Wakeup Call Message

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September 30, 2004

Hi Everyone,

        This is just a reminder of the Conference Call tonight Sept 30 at 9:00pm EST with A&A, Michael, Cynthia, Bob T and myself, and special guest Dan Rezac. For those of you who will be tuning in to it, the following is one of the items that will be included in the call. You may print this to have with you as you listen to the message, so you may better understand and “hear” the words as you join in the intent. For those of you who are not able to tune in to the call, we will post the content of it on the site for your enjoyment as soon as we’re able to.




Wake up Call Sept 30, 04


Introduction, From Bob T


The purpose of this message from Enki is to appeal directly to those beings on this planet who have fallen so far into the darkness they can no longer see any light. With this message Lord Enki brings them a reminder of who they truly are and the opportunity to make a choice to come back to the light of who they are.


Even though these ones will not hear or read this message directly, these words once they are put onto the electronic communications lines will then go out onto the communications grid surrounding this planet. These ones will then be accessing this appeal at some level of their being.



Enki To Everyone: Sept 30, 04


My dear ones, I come this day because I wish to speak with you frankly and with a degree of love that you are not familiar with in recent times. I come to you to explain some things that have been on my mind, and I feel on the minds of so many of you.

          I am going to tell you some things, and I am going to ask you to remember some things. I am going to be a bit frank at times, and I am going to be giving you some things to think about.

          Long ago, when this world was new, we came here from out of the blue to a land that was as yet inhospitable. We came with the idea that we could build a dream here that would satisfy all of our ideas of who we were, and who we were not. We came with the idea that we could build a world that would accompany all of the All That Is, and lead it to another deeper understanding of our capabilities and the abilities to change the way we are. To take the way we are into consideration when we created shadows and hidden agendas.

          This took some doing on our part, and so we asked for guidance from God The Creator. We asked that this power, this Source of All give us an understanding of how powerful it indeed is, and then we would know how far we could go in the opposite direction. This we thought. And so we began to build this dream.

          Some called it a nightmare. Do you remember when you first came here? Take a moment now and recall the light that you were then. There, you have it in your inner vision, your inner knowing. Now see that the Light never left, or you would not be able to recall it.

          Now I ask you to recall the times of the first setting down on this planet earth. How small and insignificant it seemed then. Certainly not as grandiose and as mighty as the ones we were used to.

          Now see yourself in this new land and on this planet that was small in your estimation then. Now see that land expanding. See the relevance of that land with whom you were then. Is it to be a whole new experience that you would create here, or more of the same?

          What is the same? Is it what you did before you came here? Or is it another kind of what your experience was in infinity? Is there something familiar here on this planet that is so strange according to your standards?

          Now I wish for you to recall the times further in your time here on earth, when you were a different kind of being than you had ever been. Do you see how it was back then, as you groveled along the ground? Do you give yourself a wide-awake stance and find that your eyes only see part of what is presented to you?

          My dear ones of the past, for this is a joining of the past with the present, I wish for you to hear what I said to you those times ago. I wish for you to remember how you looked. What was your skin like? Do you feel the roughness of the scales and the dryness of the surface, though beneath you knew there was an oily, slickness?

          Now look at me as I tell you what I did in those times. Look and listen to me as I presented myself to you then. I was Jehovah to you, was I not? I was the King of the Gods, and I gave you the life that you had then. You were my creations, and I was your leader in the underworld.

          I created you for a purpose that bespoke the other side of me, the side that held the genes that represented the scales and the roughness. I also held the genes that bespoke the love and the smooth skin with the fair eyes and hair of silk.

          I was your master then, and once in a while you saw the fairness and love in me. More often you saw the darkness that enveloped my waking moments and kept me captive. My friends, that same darkness that kept me captive is the darkness that keeps you captive now. It is not a separate thing from the light, my dear ones. It is a degree of the fall that we made away from the very light that we are.

How often have you started down a flight of stairs in full sunlight, and as you descended into the darkness of the stairwell, you became uneasy, maybe frightened. Then you told yourself that there is nothing to fear. Still, you were uneasy as you continued on your journey downward into the darkness of the unknown. So you told your self over again that there is nothing to fear for you knew who you were. Still the feelings of unease continued, and as you descended further into the darkness, you looked up searching for a beacon that would assure you that you were still in the same place that you left moments ago. Then my dear ones, you could no longer see that pinpoint of light, for you had descended into the darkness so deep that you were completely cut off from the light, the Source of your trueness.

You looked around for something to gain a foothold, something to tell you that you are where you are and that you are in control. You shift and you grab onto something that feels slick and dripping with fear. The next thing you know there is a deep moan emitting from your throat and you cannot escape the effect that it has on you. It transforms your world and you feel that you will never be able to stop moaning. Then the moan turns to a scream, and before you know it you are hopelessly lost in those moans and screams.

As you stand there, floundering and lost in your fear, you think that you will never return to the Source of the Light. Soon your screams become silent and you feel a deep power rise within you. This power tells you that you cannot have it both ways and that the only thing you can do is to let go of the need to see that Source of light again.

That voice urges you on with its soothing tones and tells you that you can gain strength from the darkness. It tells you that in that darkness is the source of all the power that you could ever want, and more. It tells you that in order for you to find release from the terror, you must give it to somebody else. You must share that terror and keep it going in order to keep yourself in that power. It tells you what you want it to tell you, for you desperately need that source to tell you that you are powerful.

Now you have that source. You have forgotten about the other Source, the one of light. You cannot remember how it was to be in that light, so you give yourself over to the only source of power that you know. And that is the power of the darkness. The only trouble is, that as you go through your moments you realize that you must stay in the dark. You know that the minute you try to leave that darkness, you will flounder and you will fail. You know that the only comfort you will find is to keep that darkness strong and sure. The only way to do that is to share it and keep it going with everyone you know.

Then you hear my voice, and you recognize it. You know you have heard it before. You remember that it is the voice of Jehovah. You remember that it is the voice of the one who created you. You know it is the voice of god. Now you say that this is the voice you have been waiting for, the redeemer, the one who will lead you through life in power and in the only strength that you know.

So you follow that voice, and you see that darkness is becoming a trusted friend. You feel the glow from the eyes that gleam red from the crying in fear that brought you to your knees asking for me. I lead you through your days and nights and when you flounder and fall back, I pick you up and lead you on into the inequities of the darkness, the source of your power.

I promise you great things and you see how you can derive great pleasure from these things, these things that represent power and might. These things that tell you that you are the source and that you can perpetuate that in the darkness. You see that I am the one who first came to you, and you follow my lead as I lead you deeper into the darkness.

What you do not see is that I flounder. I too walk in the shadows and loose my way from time to time. What you do not see is that there is a beam of light running from my heart up, up, into infinity. What you do not see is that each of you has that beam of light running to infinity. What you do not see is that occasionally my brother comes and reassures himself that I am still here and then he leaves in a trail of tears. What you do not see is that I saw my brother Enlil those times and the tears that he shed fertilized my own power.

Now my dear ones, you see that the years have slipped by. Many years, that have seen many things. You have gained in your power and you have left many tears in your wake, the tears of shame and retribution, the tears of sorrow and the tears of pain. You have left many tears of guilt and tears of lies told. You have scattered many trails of fear and accompanied many others into the depths of the darkness that you now control.

Now, there is a difference. This difference contains a stream of light, and you cower in its brilliance. This tiny stream of light that is so unfamiliar to you is coming in and beginning to threaten your world. This stream of light is the burr in your saddle, and the demon that won’t let you alone.

Soon this stream of light won’t go away no matter what you do. It is growing and sending more of its light forth. You grow weary of the fight, and still you resist. You call out for me, and I come to you, only to be caught in that stream of light too. I run from its brilliance as you do, and as we all cower there in our darkness we hear a tinkling of bells.

The sound grows stronger, and more sweet. It hurts our ears and our eyes, so we cower deeper into our self-made world of darkness. Still the stream of light persists, and its tones grow sweeter and clearer. We have nowhere else to go; we cannot cower further into the darkness that we have created, for it is our own self-imposed prison.

Now we are hearing a sound that is very faint, very soft. It speaks to us in a tone that rings in each of our ears individually, all at once. The voice is whispering, “Come back to love. Come back home to light.” We recoil with the first knowledge of the meaning of the whisper. It is a trick. It is a menace come to pull us out of our controlled world.

Still the voice is there, like a flowing river of light, the light envelops us, going in and out of our consciousness. We cower, and still it finds us where we are. The voice continues calling us home to the light and the love. We begin to wonder what will become of us. We dare not go anywhere, yet we dare not stay where we are, for they have found us here. We begin to listen to the sounds, for there is something about them. The words begin to feel good in our bodies, and that makes us want to run. But we cannot.

The light shines forth and it gives us a clear vision of what we have in front of us. There is a tunnel that we see, and at the end of that tunnel is a pinpoint of light. As we look up, we see a face at the light, and it is ever so gentle a face. We know not who the face is, for we have not seen it before. It is our face, the face of the collective love that awaits our recognition.

The face beams down at us, and we find that we cannot escape the effect that it has on us. We look back with our eyes open, for we find that we are less afraid now. As we look into those eyes, we feel a familiar touch of comfort. We feel that we are cold, and that all we need do is look at the light and the warmth flows forth to us in a blanket of love.

Then we hear another voice, and this time the words are different for each of us. I hear the words that I have a son who lives today and is my light. I hear that this son is the one I renounced and that this son is a being of beauty, for he was born in the light of love. I hear that all I need do is come back to the light and love this son, and I will release all of humanity in the doing. I hear that I will bring forth a new son, and that this time I will walk with him forever in the love that created us all. I hear that this will bring all of those who have been captivated by the darkness back home to the light; that first I must come back to the love that is me. I heard that once I release the darkness, then the others will follow in their time.

My dear ones, I fell to my knees and held the child in my arms. Tears of joy caressed his face, and as they washed away the years of pain and regret, I saw the beautiful person that child is today. She represents the love that has been released from all of mankind, for she is today a bright and shining example of the power of love, and the credence of the light in people’s lives.

Then I turned and I saw all the others who had been following me in my madness, and they too were overcome with the love that was presenting itself to them in that moment. Streams of light emanated forth from us all, and we joined hands as we walked back up through the stairway to the light, to the warmth of the sunshine, and the ones who awaited us at the top of the world.

We were shown how it was all just a nightmare, and that all that we had done was no more. Then we saw all of those who had shed tears at our mercy, all those who had fallen at our hands, all those who had given their lives so that we might keep our power of darkness going. They were all there greeting us with smiles on their faces and love streaming forth from their eyes.

We saw that we were home, and that all those present were our family and that we were one with them once again. I saw my brother come forward and take my hand. He told me these words. “Whenever you floundered, I felt your pain and I transmuted it. Whenever you fell from Grace, I picked you up and set you on your path again. Whenever you turned your back on me I knew that you were my brother. Whenever you threw tirades my way, I caught them and turned them into whispers of sweetness. I now stand before you and announce to you and the world that there is nothing more to do now but to love one another and know that there is no difference in any of this. Love is all there is and with all you have endured for this great way of seeing who you are and who you aren’t there is only One. That is this moment right now. You are love. We are love. All is love.”

With those words Enlil picked up the burden I had carried along with all of you who chose the darkness and announced that this is now a part of the light, and therefore a part of All That Is. We all walk in the Light that is the Source, forever in love.

My dear ones, today this is the Light, and this is the Love. The choice you make renders it so. I greet you now in the light, for you have never been away. It has just seemed so.

Come back to Love, and hold my hand as I dry your tears.



My dear ones, there is something else that I wish to explain to you, and it is that there are no victims in this game. There are only willing participants. When you all read of the actions that are taking place, that is the illusion that is being perpetrated by all of those involved. I repeat; there are no victims.

Let me tell you a little story about that, and know what I say is true. A person walked into a store one day and brought out a handgun to shoot the one who resisted his demands. There was a lot of malice in his actions. However, in his heart there was much fear. His quivering hands could not be seen for the fear generated at the sight of the gun rendered the ones in the store unable to see what was in front of them.

This too was the case with the gunman. As he stood there with trembling hands holding the gun, he did not see that the ones who stood before him were the ones who just days ago had given him a ride to the other side of town. He at that time had been so involved with wanting to get where he was not, that he had been blind to the ones who offered him a ride.

As it turned out, the ones who gave him the ride were the ones who at the same time called on their phone that there was a man loose in the streets who was suspicious in nature, but had done no wrong. Perhaps a watchful eye could be placed upon him in the event he should prove to be a troublemaker.

As a matter of fact, that is exactly what had taken place. As a result of the recommendation by the helpful people, the man had been watched by one policeman who had taken it to heart. He had a feeling about this man.   Now, here in this store the gunman was being surveyed by the lone policeman. He took the initiative and came up behind the man, and with one swift and sure sweep of his arms and hands, disarmed the gunman. This was due to the surprise factor, and the willingness of the policeman to listen to his feeling.

My point, dear ones, is that we all communicate with each other, and through that we are able to know at any time what is in each other’s minds and hearts, if we only could convince ourselves of that.

Do you see any victims here? No one was hurt, and someone was helped out in this whole incident. And that is because someone listened to their feelings after someone else helped a fellow human being.

But what if there had been a fired gun? What if someone had died that day? What if we weren’t here on earth to do something that declared victimhood non-existent? Then what my friends, then what? If you still have questions about that, then I ask you to ponder that.



Thank you dear Lord Enki,

Love, Nancy Tate