Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 16,2003


            It is s fine day on Blueberry Mountain! It is a fine day on Strawberry Shore! It is a fine day on Wonderful Evening! It is a fine day on Succinct Desire! These, my friends, are all the exact treasures of the world of emotional wonder, and it is indeed a pleasure to find you here!

Good morning, I am St. Germaine, and I wish to bring a bit of lightheartedness to this conversation today. Where are you all going this day? How have you come to this place in your lives where you are all going off helter-skelter in eighteen dozen different directions! Are you seeing things any clearer by doing this; or are you being lead on a paper trail that leads in many different directions, and never leads you to a final destination?

            I encourage you to stop and assess what is taking place here. I see that there is a great deal of attention to the finer details of the issues that are before you, and not enough focus on the matters at hand.

            What I wish to propose here is that you all slow down; and take a deep, deep breath. Do you feel anything different in the slowing down? Is there a little voice inside that is saying, ďIím so glad you are finally hearing me!Ē? Is that voice sweet and loving, rather than being insistent and containing an edge? Are you in love with that voice, and finding youíve missed it?

            Heed my words, dear ones, you are being lead on a certain trail by all the things that are taking place within your own minds, for your desire is to serve the world and the people on it, along with the benevolent beings who are in service to you. We are here to assist you to the evolvement that you strive for. Now is the time to take a short break for evaluation and coming to a place of peace and calmness; for in that peace and calmness comes the strength to not be carried up in the maelstrom of activity and emotion that has served certain ones in the past.

            This is a time of changeability and growth. Take this time to remember to smell the roses along the way, and let go of the things that you grip so tightly. Iím not saying that you throw them away, just loosen that grip and allow them to lead their own calling in your path with them. Relax, and laugh, for there is all the time in the world that you could ever need. Remember that time is YOUR creation, therefore, it is not to become enslaved to.

            I wish now to tell you of a time in the past when there was no need to come to a place of drama and subsistence in the world of finance. This was in the earlier days, when there was a mere ten billion dollars in the coffers of the world, and it was pretty well distributed over the face of the earth. A lot has changed since then, but there is one thing that has not. The value of that money has not changed one iota! There is no more value to the money than there is today; and do you know why? Because, it never had any worth. Thatís right, itís worth was assigned by you, and by your idea of what it represented. What does this tell you? Is there a way that you can go through this life with no money and still have worth in the eyes of the world and yourself? You bet there is! It is by knowing that nothing in this life matters except what you get from it in your heart and in your soul. Absolutely nothing!

            What is in your heart? What is in your soul, my brothers and sisters? What do you feel when you gather with your friends and sup, or dance and sing? Do you feel the oneness, and the individuality that makes up the oneness? Do you feel that there is a great deal that you can bring to those people; and what you can do for them? Do you perhaps find that there is great delight in being with them, just because they are beautiful people, and not because of what they can bring to you in the way of being a listener? Do you just allow the moments to be what they are, and find a peacefulness to them? These are questions you may want to ask yourself at your next gathering, and before it as well.

            When I see all of you beautiful people going about your daily administrations, I see what is propelling you forward. I understand what you go through, for I have been there myself. I also see when the trigger squeezes and the time comes for you to feel the reverberations that come from that bullet. It stops you cold, does it not. It is a trigger that you pull in order to make yourself stop and reconsider the direction that you take. Take heed of that bullet, and give yourself a check-in once in a while, for there is great merit to that check-in. Many lives and events have taken on new and powerful meaning with these check-ins. I remind you of the thinker statue, and how so many have identified with that piece of art. It has enjoyed such popularity because the ones who see, also feel the energy in which it was created. Yes, it was created in the energy of silent contemplation of the words of Spirit, not of the human mind. This is why it touches you all so, for it is that energy that reaches out and stills your minds and speaks to your heart so beautifully.

            I ask that you heed my words this morning, and take the time you find necessary for the slowing down of your minds and your lives, and for the enjoyment of the little things, like Blueberry Mountains, and Strawberry Shores; of Wonderful Evenings, and Succinct Desires. There is magick in those places, and you have created them for your own benefit and enjoyment. Go there, and I will see you in the morning mists and the sunshine of your soul.



Thank you dear Master St.Germaine,

Nancy Tate