Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 09,2003

Special: Sept. 07,03

             N: What if anything do you have to tell us about Phillip and his mission at this point?

            St Germaine: My dear one, there is much to report at this time. It is known now that the people are willing to give in faith and in joy, for that is the energy in which they conducted themselves in this effort. When the receipts were counted and the results numbered in the thousands, there was great jubilation among those of us who were involved directly, and those as well who were aware of the event.

            This gave many of you the opportunity to search deep within and find that the attachment that you have to money was a barrier to the abundance that you held in regard to the worthiness of your receipt of that abundance. Where we go from here is the utmost joyful path that has come down the pike in many a millennia. You have managed to not only resolve your money karma, but you have also opened the door wide for the distribution of wealth and abundance for all of those who are not awake as yet.

            This is not primarily an issue of the material aspect of this, but of the spiritual aspect. This is an awakening to the inherent ability that you have to manifest anything that you desire, and know that it is the manifest destiny of who you are, and your ability to see the divinity in the money, rather than the materialism.

            I would like to share a note of pessimism with you, only for the sake of clarity in the measure that you have taken in this regard. “There is nothing that you can do that does not take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Anything that is worth having, is to be worked hard for.”

            This old axiom is overworked, over-emphasized, and it’s time is over. It is time to pick up the adage that anything worth having is your inherent birthright, and can be manifested instantly for your enjoyment and experience. This work that Phillip is doing has proven that in your hearts and minds. So, let it be; and it is so.

            Now I will tell you of the work that Avallac’h is doing, and a bit about the direction that it will be taking from this point. When he came to earth and embodied as Phillip Stewart, he came with the purpose of directing his energies to the resolution of the world karma surrounding money. This has been accomplished. What will happen now is the forerunner of what is to take place on Wednesday of this week. That is the day when there will be a great deal of activity in the skies, and on the earth at various places around the globe. This one has already been directed to observe some of this activity, and she and her friends will be at an assigned place in order to receive a message that will direct them in their course. This will be true for many of you, who will openly receive direct contact, and will know what their next step is. For those of you who hear and see this event, you will be in a position to carry out an important part of the puzzle, and will be in place for the results that will come from this. This is to be carried out in the strictest of belief, for without that the information will not be complete, for the key pieces are within you, and the key will not work without the belief in place and strong enough to know that it is there.

            I give you this message with the express purpose of bringing you into an energy of knowing that will open some aforementioned doors to some chakras, or energy centers, within your beingness’ that will enable you to receive and interpret information that will carry you through the next few steps of the ascension process. This is to be an understanding that will evolve into a living of the Word and the coming together of the families of souls in their purpose at this time.

            I ask that this one distribute this message to her list, for her list has taken on a new energy, and those who are in subscription to her list are the ones who have agreed to this mission, and are awaiting their instructions. The recent filterings were in purpose, and this will become evident to some, as the days go on.

            What Phillip’s work is at this time, is to direct activities from his place in the heavens, for he is there as well as here, for all is HERE. He will be in charge of the reuniting of certain individuals in their sleep time, and with the redirection of their paths with this new energy of transmutation. He is carrying out his mission as Avallac’h, and he is a mighty warrior for the light in his position in the number two place of hierarchy in this particular phase of the mission. I refer to the numbered position only for the reference of the position; there are no hierarchies of importance, only for the carrying out in order of the positions and steps.

            This particular step and event that is being put into place at this time is taking place because you have deemed it, by the resolution of the karma. We congratulate you on your work, and the step you have taken in the direction of this new position. It is now time to undertake the next phase, and you are all shining brightly in your beingness. We see the result of your dedication, and we stand in Salute.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate