative of what may be coming in the next moment. As long as you feel good about it, it can be the factor of your next moment, or the new moment of what you feel is coming, that feels even better than the moment you are in now. See it, beleive it, know it, and live it, even if it changes for the better.

02-25-20: If it was our true way to do things when the going seems to get tough, we would actually smile and say that this is not for real, and that we are actually rising above it because it is just trying to drag us down to where it is without any truth to its actual reality. So go on in this world and know that when you feel a bit lower in truth than you have been, that it is saying that you are delaying the motion of being able to see the truth as it always is in Love, Peace and Joy. It is an absorption of the true energy of this world, and you are walking in the brilliance that others may not see, until they see their own actual reality. 

01-01-20: As we begin the new world in the new energy of the essence of tranquility and forgiveness for all that has taken place to give this world a degree of fear, sorrow and hostility, we shall find that all there is in our daily lives, moment to moment, is the essence of Love, Peace and Joy in the knowledge that it is the way we shall be creating our lives in the moment, and forever on this earth and beyond. This is the magical essence that we will realize is beyond magic, and is the way we will be living in every moment of bliss that we realize is our creation. Love is all there is!

08-14-19: If you see what it is that you have been thinking of, then you know that your ideas are not only yours but true to who you are and ready to spring forth and represent that which you are showing everyone you seem to be. It is a bit of the truth that you present to the world and the rest is still creating itself within you, ready for the release of yourself to share with the world.

06-07-19: I am suggesting that you listen to your inner self more often than you might be, and see that there is an ongoing pleasure in living the moments as they come. For it is an example of how and what it means to get to the ongoing truth of what it takes to be the Creator of your life in harmony with the Creator of all life. As you go forth in this life, you are helping yourself to remember where you are from, and how you are truthfully becoming the inner self that is speaking to you in the moment. Go now in Peace, Joy and Love in every moment.

01-27-19: To know that you can win an argument with anyone is to  know that it is not an argument, but a moment of truth that can change in the next moment. This is the time for seeing what is being felt and moving forward in it if it feels good. As you go into the now moment and see what it is telling you, then you can realize that there is nothing more valid than the moment of truth that can change in the next moment. It is all according to what the moment brings and how it is recognized.

07-08-18: As we go through the trials and tribulations of life we are finding that there is no end, only a beginning of being able to move forward in a way that may not have seemed possible before. It is another way to bring the new life into our lives and to be happy and joyful that we are able to bring to ourselves the knowledge of the wholeness of our ability for freedom, ability and Love of what we do in the name of common sense, and knowing that we are capable of what we head into with the freedom of our stress-free minds.x

06-23-18: When you prepare yourself to meet with the one who speaks to you through your inner self, then know that you already know this one and that you are a part of the knowingness in the way that you have allowed it to come forth at this time for the example of how others are, as well as you. This is the preparedness time for your own self to remember how you are part of the Oneness that is in place for all of eternity.

02-14-18: On a day like today when you chase the clouds away and find that they chase you back, just look at them with Love and know that where they come from is within the heart of all on earth and within, below and above. There is no chasing of the wonder of Love! There is only the swimming in the purity of the blessings that are always with us.

01-22-18: When the sky is clear and the message that comes to you is to go out and follow in your own self righteousness, ask yourself how it feels, and then ask yourself what you can do to change that feeling if it doesn't agree with your understanding of well being and taking the stand in Love. That is what could set you in a clear feeling that is reaching out to others as well in Love and compassion for all that is taking place in this world.

12-15-17: If there is an answer to all that is taking place now on earth it would be the one that is the answer to what is taking place in your own life at this moment. It is all in oneness, and it is all in the completion of what is being created for the Peace, Joy and Love of all of life. Know that you are part of the Creator of what is your origin of Creation. Love is all there is!

11-23-17: As we walk into a new day and bring with it our unleashed forgiveness and Love for all there is, we do so with the power of being in the position of bringing all of life to the Love that it is. We are the bringers of the peace in what we do, say and feel in all that we can be.

10-31-17: It is a day when the times 'they are a changin' and the idea of Halloween is that of being able to show our Love through the energy of having fun, and taking a break from being serious, to laughing and knowing that the days of old and fear are over completely.

10-16-17: Take a moment and think about what it is that you desire to come into your life and you will know that it either is here already and you haven't seen it, or the appropriate moment is being created as you feel it growing.

09-24-17: As you go through the times of trouble and see it as being able to move through them and build more Love energy, then you are already in that Love energy and moving it forward, building it to a level of completeness without any further energy of 'less than'. It is a matter of realizing your power to create that Love in every aspect of Life.

09-04-17: As we shift through the times in our lives and wander through the pathways to love and abundance do we remember to go through all that we need do to bring it into our lives? What is important is that we already have it, in one respect, so all we need do its to love it, utilize it and feel it grow as it becomes the manifestation of our life's dream.

08-19-17: There is a time in every day when we wonder what is going to take place here on earth that means so much that it won't be misplaced? I can tell you that it is coming, and when it does, you will all know why it took the time it did to be presented and given to all of you who are awaiting the day of Splendor and Love for all of Life.

07-29-17: As we go along the corridor of creation and express ourselves in a way that feels like the way to success, do we ask ourselves what does success really mean? Is it according to what we consider success, or what others feel is that 'wonder of wonders' of what we are capable of creating?

07-27-17: Continue in the wonder that you are traveling your inner roads and you will be taking the grandest journey of your lives in a way that will lead you to the utmost beauty and peace that you have ever had. It is the journey of forgiveness of all of life and the Love that gives us all a new way of seeing how it is to live in Love forever and a day.

07-16-17: As we travel the world and see what is taking place we know that so many of you are feeling the heat of the new day and are responding in a way that cannot be denied. It is a wondrous way to go to the new Kingdom of Peace on earth in Love and the Joy of seeing the inner way to Live on earth and beyond.

07-08-17: As we continue down life's pathway and make the decisions that bring us to our ultimate goal we do so with the utmost security from within, and we know that without the distrust of our own inner voice we will be in the heaven on earth that we have created and will always Love.

07-04-17: As we go through life and experience what we create, we find that it is the time to pay more attention to what we think and how we progress with the thoughts and feelings that come into our lives with the light of a candle glowing our power.

06-26-17: When you find yourself in the action of taking your life into your own hands then listen to what your inner voice says, for it too can be the forerunner of the Peace, Joy and Love that is prominent in your life. It is the ability you have to create the promise of perfection in any way that it comes.

06-22-17: Boredom’s answer is; when there comes a time when you don’t know what to do, give yourself anything to do that feels good, even if it only lasts a minute or two. Take the moment to go to the inner voice of your own mastery. Know that you have answered your request for the moment’s release. It can bring to you the knowing that you made a wondrous choice to bring the boredom to a close. Then go on for the next moment to find another answer for the new timelessness of your life.

05-07-17: Take your time in the moment and see your life as the epitome of the Heaven on Earth as you always want it to be and will always be as long as you see it that way. Live it, Love it and know that you are the Creator of the life you desire as long as you live in the solid Loving way that represents your power to Create it that way.

05-01-17: As we take our time and plan our mode of transportation around our globe, we do so with the love in our hearts that suits the fancy of our journey into the unknown and the purity of that which we realize we are re-discovering.

04-22-17: We are here on this beautiful Earth to spend our time loving it, loving all who live on it, and taking care of it for all of the time that we are here. It is what Earth wants to do with us and for us, so lets work together to show it how wondrously we are in harmony with it for all times.

04-18-17: As we go through our changes and make our decisions based on truth and good feelings, we bring about an everlasting way of being in our absence of loneliness, and of being at peace with all there is. It is a matter of acceptance of what there is and then moving forward in the knowledge that we have the power to express the epitome of Love in every gesture and movement that we make and live in.

04-16-17: Today is a day to realize and celebrate the truth of what it is to be open and remembering the Source of who we are and what the truth that has been hidden tells us about who we are. It is a new birth of the truth of Now.

04-06-17: When it comes to being in a way of making the best of your life, know that you already are doing that by being in touch with your higher self at all times in anything that you do. It is a matter of being in the 'now' and enjoying what it brings. Even if it doesn't feel right, know that it is telling you what you wanted to know to go on from there and create the best you want in your life.

03-17-17: It is a day when we all are in celebration of who we are, whether it be from Ireland, Sweden, France, Africa, All Islands, Japan, Brazil, Antarctica, America, etc----need I go on and on and on! It is a matter of celebration all around the world of our home place where our heart is and where our minds are, for we have been all around the world and all of creation to express our love in a way that honors all of us and every place we have been. We choose today to honor St Patrick's place of home, and we do so in the hearts of all of us, for we are all One.

03-07-17: When we look into the eyes of Love we see the reflection of all of the truths that have come our way and acted in our lives to bring the peace and joy back to the energy in which we lead our lives in harmony with all of the land within this planet and above, as well as on the surface.

03-03-17: It is a time for all of us to look at our neighbors, our friends, our fellow globewalkers and universal family and see how wonderfully they are playing the roles that we all came here to play. We are on our way to the creation of our awakening to who we truly are.

02-22-17: When you think of all that has taken place around the world, and then think of what the world is like today, take a moment and realize that this is just moments in time before the energy is completely cleared with Love from all around the globe.

02-14-17: As we go through the times of joy and laughter, and we remember the times of tears and sorrow, we are so grateful that we are in the graces of Love, Joy and Peace forevermore.

02-07-17: We are the ones we have been waiting for and continuing to feel that we will know each other when we see them. It is a brand new awakening that we are creating. See it yourself and live it in Love.

01-31-17: As we begin our brand new lives we find that there is a secret around every corner that comes to life as the history that we put in storage for our reopening to it. Feel the peace and the enjoyment by receiving it in Love and happiness, for that opens it even more.

01-18-17: As we walk through the forest and come out to the sea we see lots of branches between you and me. With every branch and every leaf we go in love and the belief that all is Grand and Glorious for we are wondrous in our Love.

01-10-17:  It is a wonderful life when you go through the chances of bringing truth into your life and those of others for it is an example of the power you have of Love in everlasting Peace and Joy.

12-15-16: We go through our lives in the expectancy of having a good time, and maybe a bad time, so when you feel a bad time is in the works take a deep breath and know that in that breath is the creation of a good time that will bring sunshine and peace into your life.

12-07-16: When we go through the throes of ascension and discover that we are not entirely who we thought we were, then we begin to see things in a different light, one that shows us that we are indeed capable of so much more than we ever thought. That is the sweetness of our lives and the abundance in transformation of what we can do.

12-05-16: As the days grow shorter and the edges of the troubles around the globe grow longer we will find that the interruptions of the essentials of life will be carrying a sense of freedom that cannot be denied. It will be the best circle of circumstances that we have created for our delight and Love of Life that we have ever known on this planet.

11-30-16: As you go into the new month you will be finding that there is only one way to look at something new, and that is with a heart as open as the next day, the next moment, in or out of time. Whichever you choose, it is all the same; your Creation of what you expect might be,  in Harmony with the power of Love.

11-24-16: Here is the day of giving thanks when you give your cares away and rejoice in the pleasure of feeling the love of all of life all over the world. It is the time for the beginning of the Love of who you are and what you are thankful for, for it is what you have created in the oneness of you all.

11-16-16: When there is a new day coming and a new song to sing, that means the new dance is something that can spread far and wide and bring on a tide of laughter, joy and peace within, filled with Love for all of Life on earth and beyond.

11-07-16: When you wake up in the morning, and you pull yourself from sleep, you know the time is waiting for you to walk your sheep; for when the cloth takes over and time is off your hands, you know that it is time for your wonder of the new lands.

11-01-16: There is a time when the rights of others come before you, and then there is the time when the rights of you come before others. It is a matter of the timing being in the same energy of all of time, and also of there actually being no time. So that means that there is the perfection of what is perfect for all of you at the same moment.

10-05-16: As you go through life there is always at least one thing along the way that takes you to a place of confidence, and then to a place of challenge. It is your opportunity to choose the one that is easy for you, makes you joyful, and at peace with the result. That is the power of Love in everything that you do.

09-14-16: When it comes to being in love with all of life and you take the measures to get the assurance that you will surely live that Love, all you need do is be the one you are and know that you are already living that love in the knowing that you can live it.

09-14-16: It is a wonderful time coming when you lead the way in your life and know that it is all done in Love for the peace and joy that it will bring. Take a moment and breathe the beauty of what is surrounding you, then carry on in your splendor.

07-30-16: It is a grand and glorious day when we discover that our power is in Peace and Joy with the Love that brings it to us. Let's go forth and create the world that is in perfection for all of us.

07-05-16: When we take the time for the treasures in our life to unfold and create the newness of Love, we do so with the inner knowing that we are able to bring forth what we desire for us and for all of existence.

07-05-16: It is time for us all to look within and see what is speaking to us in a way that feels like we are finally in our own backyard and enjoying the beauty that we have created. Sing to your heart's content and know that all is well on the homefront, for all in creation is our home.

07-01-16: As we look around us and see what has come into our lives, it is a celebration of what our power represents, and how it can affect our lives. When we see this and look deep within we know what the next thought can bring and how to edit it, if we choose to, with the feeling of Love.

05-07-16: When it is time to make a change in our lives it is time to see what we have already changed and then go from there to the epitome of what we are capable of. It is inspiring and downright representative of our talents for proof of our power to create that which we know is our right to live with.

03-08-16: As we look around at the world and see what is taking place we see what it is that is changing our world and what it will take to bring it all into synchronicity with the Inner Love that is restoring it all to the purity that is destined for all of Life. Send it all Love and know that it is there already.

01-18-16: It is a time in this world for all of you to be in the hands of your own connection with The Creator and to recognize that you are a part of The Creator and able to do what has been your example of the power you have at all times.

01-15-16: Take the time to deliver the fact of life that revolves around Love and know that it will be responded to with a huge amount of Balance, Harmony, Peace and Joy. That is your power in life.

12-14-15: It is a time for you all to look at what is in your face at this time and see that the best way to deal with it is through your truth and your own sense of courage and humor, in Love and Light, for that is the source of power in your life.

12-04-15: Take your time to appreciate that which is fitting not only for you but for all of the world. In doing that you are helping to build the new beauty and wonder of the perfection that you are in the process of creating.

11-27-15:  It can be a surprising opening when you take the time to see what it is that you desire and yet hesitate to expect. It is what one can call a fitting moment to even give it some energy, for it can represent that which you hadn't realized you deserve.

11-18-15: It takes alot of gumption to feel a lot of 'umption' in the times and essences of the way to go forward in what is inspiring to you. Know that it is the way of clearing out that brings about the utmost comfort when you apply the Essence of Love to everything that you do, feel and see.

11-13-15: As long as you direct yourself to go for all that you desire, you will find the road quite pleasing and eventful. It is a matter of knowing what it is that you desire, and being clear as to the particulars being what Spirit sees is in your innermost creativity.

11-10-15: It is a time for us all to see who we are, act who we are, Love who we are, in every moment and every expression that sends us into a 'dilly datty' way of being. By 'dilly datty', I am saying that we always do wonderfully when we are in Joy, Peace and Love with ourselves and others.

11-02-15: This is the time for us to all take a breath and look around us at all of the smiles that transform the world into complete Love, then we will know what it is that is the most powerful thing in the world....our Love for all of existence.

10-19-15: It is time for us all to see who we are, love who we are, and live who we are, outright and fancy free forever and a day, living who we are in perfect harmony.

10-07-15: Has there been a time when you've looked at your life and asked yourself, "Can I look at my life and know that I am living it the best for me first, and then the best for everyone and everything else?" If so then you are living your love in a wonderful way, because we are all equal. What you do for yourself you do for others, and vice-versa.

08-23-15: There is a time when you look at your life and ask yourself, "Did I live it well so far?" The answer is always, "Yes, you did the best you felt to do, and that is where no judgment comes in."

07-27-15: When you look for a dream and wonder why you have not seen it yet, perhaps that is saying that you have been looking behind you rather than right in front of your beingness. It can evolve in a way that you have not seen as yet.

07-04-15: I take this day to promise you that there is a place in this world for the Independence of all people and all of life. It is a matter of being in the Love, power, and creativity of the true essence of who we are. We are all One and our strength is in place for us all to live in Truth.

06-18-15: If there ever was a time to be able to take your heart into your hands and make a difference in this world it is now and forever. There is only one you, and that Oneness resounds through out all of existence in the way of The Creator, who is the Oneness in originality.

06-18-15: Go if you will to the land of unknown and you will find that on some level you have not only known of it , but you also created it in the land of the free and the home of the Love of yourself and all of Creation.

05-17-15: Are you going to go and see what you can do to be in peace with the land and all around you, or are you already there and are living it in the moment? It is the truth of who you are and how you see life in the Now.

05-14-15: Take the time to be peaceful and in joy and you will find that all that you desire, and didn't even have a desire for, but are thrilled with, will be in your life as a snug bug in a rug that is filled with gold.

05-05-15: Give of yourself to others, and finally you may realize that to give to others means that you do not give to yourself enough. To give to yourself first is to prepare the way to give of your true self to others.

04-13-15: As you go through the times in your life when Spirit speaks to you loud and clear, the messages are meant to clear your soul and bring to you your inner joy, peace and love. That is the best part of the clearing that you can rely on. It is your power that you stand in, for you are Spirit, as we all are.

03-29-15: If you come across a distant shore and see the puddles on the water that weren't there before, know that you have stirred up some debris through your use of your knowing that you are capable of clearing out that which is of no use to you or anyone else anymore. It is the power you have to not only clean out what is inside, but bring it to the surface to be washed away with Love and understanding.

03-22-15: When you see something that inspires you to do better than you've done, that means you learned from what you've done, and that is what grows from the seeds you sow. You are the epitome of all of creation when you see the ability you have for the power of expression for all of life.

03-02-15: If you wanted to do anything that your heart desires and all that it required came to you in an instant, would you fly forth into it no matter what the consequences might be, or would you think twice, and then know that it doesn't matter as long as you have it loosely in Love in your heart, and then do it anyway? Yes, I heard you; you'd do it anyway! Yay!

02-25-15: Take your life with a grain of salt, and then when you see what it brings throw the salt away for it is not long lasting and it takes the sweetness out of what you apply it to. It is the sweet sugar of life that enhances it, and the salt is what brings it to your attention. Enjoy life in the fullness of all of the gifts you bring to your life.

02-11-15: "I take a chance and then I peruse the additional chances I've taken and I swim into the ocean of fun and creativity. It keeps me going," said the live one to the dead. "It follows me around and keeps me in the flow of life even if I take a rest for a spell. How about it, do you want to be in the flow of keeping your life in peace joy and Love for all times?"

02-04-15: When you get to the point where you feel you have nothing left to say or do, then turn to the light and ask what it is that is awaiting your exhibition. It will come to you in a clause, or a rainbow, or a thought that goes unnoticed until you observe it in your beingness. Then it is what you express and feel passion for in the way you live and move.

01-31-15: Can you tell what it is that you wish to have in your life and know that you already have it? All you need do is to claim it and begin to enjoy what it brings you. It is something that you will see and learn from in the abundant times to come.

01-15-15: As we go through life and find the ups and downs are what we have presented to ourselves, we realize that we are giving ourselves the gifts of discernment and inspiration to go on and not stop in our experiencing of all that we do, say and feel throughout our journey.

12-29-14: It is a matter of being able to go with the flow even if you get caught up in the magic of its waves of resistance and challenge. Ease into the flow and feel the waves ease in their own way, which will bring the power of Love into your every moment.

12-26-14: When you come across something that tells you that the world is coming to a great time in it's evolutionary cycle, then you will know that you have been a part of it and that you have seen what you have helped to create.

12-16-14: If there was one thing that you wanted to do more than anything else, do it when you can and tell the world that there is nothing better than living your truth in the words of the wisdom of Love and the example of your own ability to Create.

12-04-14:  When you see that the world shows you how powerful you all are in the Creation of your wishes and intentions, then you will begin to watch what you say, do and desire more and more, for you will realize that you have the power to Create a world of complete Love and Harmony.

11-06-14: There is a time for all of us to take a step forward and see what we have created in our lives that makes it a wondrous moment for the joy of life and Love. That shows us our purpose and ability to Create in the energy of the God within.

11-04-14: As you make your pledge to yourself to honor life and see it is profoundly in it's glory, you will know that living your life in joy and peace will give you all that you desire and Love in this life.

10-26-14: Go to the ends of the earth and look around. You will see the most wonderful ideas and songs being sung in every corner and on every byway as you pass on by. It will be the angels singing as you make your mark among all the other 'Yous' who have given their Love to it All.

09-02-14: When you get down and out, know that in the next instant you can be up and inside the best and 'wonderfullest' world that you can imagine. Anything that is not in your 'bestest' world is ready for your instant of success and Love of who you are. There you are! Didn't I tell you that you are the 'Bestest'!

08-11-14: There is a great deal of Love in this world, and as it exemplifies itself it is growing stronger and more powerful in what it can do make all of us see and feel what it is that will bring us to the knowing of who we are and what we can accomplish in the name of Love.

08-09-14: When it comes to trusting in the world and all it brings to you, it is wise to keep in mind that what your heart tells you is what you have created to experience and understand.

08-02-14: It is a wonderful road that we create when we follow our hearts and seek the truth to all that is in our lives and hearts. We all benefit from the ultimateness of Loving Truth.  

07-25-14: When you get to the place in life where you are to go in one direction or another, it is wise to go in the one that immediately feels the best, the most promising and the one that brings joy to your heart.

07-19-14: We take a walk through life and strife and know that the time is here for living the peace and joy and love in everything we do. That is the wonder of our own ability to bring what it is to the whole of Life.

07-14-14: As we see how everything is going on the planet and we see what you are doing to create your new lives, we assure ourselves that you are all exciting the universe and creating a wonderful new paradigm in which to live in peace, joy and harmony.

07-14-14: It is a matter of being in the Now and being in the Know when all is in disarray, for that will bring it back to the state of nowingness that tells you that all is in harmony once more. You are the Master of your beingness and you have the knowing to use that power.

07-08-14: When you look into the future and see what it is that you desire, it is a matter of knowing it is in your Now and enjoying the feeling of it in your embrace.

06-25-14: It is a long way back to the life you once knew unless you begin from this moment in time and flow on through to what is ahead for you. It will all be so different, yet all so true to who you really are. The secret is in not holding on to what was, but in living what is.

06-16-14: When you go into a song and listen to your hearts content, you also sing it through your heart to the innermost Love that is at your command. It is a gift that you give to yourself and to the entire universal energy of Life.

06-14-14: It takes your full attention to bring about what it is that you desire and then in that next moment it is a part of your joyful and wondrous reality. Take it to the limit and then know you can go beyond it to forever.

06-10-14:  If there was ever any time in which to laugh and cheer and make a day perfect in your joy, it is this time, this day, always and forever.

05-25-14: If you should see the ones who gave of themselves, their peace of mind and joy in living in the days past then you would look at the days to come in a newer brighter more peaceful way, and know that it was not all in vain. We all choose what we will experience, and we do so in Love, whether we realize it or not.

05-21-14: If you continue to see the world as a dark and fearful place then that is how it will be for you. If you see the world as a beautiful, powerfully wondrous place, full of joy, peace and harmony then that is what it will be for you. Take your position as a Creator and see how well it fits into your reality of truth.

05-15-14: There is a give and take with everything that you desire and look for in your life. One of the gives is to know that you are love, and one of the takes is to take all that is given to you, because it is designed for you to give all that you can take in the line of Love.

05-14-14:  There is always a way to bring change into your life, though it seems that so much is in the hands of others. It is a matter of seeing what it is that is your reality and then living it.

05-07-14:  We are all going to see what it means to be in the Now when it is Now and Forever all in the same moment. It is a trip that you will always remember and be able to access at any moment of any Now.

05-02-14: It is all about being in accord with one another and seeing that it is all in harmony with the universal flow of creation from the Love that is the most powerful energy of the wholeness. All is Love.

04-16-14: Take the time to smell the roses and you will find that the roses take the time to see you and enrich their lives according to your love that is so evident to them. We all are one in our Love for each other.

04-09-14: There is only one thing that surpasses the love of the Christ and it is that of the entire Christed energy, and the use of it in expression. All is Love.

04-03-14: When you go into a dream and see it as reality then you are dreaming a life of positivity and potential for what it is that is in line for you, or what you are creating in the moment

03-20-14: Love is not a waiting game, it is an always present blessing that to some is in disguise, but in reality is always in the energy of Now and easily accepted as truth.

03-11-14: There comes a time when all who take themselves out of the picture, in whatever way that they choose, it represents a choice that they have made in their own standing and their own realization of what the moment meant to them.

03-07-14:  When you unexpectedly make a decision that is not in keeping with what you thought it would be, realize it may be the best decision that you could have made, and follow it to the perfection of that moment.

02-17-14: It is a long time coming, and a short time away from the desired Freedom, Joy, Peace and Love that we will bring back to ourselves. Believe it, Live it and Be it.

01-31-14: As we go along and see our world through the eyes of Love we do so in a way that brings about the best that we can bring and the joy in which we live it.

01-28-14: When you walk through life as if you are in heaven, then you are, and you created it yourself, for you are in Oneness with The All.

01-18-14: There is only one way to soar through life and that is with the lightning speed of the precious truth, in action with love.

01-09-14: When you soar like an eagle you fly through life as if there was nothing to stop you, and there isn't anything to stop you but you yourself, if you choose.

01-05-14:   Today is a day to remember that there is nothing but Love that generates that which is desired and intended, for Love is the Creator of All That Is, and today is the only day that will create, for today is every day in Creation.

11-11-13: When we see others is dire distress and are not able to reach out to help them, we must remember that our power is in the Love energy that we send them.

10-14-13: It is a matter of being in the now and enjoying it for what it can bring you, and in so doing, enhance your ability to Be.

09-23-13: When you complete your missions on earth you are ready for the freedom to be and do that which you are inspired to. That is the gift that you have brought to yourselves in this journey through duality that is now coming to an end.

07-31-13: It is a time for all of us to go where we want, do what we want to do, and be in joy, peace and harmony with all of Existence.

07-21-13: This is a time for elegance, splendor, and simplicity all rolled into one and spelling forth the grandeur of living in the trueness of oneself, which is the All.

06-28-13: When you walk through a cloud and feel the essence of it enshrouding you with it's glory, realize that it is bringing you a bit of yourself and then the cloud will lift and so will your awareness of yourself.

06-27-13: We are one people and one evolvement of that which we seek and Love. As we move forward in that Oneness we bring to our lives that which we see as being our Oneness in Love and Creativity in the Power we have and the freedom to express that Power.

06-25-13: As we go down the hill of wonder and excitement we see what awaits us at the bottom and say to ourselves, "Haven't I been there before?" Then we suddenly see it change before our eyes and we know that the time for evolving is upon us, in our own way of creating that which we desire and intend for our lives.

06-21-13: We are in the know as far as what we have lived. Let's bring in what is new to us and be able to incorporate it into our knowingness in a way that is genuine and loving, for it is part of the whole.

06-18-13: As far as you go in this new life you create you will be representative of what you are able to do in the moment. Watch it grow as you complete your destined path and you will forever be joyful in your journey.

06-16-13: It is a Happy Father that is the healer of all that is. It is a day for gathering together and giving our fullness of Love to The Father of all there is individualized in every Father of the planet.

06-12-13: As we gather together to enjoy our lives in harmony we bring the best we can bring to our lives and All there is. It is the magic of the day that makes all of life Magical and Dear.

05-25-13: When we all Get Together and Deliver Our Love to All There is, We are Delivering it to Ourselves As Well, for All Is One.  

05-14-13:  When you come together with Family from the universe you come to the realization that all is in keeping with where you are and why you are in the perfect place at the perfect time.

05-11-13: There will come a time in your life when you will know fully who you are and what you are capable of. Till then embrace yourself every day and know that you are right on target for the time being.

04-30-13: We are always there for ourselves whether we know it or not. It is a matter of tuning in and trusting that we can recognize our truth, then walking forth in it.

04-21-13: As we reach out to others who are less fortunate than us, we reach out to ourselves in gratitude for what we have given to all of humanity and what they have given to us.

04-16-13: There is a time for everything, when it is time for nothing, and to some of you that can be the same, for one is the same as the other. In a deeper sense that is the truth as has not been recognized before.

04-05-13: When you bring all of the facts and figures to the drawing table you are opening the door to all of it, even if you are not aware of the completeness of it all. That is when you realize the depth of the creation of existence.

03-31-13: As it appears that there is nothing more that you can do to bring on the changes in your life, look into the possibility that the next thing is right at your fingertips.

03-17-13: If there was ever a time to thank your lucky stars for who you are, what you have in your life and what has been coming your way, then it is Now because this is what you have created and will continue in your power to create. Happy 'Luck of the Irish Day' and Beyond to you all!

03-??-13: When you look upon a star, makes no difference who you are, for it is a part of your heritage, and you have been there from afar many, many times.

03-07-13: What we've come here to do is to live our lives in the ways that we are inspired. That is changing now in the manner that the inspirations are coming from a purely positive place. Our lives hold great promise for complete harmony and love.

03-03-13:  As we go through our clearing and presenting to ourselves the clarity that we know is in our best interest, we give also to the rest of existence, for it is part of the whole.

02-20-13: It is a time for bringing to your fancy that which gives you love, peace and joy, for in bringing it to yourself you bring the potential to others. In our Oneness we serve all of existence. 

02-16-13: When you awaken from your dreams and see the cloudiness that is being cleared, congratulate yourself for being in the Now and Knowingness of your awakening process.

02-09-13: If there is one thing that is inspirational for all of mankind, it is to see what all of humanity is doing and then make the choices that are real and significant to each individual.

02-05-13: If you give yourself a chance you will become all that you intend for yourself. That is what you need; the chance to fulfill your intentions through self-love and empowerment.

01-27-13: As you go through life giving of yourself, you also give to yourself, as the rewards become available to everyone. That is the nature of giving in Love. That is the energy of sharing in Oneness.

01-23-13: It is a matter of being in the Now and living your dream in the moment of conception. In that way it will flow throughout your life.

01-15-13: Take some time to smell the roses and to know that you have created them in your desire for them to be there.

01-09-13:  Gather together your losses in life and throw them to the golden wind, for you are now and forevermore dancing in the reality of gains and gifts in life.

01-06-13: As you go through life with the highest degree of love, that is what you receive. Isn't that the best gift you can get? As you sow, so shall you reap!

12-31-12: With this new energy of creation it is in our hands more than ever what we bring into harmony with our desires and those of the whole. Have fun with it in this New Journey and feel the joy and love that comes from the Oneness of us all.

12-22-12: Come together and solve the mysteries of the world as you bring total peace, joy and harmony to everything that you do. It is the road to eternal grace and love.

12-16-12: As you walk down the road toward your coming ascension be aware of the giggles and promises of fun that will come in the awakening that you are about to receive. It will be far more incredible than you can now imagine.

12-13-12: There is a coming time for you when you will refer to what you do and how you do it in a sequence of thoughts and ideas that spell forth that which you are. It will spell out that which you are capable of in your new expression of your totality.

11-09-12: When you see a wonderful sight and know that it is in keeping with what you desire in your life, then you know that you are living your dream. You are the creator of that dream, so hug yourself in joy.

10-31-12: When the ghosts of the past come round and disturb your present day, tell them you love them and watch them ease on out into the angels of today and tomorrow.

10-24-12: When you think that you have done everything you can to make your world the best it can be, have another thought and then see your world shine even brighter.

10-06-12: As you go down the road to forgiveness you find that the power it brings is far greater than you may have thought. It moves mountains, for it is based in love.

10-04-12: When you gaze into the eyes of your beloved pet, you do so with the complete Oneness of Knowing that all is Love.

09-03-12: There is an ongoing fluidity to your choices, and as they come to your knowing you find that they continue to be of a higher caliber. This is your ascension process in fullness of flow.

08-31-12: As you wind your way through life and make choices that feel good, you will find yourself at the top of the clouds smiling at the rainbows above you.

08-25-12: If there ever is a time for you all to see yourselves as you truly are, it is now. You are Beacons of Light and Love for all who see you and recognize the example you set for them.

08-22-12: I can see that there is much that is being held back from what it is that you desire. I also see that there is much set into place to spring on you when the setting is complete. Know that then it will be as if the sun has burst forth and given you every gift you've asked for.

08-14-12: As you walk through life and see what you can do with it, you can also see what others are doing and be in harmony with them in a way that makes is seem as music to dance to.

08-05-12: Do you know what it means to take your world in your hands? It means loving and believing in yourself and what you do in every moment, and then move on from there creating the best you can.

08-02-12: As you walk through your life and see what others are doing with theirs, know that what you each do is exactly appropriate to what it is that you are in line to do on this earth. You are each the unique inventors of your life.

07-25-12: On a day when you would feel like there is nothing to do and nothing to say that can make a difference, look around you and see that there is everything that can make a difference, and you are the first one to create that in your world.

06-18-12: There is, after a long, long time coming, going to be an existence on earth when there will be no time as we know it, only as it has been. That is when we will know that we live in the moment and see it as just that.

06-04-12: Take the time you want to live your life in it's grandest fashion for it is your walk and your talk that brings you to the inner knowing of who you are.

05-20-12: As you walk the streets of love, with grandeur all around, remember the 'once' that speaks of the moment, and the beauty that surrounds it. There is never anything that speaks from the heart that cannot be seen in beauty and grace.

05-01-12: There is coming a time in your lives when all will be as you see it in the eyes of the beholder and that beholder is and always was You. Step up to Your Truth and walk in the beauty of the beholder.

04-13-12: I come to you today in answer to your prayer of love and fortitude. It is a time for you to take in the best of your world and expand it throughout all of your creation. You will be in awe of your abilities as you walk among the blessed. 

03-28-12: There is coming a time when all that you sow, so shall you reap in surprising and delightful ways. It is a matter of being in the Now and allowing that Now to be in Perfection with your Desires.

03-24-12: As you go through the next days and see that all that you desire is coming in ways that you had not thought of, you will realize the power you have for perfection.

03-02-12: There is only one thing you can do to make matters better in your life, and that is to be honest and truthful with yourself. The rest will all iron out perfectly once you have achieved that.

02-23-12: When you come across a problem that seems to be unavoidable instead of seeing it as useless to figure out, know that you already have the answer, and then tune in to it. Your power is endless.

02-01-12: There is a feeling that is spreading all over the world and it is that of plenty and love and joy. It is a feeling that is being incorporated within each and every one of you to access as you feel inspired to. Go for it now, and see where it leads you.

01-22-12: When you are enlisted to go and find what it is that you are in search of it is wise to carry with you the utmost feeling of truth, peace and joy that resonates within.

01-11-12: If there is one thing that you can do to make your day bright and shining it is to allow the Light to shine throughout all that you do.

01-07-12: It is not only a matter of knowing who you are, it is also a matter of being true to that one who is you, for all and evermore. In being true to you, you are true to all.

01-01-12: We bring you a decided note of cheer for the New Year, and it is that there is no better time for you to create and be in love, peace and joy than right now, this moment.

12-22-11: As you walk through life and see what it is that is stirring you into action, take note and see what it is that is moving you to tears of joy, for it is your creation.

11-25-11: There is only one time, one day, one place and one way of being and that is Now. This is the moment of monumental choice and it is yours completely.

10-30-11: Is there ever a time when you are completely sure of what is to take place in the next moment? And if so, do you find that in that next moment it is different from what you had envisioned the moment before?

8-17-11: As we go through life with it's ups and downs we know that we are getting to the place where we will be ever thankful for the journey, for it will have brought us to the perfection in which we now sit.

7-4-11: On this day of Independence we are here to tell each other that our Independence is based on what we do with our lives and how we honor that which we choose to do from our hearts. Love is the answer.

6-23-11: There comes a time in everyone's life when you have to ask, what am I doing here? The answer is to look at what you are doing in the moment, for the moment is all that counts.

6-15-11: If you can come to a decision about yourself and stick to it until, or unless you know there is a better one, then you will be doing the best that you can in the moment. It's a matter of honoring the beauty of the moment.

6-07-11: When you take upon yourself to solve a crisis in your life, you are not only taking it in your own hands, you are realizing that your hands are full of Spirit, therefore nothing can go awry when you have that knowing deep in your heart.

5-20-11: There is one sure way to count on what you're doing to be right for you, and that is to take it into your heart and feel the sun shining forth from the gift it gives you.

5-11-11: When it comes to the inner workings of your mind it is wise to realize that what is in there is also out there for all the world to see. All you need do is give it the attention that you see and feel long enough to make it real.

4-29-11: If there is anything that you want to remember it is that you are unique in all that you do, and that means that you are well versed in being the creator of your own life.

4-15-11: As you go through life choosing what you love and what feels good and right, you are being who you are in the moment of perfection. That is the ultimate gift that you give to yourself and to others.

4-7-11: There can never be a disappointment in life as long as you come from the Spirit, heart and soul, for therein lies the truth of the moment. In that moment of creation lives all of eternity.

3-10-11: As you go through life with the greatest of care you will find promise in light, and joy everywhere. There is no way that this world will bring you chaos if you look from beyond what is troubling the world and see the beauty that is above it all.

2-19-11: You are such a treasure to others and most of all to yourself, for in being a treasure to yourself, you are that to others. (Inspired by my love for my dear friend, Gabrielle)

02-08-11: There is one thing that I would like to say to you and it is that you are so completely true and in the Light of the Source that you cannot make a mistake when you come from the Heart.

02-02-11:When you want to do something and don't feel as if you can do it, go ahead and begin it, for it will come upon your beckon. What you desire is what you have already created within. It is in the moment of creation that it informs you of your power.

01-26-11: What it is that is the best for you is what you have brought in the present moment, for that is what fits the energy of the instant.

12-01-10: There is one thing that you can do for yourself that no one else can falsify or take from you, and that is to Love yourself unconditionally.

11-18-10: Hatonn: The way for that future to reflect what you want for humanity is to live today in the most beneficial way and to amass as much knowledge and results of that knowledge as you can. Living your life in a way that most closely represents what you have in your heart and desire in your soul is the way to create that future that you see for yourselves.

10-27-10: From the Spirit of Andy Gibb of the BeeGees, on 3-10-10: "It is a herald of angels that are coming and will fill the tirade that is about to begin and flood it with love and light that will see it all through."

Special: From Grandmother Ellie's Attic, Twelve Inspirations From the Attic

GEA: 09-19-10: “Sweet miss, there is no such thing as age. That is a made up concept of the make believe world, the one that humanity has been engaged in for so long. You are timeless in your soul and Spirit. You know what you are seeing and experiencing here is the world of a Master and an angel. It is your idea of limit that sees that you are not a Master, and it is that idea of limit that puts the idea of a Master being smarter, or above others. The truth of the matter is that a master is what everyone is in the depth of their being.”

GEA: 09-18-10: “There is a real shift taking place in the world today, to speak one’s mind.” Sidney said. “In the process people are becoming insulted or hurt because it is such a foreign way of communicating. It isn’t that people intend to be so caustic; sometimes they don’t know what to say and then their fear brings to mind the words that come from a fearful way of thinking.”

GEA: 09-17-10: “How do we decide what is real in life? Even though other people may not see what we see, or experience it in some way, does that mean it is not real? Maybe it means that it is real to me, but they weren’t a part of it so it wasn’t real to them. Maybe that’s why some people are called liars, when they insist that they are not lying. Maybe some of them really did experience what they said, and the others just couldn’t believe it because they didn’t experience it.”

GEA: 09-15-10: “When you begin to live with your hearts and your love you will find that your world will change drastically. You will not only build a better world for yourselves, you will find that your abilities for exploring the universe are diversified and enhanced. No more will you have to vie for your freedom and justice, for it will be the way of life for everyone. There will be abundance all around and the beauty of all of Gaia will resound with the love that is employed and expressed by all of humanity.”

GEA: 09-14-10: “You are the maker of your world in this reality here on earth. You may either make another choice, or you may agree wholeheartedly with The Creator, and live that truth. Be as a child in innocence, for there is the voice of The Creator, the song of the blessed.”

GEA: 09-13-10: “Sweet miss, there is much to be said for today’s medicine; some is very helpful, and some is not. When some drugs are made, they contain things that aren’t according to the laws of nature. It is good to go to a doctor with a broken bone, or something like that, even when surgery is needed. The ideal kind of medicine is the combining of the two worlds, nature and informed administration. When one takes inspiration from the other, then we will have a form of medical practice that reflects all of life.”

GEA: 09-12-10: “When people allow fear to enter into their lives, they forget who they really are and what true love means. They forget that when there is true love everything makes sense, and all situations automatically have a solution that is pleasing to everyone.”

GEA: 09-11-10: "We have the ability, as you earthlings will one day, to bring something into existence just by intending for it to be. Our vibrational pattern co-mingles with the vibrational pattern of creation potential and with our intention for something to be created it comes into being. Sounds like magic? To some that is the extent of their comprehension. The word magic is a word used to explain the unexplainable. When one day the explanation is understood, your people will have a new word for it. At that time, even the word magic will have evolved to a higher level. You see, even words have life, therefore potential for a higher evolvement."

GEA: 09-10-10: "Our heart will always tell us when we haven't been true to our love. It also always tells us when we have been true to our love." Sidney drew nearer, "I'll tell you a secret, that really isn't a secret at all, just seems so to some people. Every time we are true to our love it feels so good that our love grows stronger, so the fear has to work harder to get in, till finally the fear doesn't stand a chance, we are being true to our love all the time."

GEA: 09-09-10: "The gold is all around me, in the hills and in the sky, as well as in this circle I have dug with my hands. I am mesmerized by the very thing that I have given away. Yet I can look around me and enjoy the beauty of it. I see how easily it slips through my fingers, yet it doesn't go away completely. It buys me no things to take with me on my journey, but it stays with me in my memory."  

GEA: 09-08-10: "The more we develop our ability to tune in to another's energy the more we can feel their feelings. That is where the real truth is. We are connected to everyone through that energy; it is like a field of grass and flowers. There are many different appearing things, but all are part of the whole field."

GEA: 09-07-10: "Magic is everywhere there is love!" Sidney announced. "Love is the secret ingredient that moves the wish to creation. And it can't be a meek wish, wishy-washy, as they say. No, it has to be a strong wish.

07-26-10: You are choosing the ultimate creativity you have to free yourselves from the bondage that has been seen throughout the world. You have the innate ability now and forever to create this world in your image and to see that your image is God/Spirit/Creator all rolled into one.

03-27-10: When the side of truth presents to you the side you like, then you realize that there are no sides, there is only the circle of life that presents the interpretations that individualize the mind. When the side of truth presents to you the side you don’t like, then the results are the same. The difference is still in the mind.

02-20-10: If you knew the power you have you would be creating rainbows, gathering gold dust and bringing total freedom to your lives in the blink of an eye. Won't that be fun when it is the daily reality of dreams come true!

02-08-10:There are those who have taken every beautiful, powerful thing that serves the light on this planet and turned it to their advantage, making it something that is far from what it originally was. Now it is time to turn that around, not by violent action, but by thoughtful, powerful action based in Light and carried out in love.

08-30-09: When you are sure of what you want in life, then the universal energies read your thought and your energetic truth and immediately the energies support the manifestation of that which you intend. That is the God-Force in you at work.

06-02-09: When you can't think of something that you want to do that is fun, look at what you are doing in that moment and see it as something fun. Play with it in your mind and then watch it come though the giggle avenue into a fun thing to move on.

05-12-09: If greatness is measured in what we do, then everyone is great, grand and glorious for we all are giving ourselves the exactly, fitting growth experiences that bring us to our heights of perfection.

04-18-09: When you step forth through the gates of heaven you find that you have created them in your own image, for they speak to you of your own story and the fulfillment of your dreams.

04-25-09:It is the living of the Spirit within that counts more than anything. Live it to the fullest of your heart and you can't go wrong. All the other stuff/information is just part of what you fill in the spaces with. Bravo for finding the secret!

03-05-09:When you gather those around you who serve the best for man,
There is a time for revelry so do the best you can
To bring a taste of loveliness to all you say and do,
For with your love and joyfulness it all will see you through.

02-08-09:Kinship is contagious; the more you are around it, the more it will be a part of your life. Savor it, for it begets who you truly are.

01-05-09: If you wake up in the morning and you go out of your room, and see the sunshine brightly and dissipate the gloom, then you will know that you are in the midst of something grand for peace has come and spread itself throughout and o’re the land. So as you rise to welcome the onset of a new day, then know that you have made it and love is here to stay.

12-15-08: When you don’t know what to do next, and the world seems to be bearing down on you, take a deep breath, look around you and see what you have in your world that is already blessing you. Then you will be at peace.

12-07-08: God said, “Give me your tired and your hungry and I will restore and feed them. Give me your sad and lonely and I will love them and send them joy. Give me your life and I will give it back to you with my blessings written all over it.”

12-03-08: Be true to yourselves in all you do every moment of every day, for in so doing you are true to all of existence.

11-24-08: Know that all that comes forth on this day is a reminder that you are loved, and that what seems to be casting a shadow is old stuff flowing out to make room for the joyful return to yourself.

11-15-08: There is a resonance that accompanies your every move, and when you tune in to it you can dance through life in a whirlwind of pleasure.

11-14-08: When you go out into the world making promises to yourself, if you look you will see Spirit walking alongside you directing you to the fulfillment of those promises.

11-13-08: When we see what is taking place in our lives, we see what is reflected back to us from what we take in and see as being truth. Perhaps it is time to see it from a different perspective.

11-12-08: The springboard of life presents many challenges. The secret is to find the gold star exactly where you land.