Wakeup Call Message
September 16, 2004




          My dear ones, there is something that I would like to share with you, and it is that there is coming a huge transition from the way that you approach the facts of life, the facts that lead you through this life and into the next phase of this life.

          Good day, I am Sananda, and I come to you with a bit of news that is representing the way that all of you are changing your minds about how to live your life. This is a time when you are examining the very auspices of the governing of your life by the approaches that you make through choices.

When I walked on the sands of Galilee it was with a great deal of wisdom as to how to go about my daily life. I chose to put one foot in front of the other, and live according to what presented itself to me at the moment. This brought me a richness that would not have been present had I projected that my life would be this way or that way.

          Upon doing this, I lead a life full of promise for a bright future, and one filled with the love of the Creator and of all of those who were able to see and know that what I brought to them was what they held in their own hearts and souls. I was merely the mirror for that wisdom and knowledge.

          Now we come to a time when that mirror is shining back the truth that lives in each of your hearts and souls. The mirror is there for all of you to see and to feel. This mirror is the mirror of God, and reflects the truth that you live every moment.

          I would like to present to you the idea that all the societal ways of living that you have brought to your understanding may not reflect that which is in your hearts and souls. It may be that there is another truth that you have not allowed to come forth. Is it possible that if you to were to look in your own mirror that you would see quite a different picture from what you see out there in today’s society?

          Ask yourself this question, “If I were to take the mask off this face as I look forward into the mirror in front of me, would I see my truth? Would I know that what I am seeing is what lives deep within; or would I see what the “theys” of the world would have me see?”

          Once you have answered that question for yourself, then ask what you would do to accommodate that answer, keeping in mind that you are ready to live your truth.

          My dear ones, I am here to project that you are going to be facing many truths as you look into the various mirrors that present themselves to you. I suggest that you take a hard look at what you see, and keep the neutrality pure and strong. See that what you acknowledge as your truth may reflect someone else’s truth. Then go about bringing your truth to your life, and honoring that as surely as you honor the word of God, for that is what your truth is.

          My dear ones, these are the times when all of this seeking will be an impetus to assist you to attain the ascension of your bodies to lightbodies. Once you have freed yourselves of all that old conditioning then you lighten your body and more of the light from within shines forth. This is a light that draws to it the intent to express the truth, and in that way, others are drawn to you so that their truth may speak to them as well, and then they too will choose to dig deeper for what they recognize as the truth of the godliness within them.

          When you go about your days and find the richness that comes from living your truth, then you may find some surprises along the way. You may find that what you once considered to be unreachable is now at your fingertips ready for your acceptance. You may find that what you once rejected as not for you may be the only thing that in the moment you resonate with. You may find that when this acceptance is sure and in place strongly, that your life makes sense in a way that it never did before.

          This is the way I have shown you through my example that your life can work in the purest way. I once told you that everything I can do, you can do, and even more. That is what I am telling you here. I learned that through my innermost revelations, and in my life walking on the sands of Galilee and then all over the globe. I brought my example for all of you to see and learn from. Now you are remembering what my message was and how it works for you, as it did for me.

Take this message into the moments of your life and see who you are in the image of God The Creator, for you are Holy and you are Divine. I bless you and I kiss the feet of all of you, for you are masters and walk the same sands of time that I do. Go into your day now and see the truth as it presents itself to you in the eyes of the beloved.


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate