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Wake up Call: Hatonn


My dear ones, there is an issue that is coming up for many of you, and it is living within your integrity. This means a variety of things to all of you, and when it arises it is hitting you much stronger than it ever did before, for you are so tuned in to the integrity in which you stand.


I am Hatonn once more, and I come on this day to explore the energies of integrity. There is a variance that goes along with the issue, or idea of integrity. As long as you stand in your truth on the subject there is always an underlying value to the issue that is at hand. With this value we look upon any relationship we have with anything or anyone and see it as unique. We see it as the complete explanation of what took place.


However as you examine all of the parts of the issue, you see where it could be construed that you, or the other person, could have acted out of integrity. This is where the value of being true to yourself comes in. This is where it behooves you to look beyond the obvious, and see the underlying energies behind the actions.


What do you see, how do you feel as you examine these actions? What do you know of what has taken place and the one(s) who took the action? Is that person normally within integrity, and what do you perceive as the reason for the stepping out of integrity?


Also examine your reactions to the issue. Are they coming from a place where you look back at yourself and assign some kind of blame, or responsibility? This is where the truth of the matter lies. This is where the reason for the thought that someone acted out of integrity comes from. The perception that one is wrong, or acted out of faith with the situation is an example of taking oneself to compliance with the issue.


As you go forth in this world and act in accordance with your integrity, you do so with the co-operation of others. You do so with the full knowledge that you are being tested in all aspects of life; you are being tested by yourself. Are you living up to that which you have set as example of how to live in integrity? What is it that sets the standards by which you live your life in a way that allows you the freedom of expression while keeping a good feeling about yourself?


My dear ones, it is the knowledge that you have pledged to your inner selves, your innate Spirit that you live your life according to that which is inspired from within, and in the forgiveness of yourself if you should happen to stray from that at any time. It is time now to live according to your own responsibility to oneself, and to realize that this means that you are responsible to the whole at the same time.


This means to allow anyone else to their own ideas of your actions and not take offence. This means to live in a constant state of self-forgiveness and to walk away from any feelings of self-detriment, knowing full well that your life will reflect that which meets the ideals of your integrity. You will see that your life will represent the total of what is perceived at any moment. In that truth, allow yourself to step forward in the actions of the forgiven and know that it must first come from you. In that way, the rest will follow.


This issue has come up today, for we see all over the globe that people are wrestling with this issue. It is an influence that is deterring many from that place of feeling good about oneself. It is a journey that is bringing to a halt the flow of reproductive energies that bring love and joy to the hearts of those involved. Once you can see that it is not the end of the world for you and the other one(s) involved, then you can go on in that flow and act accordingly.


What is your first thought when you have come to the realization that you bring no blame to the situation? Is it an inspiration to go forward in a loving manner, to do something that counter-balances that which has occurred? If so, then you have allowed your Spirit to be heard and you are acting on it. If you sit in your self-proclaimed feelings and judgment, then you are not allowing Spirit the voice that says there is no blame, and that forgiveness is a given at all times. The next moment is the one that gives the pardon, and that is when you walk forward in the knowledge that you are free and loved by all.


I see you all, at all times, walking in the truth of the moment. That is the self-forgiveness you bring to your life. That is the refection that you walk in Spirit. Go forth now and sing your song of freedom and love for all of the world to see.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate