Messages of the Moment From Horus


01-08-20: When the time comes for all of you to see what the difference has been and will continue to be on this planet, then you will begin to understand why there are so many beings from off planet here and in positions to accompany you in so many ways. It is a time for all of you to see the light in so many ways that will tell you that there is a wondrous change coming to this planet, and that it will be the infrastructure of a new way of living that has only been heard by some of the people on this planet. It is a new way of seeing life, and for those of you who know what I am speaking of, I tell you that you are in place to move forward for those who have wondered what is going on in so many ways around the world. You can be the example of what is taking place in so many ways; therefore you will be there for them to ask questions to and to be open to receive the answers that open so many eyes and hearts to the truth of who they truly are.

I am Horus, and I see so many of you who are ready to hear and walk forward in what is the truth of all life here and beyond.

11-28-19: There is coming a time when you will all be able to go here and there in ease and comfort through all that you choose to do. It is a matter of being in the throwhs of peace and tranquility in all that you do and all that you see. Keep an open heart and mind and see that there is every chance that all of this world and beyond will be at peace and full of joy and beckoning of the sweetness of being all in the oneness that we are destined to be.

This is a day of Thanksgiving for all that we are capable of and all that will be the essence of what we know is the regularity of our lives. It is now in the works of living it and knowing that it is what we desire it to be already. It is a matter of taking every step in the newness of what we create in the moment and celebrate with the Thanksgiving that is not only here one day of the year but every moment of our lives. Take this day as the representation of every moment in our lives and live it that way, for you do have that power. Love is all there is, and as we walk it, live it and create it, it is what we know to be who we are and how we live in the beauty that we create. Go now and celebrate what you make of this day and every moment of your lives.

I am Horus, once again, and I am in the wonderful energy that you and I are all creating in our lives.

11-20-19: I am with you all now in this moment to bring you a piece of news. It is a wide circumference that is going to be affected in the coming days with what is in the process of correction around the world. There has been much taking place that is returning the world back to a loving and harmonious way of being, and will continue to as people see and feel what is taking place now as compared to what has been in the throwhs of hidden agendas that have brought so much turmoil to the planet.

All of that turmoil is being replaced with harmony and peacefulness as all of mankind and all of life work together to bring the harmony to an understanding of what it takes to keep it that way. It has been so wonderful for us to see what is taking place in the byways that will come to the front very soon and will let the rest of the world see what has been taking place in the underworld that has brought so many to their spaces of fear and misunderstanding of what so many people have led them to believe.

I am suggesting that as you feel and hear some of the coming news that you see as being different, that you realize that the new world of Love, Peace and Joy is up to us and all we need do is treat it with Love, kindness and understanding as we all stand upright and know that we are being exposed to what we have been hoping would come forth. It is this time of great change, and the best way to move in it is to do so with the Love and understanding of how powerful we are in that energy of Love and peacefulness that is stronger than so many have realized.

I leave this message now and I bless the day of Thanksgiving that is coming for all of you to express in your daily moments. Love is the answer, no matter which day or moment it is. It is for always and ever in the oneness of us all.

Thank you dear Horus for bringing Thanksgiving Day to us in this moment and forever.

10-15-19: If you were to go to sleep in the moment and awaken in the break of day in another land, another country, another planet, where do you feel it would be, and how long would it take you to recognize it as your new home? If it were to be the resume of the return that you have been hearing about, would you see that it has come, and that you are still amoung the same people that you knew before the sleep, or would you see that you are probably in the sleep that you felt would bring you to a new realization of how you can live your life?

It is a wondrous place that this world is coming to, and as you experience the differences in your mind and awakening, you are seeing what may be the new you in the new world of this loving energy that you are carrying to all of Life and living the Love that you know can bring about the miracles that you have dreamt of and experienced in your awakening to the new day. Take the newness of your thinking, and allow it to become the day of your dreams, and the life of your awakening. I am Horus once again, and I understand what you are experiencing, for it has been a part of what brought me to your wondrous life, and it is wonderful to be reunited. I Love you all!

10-02-19: If this were to be a new day in paradise how would you look at it? Would it be just what you wanted all your life, or the best it can be in the moment that will take you to a whole new way of looking at life? It can be the epitome of living your life in the moment, or of being the creator of what you bring in the life you have chosen. Yes, you have chosen this life, and it is working in a way that you realized it could be. It is the best you can do in the land of the plenty and the whole of the rest of the creators here and everywhere. Go now into the paradise that you create and feel the wonder of it all in the best you can do to create the moment of ecstasy. Love is the brightest energy that you can bring to your life, and others as well. I Love you all, Horus!

08-26-19: There is an oncoming new way for all of us to go through what we've been seeing as the way to be confounded and malnourished and not in a frame of mind that is good for what we want in life. I know that many of you have gotten past that way of seeing life. When the results come about it is a good thing to share the reality of one's own passion and creativity for what it is that we see as the ideal way to live life in the way that makes us not only happy but stronger in the energy that creates what we want, rather than what makes us feel less than capable of bringing about the best that we can bring into our lives. As we each see this and live it, we are being occupied in ways that are irresistable and have the power to bring us the truth in the open for what we want in our lives.

Yes, I went through that process in several lifetimes here on earth, and after I returned to the destiny I had already accomplished I knew that I could share with anyone who cared to listen what I had learned from my lifetimes on this planet earth. It is now in your power of Love to live what you see to be the epitome of what you desire and know that you can create for the direct accomplishment of creative ability in Love, Peace and Joy for living in this lifetime of creation for all of life. I am Horus once more, and I welcome you back to where you desire to create for a world of perfection in the living in Love that is first and foremost in the creation of perfection.

08-12-19: When you are all in a state of wondering what is coming forth for yourselves and how you will be able to contact the ones who will be responsible for how it comes to you, then you will see why the waiting has taken place and what you are to be doing in the receivership of it.

 It is no longer a Ďbutí, but a definite trial of being able to see what it is that has been in the works and how you are to be in the receivership of it. Is it a place of worship, or is it a place of knowing that you are the ones who are in the places of being able to move forward with the gifts of God and the knowhow as to what it is in place for you to move forward in in a way that is not only for yourselves, but for all of life on this planet and beyond. It is a recycling of what has been in your hearts and minds for some time, and it will be the ultimate receivership of what has been in the works for even longer than you realize. It also will mean more than you had your minds set on. It is more in line with what your hearts and inner voices have been translating to you in a way that you will begin to realize is your next move in the life works here on earth.

As I bring this information to you I already feel your responses come forward in a way that resounds so perfectly with you and that will move forward in a way that you will find comes to you in a moments notice as you move forward in the reception of the new way of seeing life on earth. It is a way that will resonate so strongly with you and will answer so many of the questions that have been coming to you as you have been waiting for what has been in the works for so long.

I leave you now with the news of being able to enjoy your every moment and see what it is truly about to live the moment and follow the message that comes to you in that moment of realization that you are the keepers of the flame of now. Walk forwad in the warmth of the knowledge of what you are capable of now, and how you will be inspired to create that moment of perfection, even if it is a moment of silence as you come into the songs and dances of the next one and the next, etc as you undergo the reality of the moment of Now in Love. I leave this message now in great Love for all of you, my family of Love.

07-10-19: When you get to the place within yourself and you wonder why you had not reached that truth before, then you can realize that you are in the mode of truth that is always there for you to recognize and share with the world. When that realization comes, then you can know that you are one of the members of the world, and you were the first one to be able to give it forth in the manner that you have chosen. It is the example of the individuality in the Oneness that we all are. We all have that ability, and it is up to each individual as to what it is you are sharing, and what you have not yet seen that represents that which you choose to recognize and send out to the rest of all of You. I am Horus once again, and I share with you what you choose to share with me, and forever onward in the truth of existence.

07-01-19: If there is anything that you want to know about what is taking place around this world, first go within and ask why you want to know, and why you are seeing what is outside of you and not seeing that it is not what you are creating within yourself. That is what will tell you that you already know why what is taking place around the world will be continuing to affect you and how you can change that if you desire to. Your world is how you create it, and as you realize that, you will find that there are no questions as to how it is for you, only realizations as to how you can continue to create it in your light and how you can enjoy or change it in any way that you feel to create it. This is the time for you all to be the creator of your world, and join with others who reconcile their ways in the way that is in harmony with yours. We are all one, in the ways that we all choose to be in harmony. That is what brings Peace, Joy and Harmony to our lives, and brings about the knowledge that we are living in the Power of Love. I am Horus, and I live in harmony with all of you. We are the Love that we feel and Live.

05-07-19: If you want to become an individual who gives of oneself in the harmony of the All, then know that as you do that then you are doing for yourself as well as for all others. You are part of the All, and as you step forward in that knowing, you are contributing not only to your life, but to All of life on earth and beyond. You are the one who gives to the All with every move you make and every step that you take whether it is only in a circle, or in a series of steps through life that you Love and know are the epitome of all that you are in harmony with in every moment. Give to yourself and it expands beyond into the Allness of the Love you include with it. I am Horus here with you and in Love for the All of us.

04-30-19: I am bringing you a reply to your inner questions of what is taking place around the world. It is a matter of all the old industrial stuff being cleared away and allowing the new off planet inspirations to come into place and be expressed by all of those who stay in tune with their own inner voices and follow what they feel will be of service to the harmony that will bring all of the wondrous measures into the world of Love and inspiration. You are all in the measure of the totality of Man and Woman who see that they are equal and ready to step forth and bring about the beauty of living in Peace, Joy and Harmony in Love forevermore. I am Horus and I am with you in every step of the journey you are in.

04-20-19: I would like to say that the old world is coming to a close and the new door is opening because of the thrill of the new entries into our lives. This is the upkeep of the newness that is upon us in the truth and wisdom of the fifth dimension of the coming reality on earth. It is the way that we are creating our home planet and where it will be taking us in the energy of our birthing it to the newness that is being creating in this moment. I am so thrilled and in love with all of you, and I know that you will all withstand the delays and seeming outages of Love that are in the works. I know that you are all readying yourselves for what you know is right around the corner, and I am with you all of the way. Love is all there is, and that is in motion as I speak. i am Horus once again, and I Love you all! Thank you dear Horus, we all Love you too!

03-26-19: I am here in this moment to let you know that there has come the time for all of you to worship yourselves first and know that you are the ones who created your world. It is all the same for all of you, and as you consider what that means you are investigating your ability to create as the God that you are. We are all Gods, as we have been created from the God of Creation, and are one in the same. I am Horus once again, and I love you all as much as any other God in creation.

02-18-19: If you were to go to sleep in the next second and awaken in the next year what would you think of the situation? Would it be that you have found the way home, or would it be that you are no longer in the development of your creation and will now lay down to rest forever? As far as what you are doing in this moment, it is the lasting truth of what you will be doing in the next moment. It is a matter of knowing that what you create in one moment is the duplicate of what you create in the next moment and the next and on through eternity. It is a matter of creating your independence and following through in a way that cannot be denied, no matter what the consequences are in the next and on through your eternity. Go now out there in your life and follow what the moment brings to the outside from within. You will find the interest to be fulfilling as long as you realize that you are creating the real you in the moment of truth that you create. i am Horus once more to bring you some of your inner truth for you to see is what you create, as do I and all of life. Love is all there is and you are living that in every creation you bring to your life.

01-29-19: If I am coming to a change in what I bring to you it is that you are coming to a change in what you believe and can rejoin in living in a way that is not only wonderful to you but a way of living that is joyful and has a feeling of being there before. It is because you have been there before in the energy of who you truly are. That is the homecoming that you have heard about for so many years. It is clearly on it's way to all of us in the near coming energies of Love in all you do and know. I am Horus once again, and I love you all so much! We are well on our way to living the totality of ongoing pictures of Love in all that we see and do.

01-22-19: I am here today to let you know that all is working well in the clearance of what has been troubling the world for so long. It is a matter of sorting through the issues on large and bringing them to a small labor camp and enlisting those that are there in the responsibility of being able to undo what they have done that is not in favor of bringing humanity to a natural togetherness that brings harmony to every step of life on this planet. We are in the process of bringing Peace, Joy and Harmony in the Love essence of all of life on earth and beyond. I am Horus, and I am here once again to share with you that which I see is happening and will bring us all to a way of life that we see as being a harmonious way of Life in Love.

12-31-18: I am Horus once again, and I wish to let you know that this coming year in your world is going to be a very interesting change of events, and the way that you will find your life will be coming to the answers that you have been asking for. It will be the primary reason that you are in the state you are in now and the changes that will take place as the fullness of the truth spreads forth around the wold. Believing in yourselves and knowing that your inner truth is what will guide you through all of the changes is what you can rely on as long as you live in the moment of truth, joy and Love for all of humanity and all of Life. The most powerful thing that you can bring forth is that of what your inner voice tells you in the Spirit of Love for all of life. Walk in that wondrous power as you move forth with your Love in action.

12-18-18: I am Horus once again. If there is something that you all want to do in the coming times, I'm sure it will be in the best 'good' for all of you. In a moment's time you can bring about the goodness of your heart exposed to all who pay attention, and welcome the newness of what you are bringing to the world. It is a matter of bringing the inner knowing to a bright loving version of what you saw and/or felt within and brought it forth for the attention of any and all who cared to observe and respond in a way that they see and feel it. It is all in the 'making' for the new world that you all intend for the betterment of mankind and the intermingling of the off planet beings as the resurrection of the truth of who we all are and how we have created this new paradise together. I am Horus once again, and I bring you the understanding that I see and feel what you are bringing forth in the moment, even if you, in that moment, did not realize your power of Love for all of creation. I'll bet that now you do!

09-04-18: I am Horus, and I am going to tell you today that there is coming a very wonderful time in your history. It of course will first have to be your present moment, and that is my point today. As the moment to moment events come and they clear the way for the history to represent the Love, Power and Joy of this planet, then it will also represent what is being taken place as I speak in the clearing out of all the old stuff that has been in place for so long around the earth and even within it in certain places. It has shown so many people how events and different feelings of power can be misrepresented and understood as the way to live.

It is being shown as I speak that there is much to be seen that is not of Love and the wonder of freedom to be in accordance with the truth of living in harmony. Here is the example of what is taking place right this moment. It is a coming event that is to be shown around the world that there is a truth to being free and in harmony with all of life on this planet. You will see how much debris has been cleared away and how much more is in the process to regain the freedom that is in the works in all ways for all of you.

The original Republic on this earth for the American people will come forth and will show not only America how they were once living, but how they can again. It will show the rest of the world how it is to be speaking in the energy of what it means to be free, living the Power of Love, in the Joy of being in the Oneness of all of life.

I will leave this moment now to give to you one of the pieces of news through this one, and to show you how the moment of truth can be so empowering in the energy of harmony all around the world. Love is all there is, and it is streaming through all of us in every moment. All it takes is for us to feel it and then live it in a moment to moment way of truth. Love you all so much!


08-25-18: I am with you now to let you all know that when the storms seem over, they are just begun, and that is only for the next few moments, then and for always. The storms bring new growth, and as they settle down, the new growth comes forth and brings the beauty that is in the works for all of you. This is the beginning of the new way of life on planet Earth, and as we take our turns for the better in Love, and the Power of change we do so with the utmost ability that we have to create that which is in harmony with all of life on the planet and beyond. It is the time for all of you to know this to be true and live it in every moment and movement that you make. I am Horus once more, and I am with you in Love and the Power of change that is in the works as I speak.


08-07-18: If there is a time for all of you to look at your lives and see what it is that you are holding back on, it is now, in this moment, and every moment of your lives. It is one of the precise reasons why you are still waiting for the goodness and thankfulness of what you have in your life. It is the moment of truth that brings to you that which you desire and know is already in the wings of your life. Whisper to it and know that it is in the sidetracks of what you know is the perfect life for you in this moment. Allow it to show itself and know that it is the perfect timing for what you create to be heaven on earth and beyond. I am Horus, and I see all of you in perfect harmony with your inner self, as it spreads forth in the outer self of life that you create.


07-23-18: When you 'hit upon a star' there is much that is seen from a distance, and that distance can make the vision come true in a way that cannot be done if you are right there when it happens. Take the care to know that when you are there when something happens it could be the best thing to give it some distance before you move in the direction that you first think of. It could save you some additional steps that would lead you away from the truth of what it was created for in your life. I am Horus once again, and I give you this message in complete Love.


06-25-18: When you begin another day in the wayward winds of this planet does it seem like it is forever wayward, or do you know that it is in the works to be in the energy of always wonderful and giving of each other to the Oneness that you all are? It is a time for the reception of all that is beautiful and wisely brought forth in the wonder of the moment that is here on earth and around the universe as well. Give it your attention, and walk forth in the glow of it's truth. I am Horus, once again and I love you all in every moment of this universe and beyond.


06-19-18: Whenever you are playing with an idea about how you feel, how it affects you, and what you can do about it, know that you can be in a constant state of being happy, healthy and well informed as to how to live your life in a way that is not only fun and peaceful, but good for you as well. That is the map to find the place of heaven on earth and beyond. It is built in the power you have to create the perfection of life as you desire and know that you can have. Step forward now and experience the life that you want, and see what you can create in the moment-to-moment process that you live step by step. I am Horus once again, and I see you already living in that life of creation that you desire it to be. Love is the greatest power you have.


05-17-18: There is coming a time when all of humanity will be crying in their tears of joy for the lasting Love that is always in their lives. It is the absence of Love in these times that is bringing some people to the realization that they are missing the most important aspect of their lives, and that is to Love all of Life and allow it to be what they know it can be. You are all of Love and I can see that in your hearts already. I am Horus, and I send great Love to you all.


04-05-18: Even when you tend to go a little crazy and wipe out any chance of being successful in what you wanted to do, it is essential that you look twice at what the circumstances are and why you took the road you took with it. It could have been one of the worst mistakes in your life to take that road, and if you see that then it is something that you may want to explore every time you feel it coming again. To see mistakes as something other than that, then you are open to what can be a huge awakening in your life. I am Horus, and I am here to send you Love for all you are and do in the energy of your Love.


03-26-18: There is a coming time when all of the wishes will be granted and all of the desires placed in the essence of Love right at our doorsteps. When that happens it will be as if it was never an issue and always in the picture of living in the essence of the Loving knowledge that we are the creators of our lives in any way that we live it. I am Horus once again living the life of my own creation in the essence of my Love for us all.


03-19-19: Today is a day in which there are many choices to make, and when you do that, know that you have made the choice that matches your energy of Love and satisfaction of what it is that you desire for your life. Know that it is something that will make sense and and be harmony with others in this beautiful world. I am Horus and I Love you all, for the choice I have is for complete Love in the moment. I also want to add to the moment by saying it is all coming in the direction in which it is being directed by your inner knowing for all of life.


03-08-18: If thereís one thing in common I have with you it is to Love you and to see the picture of all of life in that circle of Love. All you need do is to Live that Love and all who see you will see their Love as well, for you will reflect it in your Love for them. I am Horus, and I see what it is that you are reflecting back to me. It is all over the universe and beyond.


02-04-18: When someone considers doing something that someone else may take an issue with, it is perhaps something that that other person may need to experience, or at least watch others experience, to learn about something that they need to express in a way that they havenít done before. It could open up a whole new avenue for them in their journey through time to the moment of existence. I am Horus and I am with you in this moment of no time, with Love always.


01-08-18: If there was ever a time for all of us to go into the depths of our inner beingness it is now. There is nothing like the realization that we are all one and that we can all be in harmony with each other in ways that we had maybe not even thought of before. If we all get together in our inner selves then we will know what it means to be in the Oneness that we are and have been forever.  I am Horus now speaking with myself and all of you in the Oneness that dances and sings in togetherness for evermore.


12-31-17: I am here today to tell you that there is coming an event that will bring many people to their knees, and at the same time raise many people to their full size and stature giving them the confirmation that when they listen to their inner voice they are hearing that which is the total of the ones who are the example of the energy of the wholeness of Spirit. Give of yourselves the knowing that you are all in the Oneness of Spirit and the harmony of that which is before you, as well as all around you.


12-23-17: There is coming a new way of looking at your life, and it is that there is nothing in this world that can be utilized in the absence of Love, Peace and Joy. It is all here to be used and lived in with no loss of substance, faith, and the knowing of who you are and what you are here for. It is the moment of truth that gives you the freedom to live as you feel to live, and to Love all there is in the new mainstream of life as you create it. I am Horus, and I am with you in every moment of your beauty and truth of living.


 12-13-17: There is only one way to bring peace to this world and that is first to bring peace to yourself then send it out to the rest of the people. That opens up the ability and desire of so many people to move in a direction that means the rest of the world will follow in a peaceful loving manner. That is the basis of being in the wonder of the power of love. I am Horus and I have some news for you. There is a group of people in the southern part of this world that are meeting with each other in the aspects of the world and sending out their essences of Peace, Joy, and Love to all of this world in a constant manner. It is already affecting the nearby area of where they are, and it is moving in a rapid pace so as to bring that essence of Love to all of the population.


12-01-17: If you want to go to sleep at night and canít find the way to do it because of the strife in your life, then just give yourself a new way of being at peace. That is the way to give yourself a gift and let it be the beginning of a new dream that lets you know that you are capable of doing anything that feels good to do and to give to yourself. It all depends on the location and the way in which you see it come into your life. Be open to what it is and see it as the perfection of what suits you in your life.


11-27-17: When you want to go to work, do so with the utmost knowing that the work will be in your best interest and for the rest of the world, for all that is done in the interest of Love and joy is done in the interest of all that is in harmony with the world. Take your step in Love and joy, and know that it is all about Love for all of life. I am Horus, and I am in harmony with all of you!


10-16-17: There is coming for you all a wondrous event that will bring you to a certain idea of what your future will be. As long as you see it as your future it will be that, so see it as your now and you will find it to be the bright shining star that you love in your life. I am Horus and I love you all as the bright shining star that you are.


10-10-17: I am Horus once more and I have a message for all of humankind. It is about what is coming for, not only a chosen few, but for all of you. All that you are hoping for, interested in, and are counting on for your prosperity and well-being is on its way. Realize when I say that it is all about the proper relationship that you have with the Creator. It is all about trusting that your inner guidance is leading you to the promised circumference of what it is that you are hoping for, celebrating the return of, and seeing as the new beginning in your lives. As I bring this message to a close, I do so with the utmost love and knowledge that your understanding of what this means is because you listen to and respond to your inner knowing, rather than what those out there are telling you is in the works. If it is something you believe in on your inner realms, then know you are listening from within, not from outside of you. Go now and let your friends know that it is all in the works, in ways that some of you may not realize it is, or have thought it would be. It is all grand and glorious and will fill your lives with the richness that is emitting from within.


 09-29-17: There is something coming for all of you that is the epitome of what you are searching for. All you need do is to live your life in the fullest way you can bring to it and know that you are the power of the creativity that you desire in your lives. Give yourselves that opportunity to bring about that which you desire, and know that the mainstream of life is already past and the new way of life in the moment is within and around you. I am Horus, and I greet you all once again, in utmost Love.


09-26-17: If you come to the understanding that there is no future, no past, only the present, then you begin to live your life in that truth. Then you will find the answers will be swimming at your shore and the truths will give you another step into the ultimate life of your Love manifestation. As I told these ones in this home last night, ď Stop waiting in the wings, for the wings are flying and they will lead you to what it is that you desire. This is Horus, and I Love you all!


09-24-17: I am here at this moment to let you know that the hands that surround you in the essences of Love are full of surprises that they are ready to release to you all. It is a matter of being in the readiness that will bring it to you and being in the essence of Love for all times. I am Horus once again, and I am here to share with you the beauty of the coming times. Are you ready? Yes, I heard that echo throughout the world and all of creation. I see it in your hearts and I also see and feel the Love that will allow the timing to coincide with all of the movements on earth and beyond.