Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 04,2003

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            My dear ones; I am St. Germaine, and I wish to bring you some news of a grand nature. This is a day of positive in-feeding of the light. When the day dawned on the ones at the world Court there was considerable knowing in certain circles about the outcome of the days events. This was a look into the future my friends, and this was an accurate portrayal of what is in store for the people of the world.

            When the curtain rises on the new way of governing there will be a coming together of the forces of light and the people all over the globe. This will be a grand showing of the times that we live in right now. This is to be considered a hallmark of justice that will ring over the land for the rest of eternity.

            Consider if you will, that there is to be a beautiful piece of history that will be written for the students of the coming times. How will those history books read? Will they give the information of some forgotten memories of times and events that may or may not be, in their entirety, correct? Or will they represent the light that will have pervaded for the time that stretches on into the next eternity?

            Education will be a different thing in the next millennia, my friends. This will represent the Spirit of the people. This will be a wonderful accounting of the Spirit that propelled the people out of the shadows and into the light of day. The teachers of tomorrow will be teaching that which they lived, and there will be a true accounting of the history that has even till now been represented as the truth. No more will a false teaching come forward as the way it was. The fullness will be there for all to remember.

            Now is the time to start re-writing those history books. Who of you know how to go to the inner reaches of your minds, your cellular memory, and bring back the history that you have stored in your memory banks? Write it down, get it recorded for all to see and read. This will be very important information, as well as very interesting for all those who are awaking to their history. It will be as a confirmation to many, and a filling in of the pieces to others. There will be those who will remember their parts in the signing of the original constitution of the united states for America. There will be those who will remember the night that Paul Revere galloped through the streets warning of the invasion from across the waters. There will also be those who remember the time when they first landed on the surface of the earth in the beginning of this long journey through forgetfulness.

            It will all be there for all to read and hear. There will be lectures, and presentations all around the globe. A whole new wave of truth and history will come forward and enrich the lives of so many. And it will be a living history, for it will come from all of you, not just a handful who decide what to present as fact, and what to hide as shadow.

            I look forward to that time, my friends, as I look forward to the recollections that you all will stir in me, for I am part of your history, and we all are a part of the story of man. Without us, there would be no story of man on this great planet earth. In the meantime, we are making history, and we are making NOW. You may wonder why I am emphasizing the past so today. Well, I tell you this, history is but a word for what is happening right now. It is all part of the same thing. We can tap into the memories because they are here with us right now, and we are living them as surely as we are living the truth of today and into tomorrow.

            So, my friends, go into your day, and make the most of it according to your desire. This is history you’re making, and it is right now and the future as well. Release the old ideas and make way for the new, for it is all here within your grasp, and you create it.



Thank you dear Master St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate