September 04, 2015               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Nancy, September 04, 15


Interesting times are upon us, and no one is exempt from them. It is a matter of being able to swim with the currents and realize the value that they bring. As we go within and see the truth of what we are being presented with, we are tuning in to the essence of the Mushaba energy and the Christ within that guides us to the best things in our lives. This represents itself in the ways that we are being led, the pathways that may not always seem to be the best, but that we find are, in reality, the ones that have led us to our destined places and experiences.


I am in a position now where I speak from what is taking place in my life and for Bob, Cassie and our dear friend; we all share the same household. We are experiencing illusions and factual experiences that are serving us in ways that we know will make themselves clear to us. Until then, we are still in the same house we thought wed move out of by now. We have been experiencing for almost two weeks the absence of the natural gas needed for a comfortable lifestyle in this house. The necessary repairs are being delayed because of numerous conditions. It is all in order for all concerned. In looking for another house to live in we are being led in circles that open up the truths that we are destined to see before the next move in our lives.


It is an interesting time, and we know that it is gifting us with what it is that this area is holding for us. When the time comes for us to move on to the next location, then it will be in our faces and in our hearts. Till then we will make the most of what we have and see it as one of the steps to the lightening of our lives. I share this with you because I know that we are not alone in this kind of experience. It, or something similar, is happening all around the world. It is our final hour of living in the dark. It is the newness of our lives in the constancy of the Light beaming forth from within. All it takes is to live in the moment and caress the blessings that we gain from each other and all of the experiences that are guiding us to our own heaven on earth and beyond.  It is a matter of flowing with each other through the times that are upon us, and to know that we are swimming in a sea of love throughout the universe.


Today is another day in our lives of newness and exploration. We shall live each moment in the truth of what it brings to us and us to the moment. We are all united in purpose and love and that is what we came here for. This is the Light of the Love that we have brought to each other and the promise of what we can bring to this phase of our lives into the embrace of ourselves as the Oneness that we are. Much Love to you all!




Nancy Tate