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There is coming a time very soon when we will be coming to the surface and meeting with so many of you. You are all coming to the places in which you will be meeting with us and deciding on the places and methods in which you will be bringing forth the memories of what is coming for the races that are presently on earth.


It is a time when there will be all kinds of acquaintances renewed and re-established for the sake of being able to renew the vitality of the people on earth. It is going to take some time in earth weeks to be able to acquire the means for you to be able to be free to come and go as is necessary, and that is only because of the position in which you will be standing at the time of the emergence. Once that position is strengthened then we will be able to work with you fully in what is to come for the sake of humanity.


It is a great deal of love that is being broadcast throughout all of the particles of light that are swimming across, around and throughout earth and the life on and within her. It is coming to a place where there will be little that will compromise that which we are in line to do with you. We are going to stand with you and help to direct you in the directions that you see are the best for humanity.


It is a matter of you who have chosen to take on this task to be ready when the time comes to gather to your bosom the outermost reaches of the ones who are ready to see what you present and to stand with you in the movement that is designed to open up the foremost appliances of energy to enrich the souls that are ready for the wonderful awakening. For those who are not ready, their time will come, for no one will be left behind.


So I encourage you who are inspired to make changes in your life to do so as soon as you can, for time is of the essence. As soon as all is in place the changes will bear fruit that will sweeten the earth and all who are on itís surface as well as those of us who live in the Inner and Hollow Earth. We have been in place, monitoring your evolvement, and are now ready to welcome you back into the folds of our embrace to continue on your journeys of advancement into the universal configuration of love as it is written in the stars and the energy patterns of your souls.


We are ready for the journey of completion of this chapter of your evolvement and we welcome you back to yourselves. We are ready to be the ambassadors of your new plan and here is where you begin anew, right in your own backyard. The soils are fertile, and the seeds that were planted in the Spring are ready for harvest. Gather them to your bosom and reap the rewards in the multitudes that are ready and waiting. It is the best crop ever and ready for your gatherings. Spring forth and know no measuring, for it is endless and infinite.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate