September 28, 2010              


Infinite Being,


There was a time when the earth was flat. It was seen to be that way be those who oversaw it in the universe. It was flat from their angle because they saw only the exposed side of it as they went by it in their journey into the great beyond. As they saw the earth and realized that it was the only one of its kind in the universe, they decided to return to that place in the galaxy at some time and further inspect the planet.


That took several million light years to so, for in the process of their navigation through the universe they encountered several obstacles to the presence of a free flow to where they wanted to go. One thing that they did not count on was that they would be entering a timewarp that would take them out of the reality they were presently in. In so doing they created a space and time equivalent to what we are experiencing now. They created a whole new paradigm in their existence that was far different from what it came to be and was before.


As these space travelers fell into this new adventure, they came to see the earth again and saw quite a different earth from what they had seen before. The difference was that they had no recollection of earth as they had seen it before. They had only recall of what they were now involved in, in this timewarp.


As they progressed in their evolution through this timewarp, they gradually came to realize that they were involved in a departure from the norm in this kind of reality and that they were actually a part of this change. They came to realize that they were not only the creators of this reality, they were the ones who brought to life all else that they encountered. They came upon differing lifeforms that seemed to be creations of their thoughts and as that progressed they saw more and more of what came to be through their lifeforms. They saw that as they had an idea that idea came into being and in their interrelationship with it, it took on life and identified itself through them.


As this progressed they gave unto the reality differing ideas and differing lifeforms. They continued with this and then as they realized that they were seeing more and more of what they thought come into being, they also realized that their thoughts were changing to match that of what was being realized by what had been created from the beginning. They saw the evolution of this reality had taken on a life expression of its own and now had ventured quite far away from what it had been originally. They found that it was also affecting them and the way in which they related to what was being created. They found that they were no longer the same beings that they had been. They found that they couldn’t find their way back to who they had been and could only find what they had become in the present moment.


This was very disparaging to them and as they realized this more and more, they began to fear what was happening. They struck out at what and whom they saw as the enemy. They wanted themselves to return to their original selves and to live themselves as they truly knew they were before this began. They found themselves so engrossed in this fear that they could no longer find a way to turn it around and return to the purity that they knew they were at the core of their being.


One day they were about to find a way to defend themselves from the fear and to put it to use. They had been working on this for sometime and as they neared the exercise that they thought would propel them back to their origins, they found one thing to be unsettling. They found that as they began this exercise it was being changed by the energy that was around them. They realized that they were no longer able to think for themselves and to act on their own. They realized that they had become victims of what they had created. They cried out to the origins of their creation and begged to be released from this prison. The numerous times that they begged were followed by several bombarding explosions that carried them out into the universe and into the hands of the various beings who lived in various parts of the galaxies. They found that they could no longer be who they were and they could not come to terms with this non-identity. They could only live in the moment and repeat that moment for all time.


Finally they began to feel a shift. They began to see some other beings bedsides themselves. They looked around and they then saw the beings that had taken them in and were working with them and the light to restore them to their origins. They saw the love in their eyes and at first did not recognize it, though they could not deny it. As they progressed through this healing they soon recognized this love that they saw and it began to spring forth inside of them, reawakening their feelings of self. They began to see that they were indeed who they had been and that they were surrounded by all of the beauty that they had once known. They found that they could relate to what was being told them and to what was being done for them. They grew to trust themselves once more and as that process continued, it was as if the timewarp had never happened for them.


When the process was at a point where they felt they were back to who they were, they had no recollection of any of the experience in the timewarp and they continued on their journey through the universe, regarding their presence with these beautiful beings as one of the stops that they made on their sojourn. They continued on their excursions through the universe and when they came upon earth once again, it was as a round planet that they saw it. They recognized it and saw it as the place where they were to return and live their lives. They saw it as home, for that is where they had gone from in the division of evolution that had taken them to that timewarp in which they delivered to themselves the missing piece in the evolutionary expression that involved the Mushaba force.


They had had to go through that expression in order to be able to awaken to the Mushaba force in the present day and to go from there in the fullness of what it represented to them in the wholeness of existence in the second universe. This is where we are today dear ones and this is what we are about to break wide open, for we are at the place in our evolvement where we will be facing our own demons and seeing them in love. That will transform all that was perpetuated in the timewarp and bring it all into alignment with the destined revolution of this phase of existence.


You are wondering who we are speaking of in this message. We are speaking of you, dear ones. We are speaking of you as the lightbeings you were before this whole earth thing began We are speaking of what you did as you traveled through the universe toward what would become the most powerful experience you would have in your journey to the point at which you are about to evolve to in this lifetime, in this time that you have created for the evolution of your species.


You are here now to awaken to, and to waken others in the rest of the universe, to what you are all capable of and what all of existence is capable of. There is a decided mission that is about to explode the myths that have been building and perpetuating themselves throughout the universe. As all of existence awakens to what is before them they will progress into that new existence and be the creators that are destined for all time, for eternity through all of the expression that comes to the Eternal Mind into infinity.


The earth you saw was the part of the planetTiamat that was to evolve into earth. It appeared flat to you because you were seeing the exposed middle of Tiamat because it was severed from the other half of it. That other half entered the timewarp and became Maldek. In that time warp you were on Maldek. Before that timewarp you were infinite beings traveling through the universe, setting up the potential for what came and what is to come. Welcome back to yourselves, dear ones. We’ve been watching with the light left on and you are about to find your way back Home.


Thank you dear Infinite Being,

Love, Nancy Tate