Wakeup Call Message
September 28, 2004



          My dear ones, this is a day to take yourself to the streets and listen to the words that are being eschewed in the parts of the world that are in peaceful demonstration of the realness of the people.

          I AM Sananda, and I invite you to go among your neighbors and find the peace that they are living. You may be surprised with the sounds and feelings that emanate from these ones as they go about their daily lives.

          Are you in conflict about something in your life? Are you on the brink of being in an unrest within yourself that could cause your world to crumple around you? My dear ones, take a deep breath and then look around you. Go to the playground and look at the children at play. Take a clue from their merriment as they go about their administrations of innocence and joy.

          Do they seem to you to be wiser than the man in the office with the furrowed brow? Perhaps it is because they are, in the sense that they have not cluttered their heads with the worries of big business and the vagaries of keeping the bank account above the five-figure mark.

          I do not suggest that the adult world is wrong, oh no, I just suggest that there is something missing in that world. How many times have you watched the child at play, and admired them for their innocence? Have you asked yourself where your innocence went? Perhaps that may be a useful tool for you in the consideration of your life. How often have you played lately? Have you just stared at a butterfly and watched it breathe?

          When you came into this world it was with a fresh new approach to life. You came with an idea that it would be a whole new chance to create anew and reverse some of the old ideas and ways of being. If you had been able to convey to your parents what you were all about, you would have told them words that represented those things.

          This life was the one in which you knew that there would be a whole new paradigm opening up, and that by the time you left this life, if indeed you did, it would be as a whole new way to see things and a feeling of joy that the next life would be altogether different than the ones in the past thirteen millennia.

          Now that’s quite a thought to chew on! What will it be like when you return to a life on earth in the year 2018? Will it be full of strife; or will it be serene and lovely in its Grace? You can make it what you desire and intend for yourself. You are learning about the parallels. You are learning of different dimensions. You are learning of different realities, all subsisting simultaneously. You are learning that that there is far more to this world and this life than you remembered.

          You are being made aware by your own higher consciousness that you are a multilevel being, and that you are capable of so much more than you had been aware of. You are remembering that you are in a partial state of amnesia, and that not too long ago, that state was deep and complete. You are realizing that you are coming back to full remembrance, and that one day you will soar with the angels and sing with the devas of heaven.

          How about today, my dear ones? How about here and now? This is the time that is the only time. You can lift your spirits to the skies and see it dance and hear it sing to you so sweetly and surely that you have to respond. You will join in the chorus and dance the skies throughout their infinity. You will play and frolic in the stars till you rest upon a cloud of softest gold-tipped downy white, and heaven will caress you with a lullaby so sweet and tender that you will know that you are dreaming and the dream need never end.

          My dear ones, bring this heaven into your world right now. See that everything that is taking place in the world is someone else’s doing. See that what you are doing is creating your world in the voice of heaven and the dance of the universe. Know that when you gaze upon a star that star is gazing down on you and winking its hello. Know that there is nothing in this world that need touch you if it does not resonate with your frequency of love and joy. Know that as you hear of worldly matters they are but part of the illusion and not yours to tap into. Know that you are the bearer of the promise to the rest of humanity that they too can tap into the place where you are, for they are you and have that capability as do you.

          You are that capability, and every time that you feel that love and compassion for the others in the world, you are issuing an invitation to them to lay their burdens at their feet and step away from them into your world. You always have an open invitation to them to join you in your reality.

Know that you have always kept the fire burning and the light in the window, for that is the true beacon of love to the lonely wanderer. You are them, in sheep’s clothing, and the sheep has a new lease on life. Instead of lying down and seeing the world recede and go away, the new sheep brings the world to its bosom and loves its cares away. The new sheep does not fall away by giving up too soon. The new sheep gives in to the vagaries of life and welcomes the peace of eternal life in joy and love. The new sheep gives off his coat of wool and welcomes the coat of eternal pleasure and perfection.

          You are the angels who lead the multitude to the New Jerusalem, and you do it with the love and gentleness of a newborn babe. You do it because you know it is the only thing that makes sense. You do it because you are love and joy and peace. You do it because you are God and the God in you is the purveyor of the truth that brings you home to the Grace of the Creator.

          Come now my dear ones and see where you are right now. See that you are in heaven and that you sit at the table with all of humanity, in love and peace forevermore.

I sit with you and I sup with you in the eternal meal of the sustenance of forevermore. I wash your feet with my tears of joy and we all join in the chorus of the angels that brings the children home laughing and revering life on this planet earth, for it is Holy.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate