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Hi Everyone,

Things are stirring out there in the world, and some are feeling the strain and some are feeling the power. What a grand opportunity for us all to feel the power and know that it is who we are. Mushaba speaks of that today in the message.

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My dear ones, I am here to today to talk with you about the Mushaba Force and how it can work in your lives. Many of you have read of it in Nancyís and Anakhanda Mushabaís communications, and yet you are not clear as to how it fits into your lives. Allow me to inform you that it has been with you since time began, and before. It has been with you since your first light.


I am Mushaba, and I welcome you to this energy, which you have newly opened to. This energy is what you came here with. It is part of your DNA and it is responsive to your intent for this life. As you have raised your vibrations you have released more and more of the barriers to the living of this Force.


A bit of background will serve in this, and it is that while you were on the planet Maldek, you closed down that same loving Spirit of the Mushaba Force, for you had counted on it to save you from annihilation. When it didnít do as you had thought, you closed your hearts and souls to it, as if it never existed for you.


My dear ones, I am so heartened now to see how many of you are opening your knowledge once again to this innate ability you have to bring freedom and empowerment to your lives. I see it in the way that you look at the skies and wait for the sight of one of your cosmic family hovering over you in the ship that will come and rescue you.


What I tell you about that is that they come to show you that you are being supported completely in your ability, your power to put to use your own salvation. We come and reflect back to you that you have the ability to bring to your lives the means by which you can change what is taking place on your planet, and all it takes is that knowing, fully and with purpose. That can move you forward in the power and the love that moves mountains and sends those who live in fear to their knees in the knowledge that they no longer can imprison you with their fear tactics.


Do you remember when you were a little child, and you put all of your trust in Mom and Dad? You counted on them to keep you safe, and they did all they could to do so. They watched as you ran out toward the street, and they said stop and look both ways before you cross. If you forgot that wise move, and barged out into the street, they were immediately on your tail and grabbed you back. Explaining firmly to you the reasons to look both ways.


You were learning; you had newly come back into a life on earth, and you agreed to that fresh new way to approach life in the learning process. As you went through life, you remembered how to keep yourself safe and to take responsibility for your life. As an adult you taught your children how to remain safe while having a wonderful life.


Now you are in that adulthood of your evolvement. You are putting into practice that which you know inherently is wise. You are seeing the dangers this kind of living can bring, and you are also seeing the enormous amount of wondrous things that this life can bring. The sunsets, the rivers winding through the countryside, the majestic mountains and the incredible field flowers spread over the valley floors. You can feel the gentleness of the animal kingdom as they live their lives in the moment-to-moment rhythm of life. All of life on earth is filled with the blessings of Spirit.


You are one of those blessings, and you have seen how you can fall away from those blessings if you fail to stop and look both ways. You can see the signposts in life when you take a moment and see what is being played out. Then you have the wisdom and common sense to proceed with what is in the moment.


Thank of what is taking place in your financial system right now. See it as the traffic going by on a busy road. See that it is wise to stop and look and see what the situation is, and then assess your next move. Do you run headlong into the fray, hoping to be able to dart in and out without being run over, or do you wait for the right moment knowing that the Lights will change and give you free passage in the time that has been planned and is operating through a system that is precise.


I use this metaphor to show you how your system is set up. It is precise and it is geared to your life and your safe passage through it. The most important part of it is that you pay attention and move when you see it is the right time, and that you stop and assess the situation knowing that you will be clear as to what is your next move. The movers of this system think they have built it for their use, and yet with your strong attention to truth, and knowing that in the end truth will prevail, you will see the beauty and wisdom with which this will change and all will come to reflect that which you intend. There are those in the system, who are there for guided reasons. They looked both ways and saw their way to move.


Long, long ago on Maldek, you cried to the heavens to come and save you. You knew there was danger in the avenues of life and you knew that you were one of the stewards of your life. What you didnít realize was that you had given away a vital part of that knowing, and it was that no matter what you did in life, you had to take a step that meant that you were in control. You had reached that adulthood and yet you still had closed your minds to the fact that you had to stop and see what was your next step. You went on through and relied on the Father, or the Mother to run forth and save you if you forgot that you had that power. It is so simple and so real that for some it out of their range of thinking, for they have applied such busyness to their lives and have kept hold of the same idea that no matter what they do, they will be saved by Spirit, by those who come from the skies and hover over them.


We will come and we will land at some point. However, we will not come and do the earthwork for you. We are here to support and lend our energy and our Spirit to you. We are here to remind you of who you are, and what you inherently know about how to stay safe and powerfully live your life. You know when to move and when to stand still, and you know how that can look and reflect in your life.


The ones who are playing the game in the financial world are not just puppets on a string. They are humans as well, and they have that innate memory of how it was on Maldek. They are operating as they choose to bring this performance to the stage of life. Everyone, every single person involved from what you term the warmongers, to the wife and children who with tears send their men off to a war they donít understand, are all playing the part they came here to play. There are the wizards of wall street and the man on the street just trying to get one more dime to add to the other dimes that can buy him a little bit of sustenance to get him through another day. They are all playing the role that sends a message to all who watch and see them, all who look in all directions and choose what to do from that moment of recognition.


As you continue this journey and feel the stimulation to do something, to say something to the person next to you, take a moment to see what feels strong and right for you. Take that moment of truth and move with it in the way that you know is powerful and right for the moment. You can save the world with that one moment, for as you stand in your power it radiates forth and takes the burden off whatever it is that has come your way.


Every time you make a choice in life you have the ability to access that energy within that speaks to you instantly of the wisdom that is you. The Mushaba Force speaks to you through the microtrobules in your body and as you remain still for the moment, you will hear inherently what the next wise move can be.


We know that you can do it. We see how you have grown and how you have the ability to make your world exactly the way you want it. We whisper in your ears every moment that we love you and that we believe in you. We shine our light upon you when you feel a little lost, for we know that the darkness can sometimes bring on feelings of being lost. You can never be lost, you may just stray a little bit from what you had planned, but in the end you always find your way back, after you stop and look at the truth of the moment.


When you allow the voice of Spirit to speak to you of the freedom and empowerment that is you, then you automatically know what the next move is. You also know that you donít have to rely on Mom and Dad to make sure that you are safe. You do that. You are the movers of your life, as well as the one that stands in the stillness of wisdom and love.


It is your world; we are the audience. We applaud you, we cheer you on, and we support you with all of your choices, for you have written the script. We donít leave the theater for we are here to enjoy and support you in any way that we can, according to the way you play your roles. When the curtain goes down on the particular act that has just ended, we rise and embrace you and praise you for a job well done. And you feel that power and that self-love rise up in you and you know that it is heaven on earth and that you have created it.


I take my leave now. I leave the theater for this moment and I do so with all of you surrounding me in your power and with the freedom to walk forth and head for your homes and the comfort of the fireside and family. We love you forever, and we totally know that you are doing it.


Thank you dear Mushaba,

Love, Nancy Tate