September 10, 2010               Click Here for Printable, Click Here for Spanish




When we take our lives in our hands, and finally make them our own, only then will we be on the track back to our freedom. When we see what we have lost and what we can get back for our lives, then and only then will we be able to make the changes that will translate into the choices that mean we stand in our power and make the changes that will bring us the peace of mind that we seek.


We are not alone in this venture. We are surrounded by countless beings from our universe and from our own home planet. We see the futility of being able to take our choices and make a difference if our hearts are full of fear and sorrow, so we take our lives in our hands and allow our hearts to lead us with our hands and with our infinite minds to the land of freedom and opportunity for spreading the wealth of love and passion throughout our lands, our oceans, our valleys and our mountains.


We create that which we know will be the best for us. We take that around us, which does not resonate and send it love, countless in it’s imaginings. We dare not falter, or we are finished is what we have been told. Do you really believe that, or is it the excuse we use for not standing up once more and purging forward in the power that never dies?


We are full of the promise that Spirit gives us. We are never alone in our progression, for with every step we make in the direction of love there are more steps taken in our wake that support and assist us to our gain. There is no one on this earth who is lesser, or more than we are. We are full of what it takes to bring about the peaceful co-existence between all of humanity, no matter the color of the skin, the cultural differences, the mode of dress, or the figure of speech. We are all one within, and on that plane lies the power of Oneness that can march forward and create the world as we intend for it to be.


Look at the animals of the day. Why is it that we are seeing more and more, the lion lie down with the lamb? Why do you think this is coming to the front more and more? It is an example of what we are all about. It is the greatest gift that those loving animals can give us, through their example.


Come now dear ones and see the changes that you can make before there is no more chance to do so. Are we to lift up this land and welcome it into our hearts, or are we going to try and flee from it to another place, and another chance to do what we have forgotten how to do? Or have we forgotten? Have we just hidden behind the shirtsleeves of those who are walking forward; are we saying thank you for doing my job? Why are we hiding in fear, lest we forget how to regain that which we still have?


I know that there is a chance for all of us to stride forth in our lives and live the very freedom that we are. Take it one step at a time. Walk alongside those who have stepped forward, and do so in the way that you are impassioned to. That is the way that we will do it. There are so many of us each contributing our own piece to the puzzle and being true to it, for it represents who we are and what we are able to do in love and in joy. We do that as we express forth in the beauty that brings about freedom. As we do that it eases the ache in the ones who see the closing of their eyes on the hope for mankind, rather than the despair that so many feel in these times.


We know that the despair is an illusion, though it feels not as an illusion to those who feel it. The more people see our example and see what lies behind our light, the more they will rejoice when they lay their eyes to rest and go forth in the new life that awaits them. We can go forth in our lives and make the changes that create the ‘promised land’, and we can do it now in this instant.


Stand up dear friends, and be part of the flow of love sweeping across the land and transforming all of mankind. Be as the example already flowing through the animals and the hearts of so many. You are the love. You are the love.


With Love from Avenda,

Nancy Tate