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Wake up Call: Nancy, September 14, 2015


Bob, Cassie, our dear friend, and I are back in our comfort zone, in a matter of speaking. We have all of our personal needs being met with new natural gas lines for hot water, in-house cooking, etc. since Sept 11. Isn't that an interesting date to be back in the comfort zone! I like the potential that it represents for that date to evolve to one of being out of the old paradigm of disaster into the newness of being in our power, feeling good, and having the freedom to live our lives in comfort with the knowing that because we did not force anything on anyone involved it all came out for the best for all concerned.


I write this update because I am seeing more and more how our lives are changing for the good. Yes, I see that around the world some people are in dire needs, some are having disaster in their lives, and some are losing people, comfort and other things in their lives that they understandably regret losing. Our hearts go out to them. I also know that many people are living and experiencing uplifting examples of how this planet is releasing so much of the old paradigm. This is what we have been told would come about. This is what we can now see is the final release of what we came here to do, and have done; it is complete. On a soul level these experiences have been chosen to help us all through the release of the old and the newness of living in the moment.


We are now in the final stages of clearing out all of the debris, and doing so without having to know the details of what is coming for it. It is enough for so many of us to know that our lives are in perfection, and what is coming is an example of what we have the power to create in the moment of our knowing what we not only desire, but have the ability to create. Spirit has the power within us to bring about the 'heaven on earth' that we have been told would be our next phase of life here on this beautiful planet. Gaia is, as well, going through her transformations in order to be our new home place, and to be the part of this wonderful life that we chose to live in harmony, peace, joy and Love.


As we in this house wander through these steps to discover what is coming for us, we know that our next home will be there for us when we are ready, and when the circumstances are in harmony with each other. It is a new shift for us to not know where we'll be moving to as yet, but to be at peace with it, and to know that it will be in perfection for what we will be doing. What an example for us of living in the moment and being at peace with it. We have been told by our friends in Spirit that it will be by the end of this month. We have let go of having to know at this time where it will be; we will know when it is time to. Till then, we are making the most of our lives and are very grateful that we are surrounded by love and the wonderful energy of harmony.


Love is all there is, and it is expressed in so many beautiful ways! Celebrate with us what a wonderful world this is!

Listen to my singing of the wonderful song originally done by Louis Armstrong,  Click Here: What a Wonderful World! (Thank you for the music)


Much Love to you all,

Nancy Tate