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Hello Dear Ones,

This message today comes on the heels of a powerful message from Anakhanda Mushaba. He sent it to me yesterday and it resonated so deeply with me that this morning I felt the strong urging to write a Wake up Call. Little did I know that it would cover this profound subject, which I have only touched on with the guidance of Olawee, the Mushaba being who is my latest guide. When you read what Anakhanda Mushaba has written you will see what I am talking about. You will see the intensity with which he brings forth the information that comes directly from the innermost core of his Mushaba Force energy. You may click on this link to read A Reading of the Will of Truth: . On that page you may click for the Spanish Translation, or Click Here for it.




There is one thing in this world that you can count on and that is that you will always be operating in Truth. You will always express your version of the truth and that is the dichotomy of that which is represented in the truth. Whether your idea of truth is the same as someone elseís it is still the truth in your eyes.


So what does this mean in the face of what truth really is? Why can it be your idea of truth and not someone elseís? It is because your idea of truth is once removed from the actual fullness of Truth. Yes, we will capitalize the actual fullness of Truth in this message because that is where it all began. That is where the idea of truth began, in the wisdom that has come down through the ages in the shadow of the Truth.


As we continue on in this age of darkness we come to the reality of what Truth actually is. We come to the usage of the word and we see that words are a dime a dozen, for they too lend themselves in various ways in the eyes of the one who uses them and the ears of the one who hears them. Lets explore this idea of truth and see why it is so prevalent today to use that word in what one feels and thinks as the energy by which they are living their lives in the idea of what is true.


First we see what feels right to us and we use that feeling to explain why it works for us. Then we pass that idea on to someone else and that person sees it in his own way. She sees it as something that someone else feels is truth, or he sees it as his own truth as well.


Does that actually change the idea of Truth? Does that mean that Truth is something that can vary and be something for one and not for the other? Truth is what everything in existence is created from. It is what comes from the division of Truth in the expression of it in the various ways that anyone sees it to be. Everyone is individual in expression, therefore they exhibit the truth in the ways that match their own ideas of who they are and how they operate in life.


However, life changes. It changes with every new idea, every different move, every thought that goes a little deeper into consciousness, or sub-consciousness. Letís explore that thought for a moment. What is the sub-conscious ness if not the library of the soul? Shall we see that as the record keeper for the individual expression of all that has been experienced by that soul? Okay, the soul has the individual ideas and feeling that have mounted throughout the lifetimes of that person. The feeling that something experienced is the truth is built upon and either replaced, or intensified.


This is where we come back to the original Truth. This is where the idea is of Truth being the ultimate energy that leads all the rest. How can one person feel one truth as theirs and another feel another truth as theirs? Is it the love that guides them to their ultimate idea? Love, the one energy that is said to be the deciding factor in all of existence. Love is what created all that there is; the different degrees of love create what that represents in the minds and hearts of those who exist in love.


So what does it mean when love is considered the first and original energy? What comes from love and, hm-m, where does love come from? Does love come from the Creator, Source of all, or did the Creator create love from itself? If so, where did the Creator come from? Ah, yes, we see that dichotomy of words here. What is the Truth? Is the Truth something that came from love, or is love something that came from Truth? Letís look at this use of words. What if any of the words that are used is the ultimate word? Do we say that Love is Truth? Or do we say that Truth is Love? What is the Truth here? Even that question in itself gives you a clue as to the answer. What are we looking for here, the Truth, or the Love? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?


Love is something that is expressed in the Truth of where we are, who we are, and what we are expressing. The Truth is the birthplace of Love, for it is the expression and the outlet for all that is Truth to express. Wouldnít you say that all that is came from Truth and that love is the carrier of Truth?


Now I remind you that you too have that inner source of the Mushaba energy. You too are created in that energy of Truth, expressed in love, idealized in the individuality that you create through your existence throughout eternity. You are all complete and that completeness grows and expresses in every moment. It is all right there, expressing in Truth and being what it is in the example of what you express in the moment that encompasses all of existence.


Is that not fabulous?!!! Isnít Truth all there is?!!! Decide for yourself as you read the words that Anakhanda brought forth from his innermost mind and the core of his soul, which began in the first universe and evolved throughout all of the history of the second universe and on through to today. It is all one sphere of existence and we are all part of it. We all were created in the Truth of What Is forever and ever in Truth, Love and the expression thereof.


Indeed it is. That is who you are, dear loving expression of the original Truth.


Thank you dear Mushaba Being, Olawee,

Love, Nancy Tate