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Overton of Orion

When you take your time and find the appropriate avenue of discovery you can do quite a bit to bring the idea of charitable action into anything. In that way you can bring a great deal of energy into the workings of the government. When you take the time to go around all of the items that need attention, then you are supplying the other side with the momentum that takes them to the top and away from the original plan. I mean that there is a way in which the other side of something can be seen by examining all angles of it. To see it from the inside out is to see it from the same angle that the others see it. Rather than looking at the outside of things, go to the heart of it and see where the greatest potential for subversion is. In that way you can find how they do it and how you can come from a different perspective….for the people… and bring all of the subversion to a halt.


This is what it takes to make a good governing plan. To know what it is that supplies the other side with the necessary digression that gives them the options as to how to force their hand without any force. This is the tried and true method that they have swept you under the rug with for centuries and now is the time to go forth with the other ideas and to see that the progression is taken in a different way, one that they will not expect, or even recognize until it is too late for them.


What we suggest is to take away from the manner in which you are going now. Take away the momentum of discovery of what it takes to be at the forefront and assume a vigilance that shows you how to bring forth the interests of the people in a way that governs their minds to the proper ventures that will bring forth what they want, under the radar.


Does that sound familiar to you? Well that is because that is what they (others) have been using all this time, only for them it has been with an energy of force and coercion in a way that sublets the avenues to those who have the highest bidding power. It is those who stand to make the most money who are able to divert the attention away from those who would supply them with the monies in the events that take place in the interest of the people. That is what they do, and so to make that turn itself around to the advantage of the people, rather than the others, is to see it in a light that presents the truth to the people and allows them to come forth and be counted in a way that is irreversible and cannot be put down.


The people reign in this manner and in so doing they cannot be subverted. They can only be followed by the ones (others) who would seek to have their moneys and in that the others would be at a disadvantage, for they will no longer be holding the winning hands. They would in fact be sending out their monies to the people in exchange for their chance to make some more. The more they do this the more they would lose and then the rest of the world would see what has been going on for so long, and how to overturn it once and for all.


To make this clearer to you I wish to say that there is nothing more challenging than to see what has been successful suddenly be turned against you, and in the interest of those whom you have sought to subvert monies from in the past. When suddenly the methods are being employed to work for those from whom the monies have been subverted is to see that there is no way in which the momentum of change can be admonished to stop and to rally back to their own hands. Once the files have been open to exposure and the genuine article seen for what it truly is, then there can be no returning to the way it was, for it has been shown for what it has been and now there is no return to the idea of subversion against that which is the supplying means.


It is a simple and almost non-seeing way in which the governing bodies can be turned around and made to serve the people, rather than the opposite, which is what it has been since the inception of the idea of governance on this planet. I am Overton and I am from the planet Odessy, which is in the Orion system. I am here today to allow you to see what it is that is subverting the people by at first allowing them to try to become more intellectually present, then to suggest to them in a hidden way that this is the way in which to bring together the answers of the universe. What the truth is, is that there is no honesty in complexity, the honesty is in the simple picture, which to some at this point seems to be the most complicated because it has been subverted to mean something that it is not.


An example is that in the interest of the people an idea is presented for health care. In this idea is the possibility for an ongoing plan that will benefit the people as long as they are able to supply the necessary data to allow them to be eligible for the plan. When this becomes the impetus for the ways in which the people can be eligible there is nothing that they can do if the monies do not buy them what they need. This is when the resultant monies are sent into a combined account, one side of which is to supposedly bank the plan, and the other side to fund the services.


What would take place instead is that there would be a subversion of the funds for the services and the excuse would be that the banking needs the funds to override the degree of usage that is present by the people. Then there would be this idea that people are using it and benefiting by it, why not because that is the only way that the funds could be being used up. Now if the people can be supplied with the means by which to see that the funds are used for their services, then that would bring the inner workings of the plan to the people and they would be able to see what they monies are buying. This would be a venture under which all would be revealed and the results would be not only the proper use of the funds, but the exposure of how they were used, with no chance for subversion.


When the times call for unprecedented action, then there will be a movement that will not only stir the people to action, it will call for major reform of the government. That is when this plan can be called into action and found to be seen as the verifying means by which to show the people how it was done all this time, and how to prevent it from coming into being once more. This will be the stimulus by which the people will be shown how they have to account for their actions in a way that is non-definable in the coffers of those who are vying for power. There is nothing like what is laid before your eyes to be indisputable.