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Wake up Call: Horus, September 04, 14


I am here today to tell you of a new development in our ascension process. Yes, it is I Horus, and I am here to let you know that there is coming in this day the beginning of a new leverage on the activities of the cabal. They are no longer in control as they were even yesterday. There has come a new way to discern what they have been doing, and with that newness that inner knowing that so many of you have awakened to, there is no longer the energy of sustainability for the ones who seek to control and stand in their power of manipulation.


As I speak the last remnants of those who have been in power for so long are no longer able to exercise their dominion over the people and affairs of earth. They have come to a standstill because they have no longer been able to ride the waves of fear and doubt that has been surrounding the planet for millennia. With the building of the energies of peace, joy and Love there has been a flowing forth of the energies that intercept the fear based energies and have begun the turnaround of the procedures that will take place to replace the ones that have been so familiar as to seem as if it is the natural way of being.


From this point on there will be a new wave of energy that speaks to the people of how to find their way back to who they truly are. That is what is taking place with so many of the cabal, for they were so totally emerced in what they agreed to do that they lost their way and found that their way was being perpetrated in continuous cycles of fear based moves and thinking.


Now they are seeing that there is only Love, and that is bringing them to their knees in some cases and also to the remembrance of why they chose to do what they've been doing all along. Now they are submitting to their own sense of responsibility to keep themselves within their own way of expressing Love. They are seeing that, along with so many of you, they too had a purpose that would eventually come to a close and allow for the opening of the brand new door that would allow the freedom to express in the Love that is All.


You, dear ones who have opened your doors and hearts to the Love are a huge part of this. With your lending your support to the whole diameter of the system of freedom in Love you have allowed your release of the fear, judgment and distraught feelings that have come forth in the past centuries of misguidance and fear. You will all see how much beauty and Love you have expressed and what it is doing to move forward even more the complete and total immersion of all of humanity in the Love energy. You will see that your efforts have not been in vain, and that there is more to the complete picture than you even realize at this time.


As the movements go forward from this point on, you will realize the power that you have brought forth in this whole equation of release and freedom. You will see that as you take each step from this point on you will bring to the world the most beautiful and everlasting energy of Love that can be expressed. There is no limit to what you will be expressing, and as it comes to the front everyone will be seeing the truth of what it means to be united in Love and completeness for all and evermore.


Take a deep breath dear ones and know that your efforts have gained in strength and that the easing off of the pushing to go forward have allowed the forward cycles that you are expressing now. It is a time for rejoicing, and a time for counting the blessings that are unending and with you now and forever. Sing and dance in peace joy and Love forevermore!


Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate