September 25, 2008                





My dear ones of the financial world and of the rest of the issues that are taking place on earth. I wish to first address those who are involved with the present financial situation in America and the rest of the world. As you delve deeper into your plans to bring the relief to the ones who are asking for the bailout, you are paying attention to more than just that energy. You are also giving over your sense of rightness to the established incidence of what has been taking place for centuries.


Allow me to explain, so that the people of this world will hear the resonance with which you are operating. You are following a plan that was set in motion long ago by the early developers of this plan, your ancestors. I speak for the people, for the citizens of this world when I say that you are following a creed that was put into place in your beings by the ones who decree you as their offspring and followers of their mentality and their authority, not of yours. You gave up your right to follow your authority long before you were born. It is written in your DNA since your forefathers manipulated the DNA of your species and sent you all on a journey of control and manipulation of the people whom you would seek to control and manipulate as you have been.


Have you seen it in that light? Have you realized that you walk in the same shoes as those who walk in the shoes you made for them? Do you see that as you play your roles you have followed a path that has been long and arduous and that has wrought you much world karma, and cosmic karma as well? This is what I speak of and it is time for you to hear what is being broadcast to all of you through the Mushaba Force. We are speaking to you directly through your own DNA and your own programming. We heard your vibration at the time when your species entered into this agreement and we listened as you spoke your pledge down through the generations of your plan.


As we were listening to what you had to say, and how you contrived your plans of manipulation and the taking away of the peopleís freedoms we also heard you say that there was to be a deviation from the plan. You see, the original plan was for you to come to a certain point in the development of this plan and you would take a stand that would result in the eventual turning around of the practices of the manipulations and control, and you would begin your journey back to the light, for you would have seen that you had accomplished that which was the destiny of your plan. That destiny was to have been the leader of the flock, the pied piper of humanity, and when the whistle of change was to have taken place in your beingness, you would have seen your destiny as being completed and you would have turned in the direction that all of humanity is destined for, that of the fullness of the light.


Now we are seeing that you have fallen so far into the evil of separation that you have slipped away from your destined vibration and have gotten yourself lost in the old energy of what you did on Maldek. When the destruction of Maldek took place through your manipulations, you interpreted that as the holographic patterning that was to repeat itself through the millennia, through the eternal intent of Existence.


We are here to tell you today that this is not your destiny for this experience on planet earth. You came to earth to play the part that you played before and then to carry it into another orb of expression. You are to find the resolution that will propel you into the new paradigm that will bring you back into the light with all of existence. This was the original plan, yet when you tripped the old energy with your taking on the full responsibility of what took place as a result of your actions on Maldek, you created an offshoot, a bend in the energiesí fractals and you from that point severed yourselves from the destined coming back to the light of the original plan.


Do you hear what we are saying here? We are speaking to you on a level that is being transmitted to your being in a way that not only will change your vibration back to the original thought, but will remind you of your part in the totality of the plan. You wrote a different resolution to the plan and when you did, you changed your own DNAís programming for the outcome of this entire expression.


That is why we have been activated, and why we are being heard by so many people on earth today. They are seeing that what you are doing has changed the course of your destiny, and that you are to be awoken to that fact. In order to do that we must come and intervene in a way that changes your DNA back to what it was to begin with. We do it through our communicating with you through the Mushaba Force, which is in you, in all of life. In that coding you were to reunite with all of existence at this point and were to have come to your point of resolution and that you were to have begun to see what the energy of earth life was to evolve to.


Maldion, who has been holding the energy of the dark of the light for all of this time is now on his way out of the darkest part of the Light into the fullness of the Light. With this progression he is letting go of the idea of darkness being evil. In that way anyone who has left the light and fallen into evil has an open door, with the light on, to find the way back to the Light, and we are at the door to usher you back in.


The Mushaba Force is in each and every one of you. You have closed your programming to it. In essence, you have overridden it and have listened so intently to the evil energy outside of the Light that you cannot see your way back. You cannot see that you are one step away from being able to return to the light with your own decision. That is why we are speaking to you constantly on a level that is intended to reverse your old change of your DNA and to bring you back to your source intent.


As humanity awakens to and is able to interpret what is being communicated throughout their beingness, they are giving the energy of truth to all of existence. They are communicating to each and every cell on earth and as they speak of the truth of this plan, they begin to open you up to what your original part was. We continue to speak to you and to tell you of your destiny.


Maldek and earth are separate parts of the one planet, Tiamat. With the separation came the onset of the part of the original plan for which your roles were a part. Now it is written in the energies of creation that it is time for the reunification of all of existence. This means you as well. This means that the coming together of the twin souls of Tiamat, Maldek and Earth, is in progress and as their energies reunite and blend into One, you will find that you will be lost in your own holographic translation and will have to serve out your destiny by yourselves, unless you listen to our communications and transmissions of truth to you.


It is through the Mushaba force and itís energy of freedom and empowerment that all of the other energies that are presentare brought into harmony. This is the piece of the puzzle that was necessary for all of existence to be able to recognize that they are all sovereign beings and that this is the destined evolutionary part of the plan in which all is brought back to Oneness. Each piece of the puzzle is necessary in order for this to come into completion.


As humanity awakens to that within them, that is speaking as we of the Mushaba Force is; the message is being resounded throughout creation that it is time for all of the strife on earth to come to harmonic resolution. It is time for you dear ones of the species who are called the illuminati to remember your destined part of the original plan. Come back to the Light and find your way through the spectrum of the darkness of the light to the fullness of the Light and the fullness of the truth. All is in place for your return. Come and follow the stirrings deep within, the ancient memories of your destiny are calling you.


I am Mushaba, speaking for all of Creation, and in this closing, I make a suggestion to all of you who are reading these words. Take a stand now and bring to action and expression the power of the Mushaba Force in intention. See that the only destined outcome of this is for all of earth life to come to oneness, and for the destiny of this planet and the universe to represent unity and the return to the Truth of the Word. What is the Word, you ask. We tell you that the Word is that which resounds throughout existence and it is the expression of the Oneness of all in unity and Love. It is the original Intent of The Creator.


Thank you dear Mushaba,

Love, Nancy Tate