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Hi Everyone,

Bob, Toshiro and I will be leaving on Sunday to move to Mt Shasta for an undetermined amount of time. Two of our dear friends are there now scouting out a place for us to live, following up on some leads. We have been told by people who live there that people are flocking to the area, for they too have been guided, and are ready to be greeted by our family from Inner and Hollow Earth. I have been told that many people out there are also being guided to either stay where they are and be ready for the emergence for they are already in the location that they are inspired to, or to move either permanently, or temporarily to a place with a portal where the emergence will take place for them. I will give you updates whenever I can. Till then may peace, joy and harmony be with you always. Thank you Billie Faye Woodard for that greeting; I pass it on.





There is coming a great deal of activity for so may of you. It is a matter of taking steps to move and to skim down on your belongings. It is also an entry into a new way of living that is less based on things and more based on what can be acquired in means that do not need money for the creation of what you desire.


As you discover this new way of supplying your needs and wishes you will be surprised at how efficiently you will be able to do it with a small amount of practice. It is in your genes and in your field to be able to do this. It is a matter of opening up your remembrance of this secret that is no secret. It is a matter of opening up to your ability to create in the moment and to realize he freedom in which you are able to do it.


It is not a matter of being allowed or enabled by others, for you will find that you are in harmony with all there is and everyone in your life. You will know exactly what it is that it takes to be the creator of your life and how to be in harmony with others who are a part of your creations.


Take for instance the matters of daily life. You will find a whole new way of living the daily meanderings that please you and others and that make a great deal of sense to the way that you find the perfection taking place. You will find that there is a whole new energy in which you flow through your days, and ideas that you were stuck to before will melt away, or be adjusted harmoniously to the energies of the moment.


Things that you find yourself packing and storing now will melt away and in your ability to bring what you desire into being, you will find that sorting and packing are not necessary in order to be able to have in your lives that which you cherish, no matter how often you change location and where you choose to set yourself down for a time.


As you come into the emergence that is to happen in the near time to come, you will feel a new recognition of what it means to be with family. Some of you will at some time in the near future be reunited with loved ones who left in the past several years and then you will fully realize that there is no time, and death is a memory of that which is no more.


We see you all now full of beautiful energy and allowing the old memories and emotions to flow on out. You are wise in allowing yourself to feel what is taking place and then to love it on out into a new way of returning as the love energy that drew it to the surface. You will then be able to see what is taking place, and as the process continues you will find that there is less and less of that taking place, and more and more peace, joy and love in harmony with all that is taking place on earth. You will be ready to forgive those who have brought the turmoil to the duality of earth life, for you will know that it was all an illusion and was agreed upon by all of you. What was to result from the original agreement wasn’t known, but as it is now more and more of you are seeing the power of forgiveness to heal the planet and all life within and on the surface.


We will return once more once this one has gotten settled in Mt Shasta. She is going to realize the enormity of the gift that she is giving herself and as soon as she is in a place where the comfort and inspiration of a news capsule comes forth, you will be able to share with her and her loved ones the beginning of the new chapter in all of your lives.


I am Horus once again, and I say to you that there is a great deal of love swimming over the planet right now. Enjoy, and add to it to your hearts content and you will be everlastingly in joy, peace and love as much as you are now, and more as you commence to finds your inner knowing in a unlimited way. You are the creators of your lives, and we are looking forward to being with you once again, hand in hand, heart in heart, soul to soul.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate