Wakeup Call Message
September 03, 2004




          There is something today that I, Baldor would like to share with you. This is that there is soon coming to this planet earth a new way of looking into the universe. This new way has already begun with the onslaught of new information that is coming not only to the lightworkers and stargazers, but to the scientific community as well.

          This has started a barrage of questions that are of a volume that has not been even imagined before, for without the thought of an idea, there is no expansion of it.

          This, my friends is one of the promises that you have made to yourselves. This is that there will be an expansion of the relativity of the earth to the rest of the universe, indeed to the All That Is. This is what is making your news and your Internet communication so interesting to so many, and so challenging to others.

          Of course there are those who shake their heads and scoff at the idea that there is family out there. That is according to their own perceptions of what is possible and real. This too shall pass as more and more information comes forward, and the proof of it is shown to the people.

          I invite you now to share with me a bit of the best times with the family that is out there in waiting for you to invite them to your awareness. These are the ones who are in your family so irrevocably that there can be no doubt that they will make their appearance when they see that you are ready to acknowledge their presence.

          In doing so, they will receive the invitation with open arms and tears of love for all of you. I, having been one who spent years on Orloff, have come to be a part once more of this one, in order to more readily share my information and knowledge of what it is that has been experienced from the future.

          There are many who are in the position now of doing that same thing. This is an indication that times for the old way of being on earth are at an end time, and the new awareness is just over the next hill. Till then, I will share this with you. As the earth in one particular reality evolved with her people to a place where they could no longer be self-sustaining because of wars and conflict, she gave a great burp, and became another place in her reality. This is the planet that is Orloff, and this was an expression of the earth that was expelled from her universe and given over to a different paradigm.

          Rather than take on a doomsday mentality and bring to an end the very existence of the planet, she decided to become self-sustaining, and create a new paradigm by which she would be unto herself and in the throes of self-sustainment through her own inherent will and intent.

          Understand that this was only one reality that has been experienced by earth, and there are others on different times lines that are in the flux, so to speak. This is the core of the issue with many of the family out there, for some have come from the future that seems to be on the timeline most likely at this point for earth.

          The intent is for those of you who are in the timeline now that is multidimensional to see the position that you have placed yourselves in and determine what it is that this future self is here for. It is for you to perceive a new future for earth and her people, and learn from this future that you are exploring right now.

          By doing this you can bring a new idea to the people and assist the evolution to a future that represents the ideal that Creator God has decreed. Through this information you will be able to lend an energy of change to peace and love through compassion to the energy grid of communication, and help to perpetrate the strength of that ideal throughout all of the world.

          As I sink back into the oneness of this one for this time, I do so with the knowledge that this is a time when many are in the throes of finding a new paradigm, born in love and seeded with the knowledge that there can only be one new paradigm that takes you home to the Source, while remaining on earth. This is your wisdom and your new awakening speaking your truth and honoring the ways to Heaven.

          I love your energies and I love the journey that you are all taking. We are one in love and in compassion, and let it be said that there is a forever heaven awaiting the calling in.

          I salute you and I welcome you to my energies.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Love, Nancy Tate