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I am here today to tell you a little more about what is coming for you on earth. I am Horus and I come with the understanding that there is something that is far-reaching and intolerable in one sense, and in another sense it is right beside you and very comfortable for you to grasp and make a part of your life.


There is coming an energy of cleansing that is not only going to change the way that earth looks but it will also change the way your present environment affects you, and you it. Yes, you have much effect on the environment whether it is outwardly, or inwardly. It is especially so now and in the times to come, because you are all opening up to who you really are, whether you are aware of that or not. For those who are still asleep it is a puzzling and often troubling phenomena that is taking place for them. They are continuing to change even though they know not why or how it is coming about.


For those of you who are in the knowing it is a matter of being able to adjust and accept what is taking place. You are able to recognize the symptoms that are new to you and sometimes confusing, but you are also able to see them in the light of Truth and allow the changes to come and affect you in a way that not only feels good, but are part of the plan that you are aware is in place within.


As these times crumble many myths, and seek to replace these myths with examples of the Truth that is rising to the surface, you will find that your lives are changing in a way that seems to be at times as the speed of a bullet, or a flash across the sky of a meteor, or one of the messengers from space. This is when you know that the times are bringing you the opportunities that have been requested. You know that the requests have come from a place of newness and the ability to access your powers of adaptability. You are now in the fourth dimension and at times in the fifth.


Yes, those times when you feel like you are shifting back and forth from one reality to another are signs that you are indeed accessing your own fifth dimensionality. You are creating in the moment and through that you are finding the answers that arise when you are asked to make a decision. You find the answers and then you return to the fourth and live them. You bring them from the fifth and see that they are acclimated to the present reality of your consciousness. Then you walk forth and create anew.


It is a time my dears ones in which you are ascending into a reality that is not only of your making but of your ability to see the Truth that is steering you in the direction that needs no answer of explanation. You realize that in the moment you are creating that which will ‘make sense’ to you in the next. It is a parody of song and dance that serves you and all those around you, for it seeks to allow you the creativity that is your stamp of ascension for these times and those of the ‘always’.


Come to me dear ones and as I sit by you in the Inner Earth and follow you to the Hollow Earth, we will all see what is coming in the way of restoration of this Divine Mother of ours. Gaia will show us what your new home will look like. She will confer with you and together you will create the new home that will give your newness a place in which to experience and create all together in the Oneness that you will know. All of you who choose to will remain within and then back on the surface in a way that will glorify your existence and jump up the frequencies that are your experience in every moment.


We will be coming to the surface in the coming times and for those of you who are ready to see us and to work with us, we say ‘Welcome to your world, the world of plenty and love and creation in the highest order of things. We shall bring to you our words and you shall play them in creativity. We shall bring to this world the understanding that all is not lost, and that we are going to walk ahead in this new world and bring to it all of our love and ability to close the door to all that is not in keeping with what we desire and intend, for that is the only way we will operate. Purity of design is ours, dear ones. Live it now and watch the results before your eyes.


The curtain is lifted and we are soon to be in plain sight of those who can see us. Watch for the light in your eyes to shine back to those of us who gather at your door, for we are your family. We are ready to welcome you back to yourselves. We are ready to walk with you into ecstasy.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate