Wakeup Call Message
September 17, 2004

 St Germain 


          My dear friends, I am St Germain, and I come to you this morning to tell you of a development that will likely cause a disturbance in some camps. This is a disturbance that can have far reaching ramifications if not dealt with in a manner that bespeaks the supremacy of all of you on the globe.

          In the event that there is a coming together of various parties of the illuminati in the latter part of this day to determine the next course of action, there must be an opposite power that can dissimilate their actions. This is a very simple fact of action, and the action is that of the intent and the heart of love that resides within each and every one of you.

          When a group of people comes together to serve themselves and all of humanity there is a tremendous impact on the energy of that collective. This brings about a shift in the energies that formulate to manifest the intent.

          You as a group of lightworkers can bring to manifestation your intent for a tremendous change in your life, and indeed that is what I am suggesting that you do.

          There is a certain person who is running for the highest office of this land, and he is in peril, for there are forces that are working against him and against the country and the rest of the world. These forces are pulling out all the plugs and serving up the dregs of what they have held at bay for millennia.

          My dear ones, I come to you now with a thought that you can gather together and set your intent to put an end to this madness and bring your sovereignty to bear for once and for all.

          There is no need to give in one iota to these ones anymore for they know not what they do. They are so consumed by their own avarice that they do not realize that there is a condition by which they are out of control, and they can no longer govern their own advances to extinction.

          These ones do not see that they are no longer in touch with their Godself, and therefore, they are operating strictly in an energy of darkness that speaks not of the light within them. They are consumed by their own amnesia, and they are to be dealt with, with the Light; that is the only way.

          When I took this stand so many millennia ago, to bring this New Jerusalem to the front and to help to create the new Garden of Eden that is being formed now. I did so with the vision that all would fall into place, for there was no other destiny that was set by God The Creator. That was what told me that this would come about, and nothing would deter man from being able to come back Home to the Light.

          What I did not see in that vision was that this play would take these deplorable turns. We have learned much in these last days of the last cabalís reign. We have learned that the momentum gained by the events of the past several months have equaled in opposing but equal strength the Light.

          This has caused me to open my eyes and see that in this present energy there is something that has not happened before. The light has increased exponentially, and now there is a new height by which the All That Is may be measured.

          Scientists all over the globe are taking measurements that go off any known scale. The times of the day are not being able to be compared with any others and it is astounding everyone who has ever accounted for the rays of the sun and the cycles of the moon.

          These are astounding revelations that are occurring and what is being seen is that this reflects the fact that there is a new paradigm that has not even been idealized that is taking place. This evolution that is coming about is one of even the All That Is.

          Do you know what this means, my dear ones? It means that you all have the opportunity to be a part of the new extremes of being. You are the formulators of the new paradigm not only for the earth and this universe, but also for all of existence. This has never been done, and it is exponentially taking place.

          Now to get back to what I have requested; this is a time when you all can take this step to the stars one more level. You can group together and form a union so strong and so united that only one thing can come from the unitedness; and that is that what you set into your intent Will take place.

          I will be taking another stand in the days to come, and I will be joining with all of you, and with all of the celestial body to bring about a proclamation so decisive as to leave no indecision as to what the intent is that Will be manifest.

          This nonsense must be stopped and the constraints of the pressure that is upon the illuminati will be released so that they too can come back to the light of the family of which they are surely a part. They are so bound into the energy that they have created that they are flailing about and in their own way are crying out for your assistance to save them.

          This is your finest hour, and this is the time when you can stand up and take notice of the power you have as a Oneness in God to bring about the unitedness that is the whole.

          You will be given more information in the next few days, and from this you can decide on a course of action that will stir the pots to freedom for All of you.

          I love each and every one of you, and I AM in reverence and awe of your beautiful power and Light. I will come back again with more information; till then I bless you all.


Thank you dear Master St Germain,

Love, Nancy Tate

  My Friends,

        I would like to tell you just a bit about what St Germain is telling us. With all of the things that are taking place in this world, and now with the trouble that is being stirred up in the John Joseph Kennedy campaign, we at the Tree are calling for any who care to band together and show our intent to End This Game of darkness once and for all.

          We will be sending you further information in the days to come as to dates, times and specifics for the meditations and events for this to come about. It is time that we all take our positions of authority and band together with the rest of the Family of One.