Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 25,2003



            Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to bring you some news of a gentler, freer kind. This news is of the highest regard for the people of the United States and for the world. This one gave you all a report from our neighbor, Baldor, and she gave it to you in the best of conditions, for we have invited him into our realm of service, and as such he will be working directly with him in his capacity as ethereal representative of his planet Orloff.

            This is a major step for us, for he is the first such representative of our dealings with earthly means, and he will provide a valuable service, for as he stated, their proximity and attention to the earth is having an effect on their density and their position in the hierarchy of the star nations.

            With this new alliance, we will be working closely with the planet Orloff and will be assisting them to the cause that they aspire to. In doing so, they will be able to satisfy their intent to become “adopted” by our solar system, and be a part of our family of the Galactic Federation. Their knowledge of inter-universal life will prove to be invaluable to us, and they certainly bring an interesting basket of information to us.

            When this one first started communicating with Baldor, it was with the earlier communications of Spirit to which she agreed. This was a path of which she started this stage, and that will continue to unfold as the time goes on. At this time, she does not realize the extent that she has chosen for her purpose. She is now ruminating these words, as she receives them, and I feel the energy of agreement within her.

            When Baldor first communicated with her three years ago, he did not identify himself as being an aspect of her, nor did he identify where he was from. It was only later when she received that information. The stages of this alliance have unfolded with the further elevation of this one’s vibratory allowance. Now it is time for the further communications and the coming of the solidarity between Orloff and Earth.

            Now it is time for the introduction of Baldor, to all of you. You have read of him on this ones site, and now I will tell you the rest of the story. This one came into this earth plane the first time with the separation of herself and her twin flame, Bachari. She has learned of this specific identification of Bachari, since recently communicating with Lord Enki of Nibiru. Now she will learn of the further involvement with her beingness of Baldor. He indeed is an aspect of this one, and in so being he is also a reverent addition to the family of man through this one’s position in the etheric realm. Since this one has begun these communications, she has been working with the beings of the Galactic Federation in preparation for the coming ascension of the earth and her inhabitants. This is in order for the people of the world to come and go throughout interstellar space in the coming times. She has been working in that capacity with and in union with Baldor, and in that union they are one, and that much more powerfully able to communicate their knowledge and expertise in communications and inter-relations with the various species of life in our universe.

            When she awakens on most days it is after she has put in a full night of work with the Universal Order of Assemblies, and she therefore is continuing to strive in the body that she occupies, giving over to the weaknesses of the human existence. When her work in this particular phase of the ascension process is complete, then the weaknesses of her body will no longer be an issue, and she will go on to the next phase of her work, and that will begin with the healing of her humanness.

            She has agreed to tell you all of this, for she wishes to impart a possibility into your knowingness on a conscious level that this too may be an answer to the human condition that any of you experience. She wishes for you to know this, and for herself to be aware on a conscious level as well. She is a bit disconcerted at the sudden news of this, yet she is in agreement and accepting of this communication. She also wishes for you all to know that she is not out there alone every night working in her capacity by herself. She is among most of you and that is a fact my friends; that is a fact.

            Baldor has come to us from his other universe after spending many lifetimes there, and being there when the universe expelled Orloff. He spent many lifetimes in the transitory stages of the planet to acclimate themselves to their new environment. Now he comes to us as ambassador from Orloff, and he is operating in the Light of the Ages and the energies of transformation that Orloff is experiencing as it comes into our vibratory influence. Indeed, as he reported, the ones of Orloff are becoming less dense, and their journey is a fascinating one, and one we will be sharing with you in the times to come.

            In the meantime, we are focusing our energies to the matters at hand on Earth, and I wish to tell you that soon there will be an announcement that will begin the exploration of not only our solar system, but the others as well, and Orloff will be a grand addition to our Galaxy. As we are experiencing the beginnings of the New Golden Age on this planet, we will be bringing in all kinds of wonderful new information that will assist us to the transformative experiences we are going to bring to our home in the heavens.

            I leave this communication now, and ask that you welcome Baldor to our family, for he is truly one of us. Blessings!


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate