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Hi Everyone,

It is time to bring you all up to date with what has been going on in my life the past few weeks. I flew back from over two weeks in Maine on August 5, and two days later I received news of Mom passing from this world. It was a month from her having had 91 trips around the sun on this wonderful planet we live on.  I was so grateful that I had the last days with her, through the family reunion, and the early celebration of my birthday with her.


So Bob, Toshiro and I packed up our car and headed back for Maine, staying there long enough to do what needed to be done with my family, and then headed back home a day ahead of hurricane Irene. We found out that my hometown was isolated by bridges washing out from the heavy rains of Irene that moved on up through the mountains and forests of New England. We had left two days earlier than we planned; we knew we had been guided by Spirit to do so when we heard of the effect that Irene had.


Since being home I have been re-establishing an ability to be able to communicate clearly and to allow the release of the energy that has come from this whole experience. Now we are in the process of packing up and releasing much of our ‘stuff’ that we have accumulated since our move into this dome home.


We will be moving to the Mt Shasta CA area by the end of this month to begin our next step of our journey in this wondrous ascension process that we are all undergoing and experiencing through our agreement with all of Creation. How long we will be there, and how it will unfold is something that we will know, as it happens. Our inner voices tell us that we will likely be there for 3-4 months.


After that who knows what we will do and where we will be. This is an important, fruitful, energetic time for all of us, and it benefits us to be open to change and the release that must come about in order to be ready for what is ahead for us.  We are all the creators of our world and we are ordering each step through our inner guidance, whether it takes us longer than others or not, no one will be left behind who does not choose to, and even those who do not choose to, will not be left behind. There is no ‘time’ in the real world and with that Truth we are all one operating in the fullness of what that means. We speak through the voice of The Source and what comes from that voice is absolute Truth and Love.


I now hear Horus whispering of some news that he wishes to share with all of us. Welcome, Horus! Speak your Truth for all of us.




Hello my dear ones. I am here today to fill you all in on what is taking place at this time that is readying the world for it’s next step toward it’s revitalization. Many of you, just as this one and her loved ones are readying themselves for the emergence of many of us from Inner Earth and from Hollow Earth. We will be coming to the surface to spread the word of what is coming and how you can all best welcome the changes and see your parts in them. Our dear family member from Hollow Earth, Retired Colonel Billie Faye Woodard is here to travel and share with us all about what is coming and how to greet it and blend with it in harmony.


We are going to meet with you and allow your voices to intermingle with ours in a way that supercedes any leadership ideas that may still be lingering in the hearts and minds of any of you. We are all equal and in this Truth we will work in harmony to experience and create what is coming for the rejuvenation of dear Gaia and all of us. We will be assisting in the readying of the changes and in the changes themselves.


As this takes place there will be continuing earth movements and rains and clearings in the varying ways that are to preview the more energetic means by which Gaia will be throwing off and newly digesting the parts of her that are in need of cleansing and integration for a return to her pristine beauty.


You will all be safe and not only that, you will be re-energized to be able to remember who you are and what this coming world will give to you and you to her. It is a time for the restoration of your souls and the common ground that you have with each other and Gaia. It is a time for the family of Man to realize that there is no hierarchy in truth. There are no leaders of others who are lesser, for we are all equal. The way will be made clear for all of us to be reunited and in perfect harmony.


You have made such terrific progress to that reunion, and as we all gather in the next year’s events and experiences we will recognize that there is no hiding, there is no loss of loved ones, and we are all here with one another. This one’s beloved mother is not gone from her family. She is watching all of them and giving comfort when it is needed and joining in the joy that comes in the moments of remembrance that come as the memories show themselves. She is also assisting to the release that is taking place, and will continue. All of your loved ones who have passed to the next dimension are lovingly working with you and dancing, singing and loving you as the family that you are and always will be.


So my dear ones, remember when the curtain seems to be falling on the sunshine of your life and the rains seem to be washing away all of the joy in your heart and soul, that the cleansing is taking place and when the sun shines forth again and you walk in the fresh air once more you are walking in a new lightness that comes from the release of old energy that you are allowing to pass on to be refreshed and to rejoin the Oneness that makes up all of you.


I know that you are all ready for what is coming. It is a part of what much come about for the reordering of the duality imaginings to be cleared from the energy of humanity and all life on earth. As the changes in government and the financial world, the border issues, and all of the societal energies leave the old world behind you will see that the changes continue into the future of forever new. You will be a part of all of it just as you have been.


You will find that the difference will be that you are all working in harmony, living the truth of Love and everlasting freedom and creation. The light is on, and we are waving you home ready to join hands and sing and dance the celebration of life in the new lane of the spiraling love that creates anew in every moment. Peace be with you! Joy in the moment!


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate