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My dear ones, this is Adama of the Galactic Federation. I am on special mission at this time from inner earth to bring to you a resume of kindness for the upcoming times. With this resume there is contained a nucleus of a ready-made agenda to continue with the present mode of travel in the cosmos.


I address this particular agenda because there has been an abundance of late of interference from the earth minions, and their attempts to subvert our activity of assistance has failed completely. In fact it has caused a meltdown in their communication between themselves and in so doing has caused them to avert many of their plans and dislocate the parts of their plans and the areas that they have set up to work from. They have seen that there is no longer a feasible place from which to operate in these various places around the globe, therefore they have not only shut them down, they have cleared away any evidence that they were there.


This has caused us to reveal to you the operations that they were engaged in, and that are no longer a threat. We have seen to this and are operating in your best interest and the best interests of the rest of your solar system. At this time, there are twelve of these former stations that are dismantled and cleared of all trace of the overt operations. We have seen that they have followed our instructions to the letter. Their nuclear capability has been obliterated in those areas, and they are presently working on dismantling the rest of the stations that are in their network of nuclear capability on planet as well as off. We are seeing to the dismantling, and are overseeing the procedure by which it is taking place.


I am able to bring this news to you through the complete communication and acceptance of the earth allies. We have come together in this venture for the express purpose of rendering the ministrations of the plans for nuclear destruction that have been long in place to be no longer possible. We have found all of the stations that they have created and in addition are in the process of searching the caverns and underground bunkers to assure that there is no trace left of the ancient places where the explosive devices have been kept since time immemorial.


During my tenure in Telos I have been overseeing the protection of and the present dismantling and removal of these warheads. My associates and I have seen to their neutralization and their return to the ships for disintegration. First we are removing any programming from them that was instilled at the beginning. These warheads were actually brought to this planet thousands of years ago by off-world beings who felt the need for the protection that the presence of those warheads on earth afforded them. We were not authorized to remove them before this time, for the free will that has been in place has not allowed for their removal, since those beings who brought them were the Annunaki, who began the present human race on earth. At this time, we have obtained permission from The Creator and are following the process outlined by the overlords of the Angelic realms.


As for the events of the day and how they relate to this, we are telling you that the attempts to instill fear in the hearts and minds of the people is being stepped up, for as we dismantle and remove any capability of nuclear calamity on earth, they are trying to bring about a third world war that would serve to present another means by which they can reduce the world population. They produce feared scenarios that have no basis in fact. They create stories that are filled with supposed veracity, and are empty when researched by those who do not bye into the content.


We advise you all to look upon what you are hearing and reading and allow yourself to go to your center and realize what is contained there that will reveal the truth to you. Your inner guidance has a clear stream to the truth of what is taking place at every moment. There is no way that you can receive misguidance as long as you call in the Light of your oversoul and the subsequent information that is contained there.


We are with you every moment. At this critical time in the evolvement of earth, Gaia, and humanity, we are steering the momentum toward full and complete ascension in the various stages that are set in place. You are receiving complete communication at all times, and when you, in your purity of intent, go within and listen to the reassuring voice of your inner knowing you will be able to hold your peace and your equilibrium of thought and being. Fear cannot survive within the consciousness of knowing who you are and being in that knowing every time you begin to go to fear. Instantly replace that fearful question with a gentle request to receive the truth, and you will have it.


We of the Galactic Federation are with you through every step in this process and stage of your ascension. We are replacing the timeworn energies of hands off with the timely allowance of intervention when it is clear and called into acceptance by humanity that the decrees that are set down by The Creator are followed to the last word. One of those decrees is as is stated here; “There shall be no life lost on planet earth in the energy of nuclear war, or in the premise of retaliation according to the old decrees of allowance unto the days of Armageddon, and complete destruction of the planet. Those energies are no longer valid and have been completely removed and obliterated from the celestial record.”


I, Adama, of Telos and the Galactic Federation, envoy to the people of inner and surface earth do stand by and remain in service to the total and complete removal and obliteration of the nuclear energy on earth for now and in the future. As earth is restored to her perfection any and all of the presence of nuclear energy at this time and at any other time on the history of this planet will be obliterated and cleared from the energy of Gaia, earth Mother of All. We stand in readiness to celebrate with you when the earth is ready for the restoration and jubilation of the New Golden Age.


Hold your light and love, with peace in your heart and joy in your step as these last days, weeks and months bring to a close this chapter of the book of dreams for the ascension of earth and all life within and on her surface. In the name of the Christed Energy we leave this transmission and honor your coming to this time and stage of your new way of being.


Thank you dear Adama, of Telos and the Galactic Federation,

Love, Nancy Tate