Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 11,2003


            Good morning, one and all! I am pleased to announce that there has been a great coming together of the forces of light into the energies of darkness on this planet, and this is represented in the activities that took place around the planet yesterday. I am St. Germaine, and I welcome you to the new energies of light and wisdom that will propel you into the New Jerusalem, and beyond.

            Allow me to share with you the happenings that took place in the events of the day of light that surrounded the globe, and the ideas that so many had for the day. There was a great shift that took place in the pockets of light around the globe. As a result the network of light that exists for the sole purpose of ascension is very high, and this will bring about an increase of the activities of light, and the eventual transformation of the darkness to the light.

            In the Far East dozens of lightworkers took their places in the energies of certain sectors within their countries, and activated the portals that had been in readiness for this time. These portals carry the energies of the ancients, and make way for the energies to reawaken in the ones in that area. This will match with the energies of the ones in the various parts of the globe where similar activities took place. Indeed, this was the case with this one and her party who journeyed to a place of high energies, and smoothed out the controversial energies of that area.

            As each of the groups around the planet took their various places, they allowed the ancient memories to come forward and place an energy of intent and jubilation within the hearts and minds of all who live in those areas. To some, this was recognized and acknowledged; to some it washed over them as so much quicksilver, and eased itself into their psyche unnoticed, but is there, nonetheless. This will be awakened at some later date upon the bidding of the soul in residence.

            I tell you now that this event of new energy has far exceeded our expectations. Once again, we have seen the strength of conviction and loving compassion sweep over the planet, and take effect in one way or another in the hearts of everyone. This means that the ascension process will very probably be accelerated, and the beings who are in residence in the various places around the globe, who have come to earth for the sole purpose of assisting to this evolutionary step are in jubilation, and are finding their positions are elevated as well.

            What this means, is that you are likely to see an onslaught of increased activity of the darkness for a period. This will come about, and be short lived, because this new acceleration has brought about a new quickening to the energies of transmutation.              So, hold onto your heats, my friends, and be ready to stay in your power, for this will get you into the energy of change and out in front in a very short time. With your steadfastness in the time to come, you will be instrumental in bringing a new sense of planetary peace ands well-being that will shine forth and be recognized all through the universe.

            Take heed, my friends, and go to the lengths that you deem in your path. That will give you the upper hand in the activities that are forthcoming on the planet. This is a time in your lives when to go out on a limb and be seen and heard are going to be commonplace; and this will show itself as peaceful, and loving companionship with all those who are in your life, and who come in, in the next few weeks. Look for this to happen, for the members of the families of man are coming together; and this is in purpose of delivery of the information energy that each holds in her/his auras. This will be read, and understood on a level that will reign as the underlying train track to the elevation of the energies to that of the multi-dimensionality of the children of god.

            Take the next train to the stars, my friends, and see the rainbows of the mind as it traverses that avenues of time. I leave you now, and bid you adieu. Good day to you all.


Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate