Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 16,2003



            Good morning my friends and neighbors! I am coming to you once again through this one to tell you of a time when there will be no need to give out the delivery of your hard earned life savings and daily earnings to those who would see you flounder and remain powerless in the daily ministrations of your lives.

            This is St. Germaine, and I speak especially to you who have had a struggle to survive in this world. I speak to you of setting aside the idea that you are struggling, and realize that you are in the pink, as far as your lives are concerned. I will not again speak of the struggle or what comes of it; I merely wished to gain your attention through the words you relate to.

            Now we turn a corner, and we find the abundance that is ever present in your lives. We come to the rainbows of currency, and we come to the mountains of gold and silver. We come to the outstretched hands of mercy and love, and we come to the understanding hearts and minds of all you come in contact with.

            It matters not where you have been, my friends, for that is the world you chose to live in. What matters now is the world you choose to live in today and tomorrow. This is the place where all your dreams can come true. This is the place where what was once deemed out of reach is right there in your presence. This is the time when you will gather to you all that you have desired for your lives, because you have gained new wisdom and dedication to your prosperity and the inherent ability you have to that love in motion.

            Love in motion speaks of the ones who gather round you and hold out a gentle hand of compassion. Love in motion speaks of the times when you stop and gaze at the clouds in the skies and see the angels, or the animals, or the lovers in embrace. Love in motion is when the birds stop their song for a moment at dawn in order to hear the tone of the rising sun. Love in motion is when you feel a tear emerge from your eye in remembrance of a loving moment with your parent as the days grew long. All these and more are the love in motion that you have been living, and that have allowed you to come to the point with a full heart and a steady hand to administer the gifts of life and love to yourself and everyone you meet.

            I once told a child in the park that I love her curly yellow tresses. She looked up at me and said, “I love yours too.” I had hair of deepest mahogany at the time, and I knew she saw with an inner vision that saw the truth of what was in her heart. She was the epitome of all that was real and loving. She was the bright shining star in the heavens that blinks for you and you alone, even when it is a crowd that gazes up in reflection.

            I stood on a ground of battle one day, with death all around me. There was a deep sense of loss that threatened to overcome me. Then suddenly I heard the peal of bells from a church nearby, and tears came gushing forth from my eyes. I ran toward the sound and discovered an empty place where the church had shimmered in the light. I knew that I had been called from that spot by my Father, for when I turned back, a soldier caught what would have found me. I ran to his side, but there was no one there when I got there.

            I had been shown what could have happened, but for the Grace of God, and I learned that day that no one must take my sentence, and no one need suffer from my bounty. I was the child of my father, and I in that place was given the gift of eternal life, for it was mine all the time.

            This is the story for you, my friends, for this life is your gift to make of it what you want. Grace is upon you, so when you hear the call of God, heed that call, and give yourself the gift that the call brings, knowing that someone else is receiving their gift at the same moment.

            I give you my gift and shower it down upon you; the gift of love that is going to come in the way you intend. It is a fine life indeed when you walk in your Father’s footsteps, with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Bring the rainbow into your life, and wrap it all around you, for you have called for it, and it is coming on the wings of a Dove.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate