Wakeup Call Message
September 29, 2004

 Hi Everyone,

      Before you read the Wake up Call, I would like to announce that the Conference Call usually scheduled for Wednesday evening with Michael Schlosser, Cynthia, and Dan Rezac, with A&A, Bob T and myself will be on Thursday evening, September 30, at 9:00pm EST. All those participating in the call will be invited to join in a meditation that will be preceded by messages from Lord Enki and Mother Sekhmet. You may read more about the Call in the Jennifer Report today.




          There is something I would like to address my dear ones, and it is that there is not enough play in this world. There is not enough joyfulness, or frolicking. When you bring a degree of frivolity to your life, you give yourself not only a longer life, but you also give more of that energy to others around you.

          I AM Diaclosities, and I can no longer stand by and remain silent, for I give myself to you when I see that there is a slippage from the path that takes you to the world of the dimension where all is Light and full of peace and joy.

          It is so wonderful to be speaking with you again in this manner. I AM taking this opportunity to come to you to tell you how it was when you were more full of joy. Remember when there was always a grin on your face as you awoke in the morning? Yes, that is the way it was, for I remember. I remember when you whistled a happy tune most of the time, and when you werenít whistling, you were humming, or outright singing.

          Yes, my friends, you were a happy lot, and when you lived your life this way it made all of the world a joyful place to live. It made the flowers nod and blush in your direction, and it made the trees sway and dip to the sounds of the rhythmic tones of your happiness. The birds joined in your chorus, and the animals leapt from their lairs to listen and join in.

          Now I hear you lamenting this report I am giving you. You donít remember your lives ever being that way. My dears, that is because it is yet to happen, in your estimation of time. You see, this is your future Iím tuning into, and since you are learning to remember that time is simultaneous, you could say that I am seeing how it will be at some time in the future.

          Now I ask you, what is to keep you from bringing that future into your present time? How is it that you should even consider not joining with this promise that you give to yourselves? Wouldnít you like that to be your Now moment? You can do that, you know, by just living it now. If you donít, my friends, you will be pushing that future on further and further ahead of you. It will not be your future, unless it is first your Now. I ask you, why would you not do that now? Why would you not see that there is no time like the present?

          Examine that phrase for a momentÖthere is no time like the present. Isnít that so? The past is just that, and the future has not happened yet, so the only time is the present, and you donít usually think of time in terms of the present, for in your estimation, time can only be measured in terms of then, not Now.

          My friends, when I was on your earth as Hercules, I was completely immersed in what I was doing at the time. I gave my every moment to the now concept of being. Oh yes, I did acknowledge the past and the future, but only as they related to the present. They were tools for me to measure the present. It was as if using those tools gave me the .00-factor that made the present more real to me. I gave myself completely to every moment, and brought the past into it as a way to measure the future, and vice versa.

          You may want to play with that for a while. See where it takes you, and remember that this is a game. See if it makes you laugh or sing. See if it lifts your heart and shows you a different perspective on what you are doing and where you are in the moment. This could be a happy time in your life, if you give it your attention and find the joy in it. It is there, you know, for you put it there with your innate sense of knowingness and the ability to implement it in your world.

          That is what creates your ability to transcend the lower dimensions and live in the dimensions where I reside. It is so wonderful to be able to communicate with you like this, for it means that you have all expressed a desire to be here and it is strong enough for me to have heard the call. You know what that means! It means that you are on the threshold of accomplishing that which you desire, and your intention is clear. So, just step into it and live it. That is the way you bring your present, past and future into the Oneness that it is.

          Okay, my friends, that is my visit for the day. I invite you to come into my lair and see what my bag of tricks looks like. You may see a turtle lying on his back and giggling profusely over the tickle of the ant that is scurrying back and forth over his belly. Or you may feel the dainty flower petal as its velvety softness brushes your cheek every time the breeze stirs it to motion as it lays against your skin. Whatever it is, it is there to tantalize and titillate the senses, so lets get started. The first one into the pool of joy is a rotten egg, and it smells oh so good, because where I am there are no foul experiences. A rose by any other name would be a rotten egg.


Thank you dear, funny Diaclosities,

Love, Nancy Tate