Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 29,2003



            Good morning all of you wonderful ones. I am St. Germaine, and I come to you this morning with a thank you for the wonderful works you are all doing. This is a great example of all the pleasurable activity that is taking place around the planet these days. When I came to this day in the glory of the sunrise, I did so with a knowing that there were many of you who were speaking with the Gods and the children of God. I heard your voices and I know your names. I knew that the wave I was hearing and feeling was generated by the Holiness that lived within your hearts. It continues still, and shall throughout the day and into the evening. There is a great resounding of truth and love that is clearing the eyes of those who sit in the battlefields and cry to their God of the inequities of faith and the battles waged in the name of God.

            We the people are going to find that there is no greater love in this world than that of the God that lives within. When this takes place then there will be no one who can assure us that there is nothing to live for. There is always something to live for, and that is the life that we ordain to be the gift of the Divine. We are the promise that we make to ourselves, and this is the land on which we make this promise. This land is the land that spans the oceans and travels across the mountains of South America, and across the deserts of the Middle East. It spans the continents of Africa and Australia. It covers the lakes and rivers and plains in between, of the tundra of the north, and the valleys of the Himalayas. All of these grand vistas of the earth are listening to the voices that are echoing through the network of the Divine, and all of our brothers and sisters are coming into harmony with each other.

            Let us not get into a degree of disharmony over the little things that crop up. Let us find the harmony that mends fences and tears in the webbing of unitedness. There are many ways in which these tears can be replaced with a joining that can serve to be the strongest bond imaginable. Love and compassion, and letting go of the disharmony are the factors that bring all of mankind to the joining of hearts and hands in the calling of the ages to the wonders of today.

            I go about my day now, and attend to the matters in the courts. Speak now of the changes that are taking place, and find it in your hearts to support the challenges of others and bring the unitedness into the fray and back into alignment. You are my friends and I love you all. Peace be with you for now and for always.



Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate