Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 22,2003


            I would like to propose a time for all of you to stop and think about the happenings around the globe that are taking place in the name of God. I would like each of you to pick the time in a simultaneous manner, and assimilate the energies you have with those of the Most High, and concentrate your intentions for those places to come to a peaceful resolution of the issues which keep them in a battle front with not only each other, but with themselves as well.

            Then, when you have done that, I would like you all to sit back and watch the results without expectations, and with thankfulness for all the love and beauty that is in this world right now. See those places in the light that you see for all the beauty in the world, and know that this is the entirety of the globe that you see, and it is basking in the golden tipped violet flame of love and compassion.

            I am St. Germaine, and I welcome you to this study of human nature, and how you can all make a huge difference in the way the world is in any given moment. This is a self teaching exercise that I bring to you, and you will see from the results just what power you all have as a nation of nations, and the idea that there is one nation on earth, with God and in the Light of the Most Holy. This is the unitedness that we all speak of, and that is in the highest power of the All.

            When I asked this one and her brother to request protection for the man who stood in honor in this country of the USA, I did so with the knowledge that there would be a great outpouring of Light that would come from all over the globe. I realized not the extent to which it would reach and infiltrate the antics of those who would cause possible harm to this man. This is an impenetrable shield, and I wish to express my deepest gratitude for this service that you all give freely and from the heart and soul for a brother of Light. This shield will remain in place for as long as is appropriate, just with your intent for it to be so.

            This is an example of the work and the life that you bring to this esteemed planet, and the experience that takes place here. As the results of your actions resound throughout the universes, there is a hush and then a wave of exalted sighs that catches in the wave of light that extends from this planet, and washes over All That Is. This is the way it is done, my dear ones, and this is only the beginning of the shows of unitedness that is going to become instantaneous as the evolution of this planet and her people move forward into the infinity of everlasting life.

            Some of you wove a pattern of crystal energy into the web fabric of the protective shield. Others created the sound patterns of light and love that sent the message of love to the whole. Still others sent the thought impression of the ages in unison with the elders of Telos, and many sat in their integrity and wove the strings of heaven and earth into an integral pattern of insoluble liquid gold that adds the protection of the Nibiruan council of angels and excerpts of history. In all, the wholeness of the experience that has taken place on this planet is interwoven and firmly in place. From this point on, with any further requests, this patterning can be revisited and added to if intended, and the intent for the revisiting can be imbued into the existing pattern for the purpose that is prevalent at the time. You see, nothing that is ever created can be put asunder; for all is forevermore, and cannot be destroyed.

            We love and honor you all, and we send blessings upon you to match the blessings you have all bestowed in this, one of your finest hours.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate


A note from Nancy:

Since St. Germaine has asked us to pick a time when we can all participate in this exercise of love and compassion, I propose that we quietly, and with much reverence choose to unite our intentions for peace in the world on the day of, Monday, September 29, 2003, at 9:11EST.