September 12, 2013                


Greetings Dear Ones,

I am here today to welcome you to our new home in Hereford AZ. We moved here on Aug 25, and it has been a steady round of creating our new home in our fashion with painting walls, and arranging our furniture, etc in a way that speaks of our energies. It has been quite a time, with the help of a dear friend with the painting, without whom wed still be flourishing the brushes and rollers. We thank you dear friend for all you did. We also thank another dear friend who, along with a handful of friends in the area, offered their time in helping us move in. We look forward to a celebration of gratitude and love for their assistance in the near future, as soon as we get the finishing touches accomplished.


I now feel a touching in of energy that I realize has a message for you all.

Love to you all!



I am here today to share with you something that is going to take place in the coming events that will represent the coming together of all of the pieces of the puzzle that will represent the showcasing of what you all, along with us, have been doing to prepare the newness of your lives in the fifth dimensionality. Indeed it has already begun to show itself to you.


As I speak there is even now a current that is flowing forth that will overflow into the lives of so many. They will be the ones who represent the bringing forth of the newness in waves that will lap upon the shores of all of the horizons that you have been awaiting. It is a matter of them all coming into sync with what is already in place so that it will all shine forth in the way that cannot be denied or interfered with.


There are many of you who have already seen many changes in your lives that represent the pieces of the puzzle that they have set into place. It is a matter of the others seeing their part, and then taking the steps that they see it is time for. I know that you have all shown great patience and understanding for what is taking its order of happenings at this point in time. It is a matter of the situation being ready for the final disclosure; then it will all flow free and easily.


I leave this message now with these words. It is a glowing presence that I see coming from all of you, and we most lovingly shine it back to you. We have the utmost Love and Respect for you all, Dear Ones. You will find it was worth the wait.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate