Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 01,2003



            My friends and countrymen, I am here to declare that for this case the world is a country, the country of the American Dream, which is that of freedom and absolution from tyranny and slavery. St. Germaine here, I wish to welcome you to this oneís activities on the Morning Wake up Calls delivered to your mailbox every morning of their deliverance.

            This is a time when there are no more comings of the natural way of being with out the direct intervention of your inner knowing. This is the nature of the energies that are permeating your very beingness and guiding you in a way that when listened to can propel you in a direction that is not only wise and agreeable, but is also one that brings great abundance into your life.

            When I agreed to come to earth and bring my energies into this process of restoration of the sovereignty of the people, I did so with the abloom of the masses. This was with the direct request of the people on a level that represents the hidden aspects of your souls. You have reached a level of mastery on the etheric plane that walks hand in hand with me and the other masters who are here at this time working for you and with you in the cause of NESARA.

            When this happens and comes forward for you to enjoy and benefit from it will be because you have requested it. Indeed, you have demanded it, for you have recognized on that level that the only thing that can bring you to a deeper understanding of who you are in these times is to take a leap from the shadows in which you live now into the sunshine of truth, love, and compassion.

            We have answered the call, and you all are responding each in your own way, whether you are aware of it in your consciousness or not. There is an elevation of the times of tyranny and oppression, for there is an emerging of all of the old energy in response to the regurgitation that has been stimulated. When you ingest baking soda for the purpose of relieving yourselves of a stomach distress, you then empty forth the offending contents of the stomach, do you not?

            We bring you the estimable contents of this wonderful dish of ice cream, for that is the comfort food that Mother knows can cure the distress of an aching heart. This is the kind of legislation that is going to cure the ills of this nation of the world. It starts with reform in one nation and spreads throughout the world. It is as a giant wave that envelops the world with itís sweeping power and dislodges all of the things that do not have a firm foundation of might and trust to keep it solidly in place. What it then leaves behind is a spiffy clean place in which to live, to love, and to work for the good of man forevermore.

            Yesterday in World Court it was relatively quiet. There was a degree of action taking place in the hearts and the minds of all the justices and the other ones involved in the bringing to the court of the principles of NESARA. With these musings, there came a great deal of attendance to the inner intricacies of the heart and the guiding light of the Spirit. This caused a light to go on for some, and an emerging of some forgotten truth for others. In all, it was the rest that must always take place before the onslaught of new activity comes forth. In order to proceed with new vim and vigor, a settling back must come about in order to lend new perspective on the situation at hand. This in no way gives power to the ones who would seek to rent apart NESARA, but builds new steam for the ease in moving it forward into the light and will allow for the smooth transition of the energy of chaos in the area surrounding the court.

            Christ is within each and every one of you. That is an energy from which you all derive the inspiration to lead your lives in the sovereignty that will assist you to create the world that represents the love and compassion that is the Christed energy. You are the Christ, and you all stand with Sananda, Myself, and the other masters who sit at the table now with the hearts and minds of the loved ones in attendance and in loving encouragement to your present mission. This is a time for all of you to take accounting of your lives and see the beauty you have created and that you share with every one you see. It is a far better thing you do for yourselves and humanity than you have ever done before. I would like to give a role call of those who are here this morning.

            I introduce to you, Masters Sananda, Elohim, Hellarian, Acharah, Judas, Joseph, Sanat Kumara, Balephethis, Lady Quan Yen, Lady Sehkmet, Andoris, Lotar, Zetar, and Theophathis. Some of these may not be familiar to you, however they are in assistance, among others, and are wishing you all the grandest of times to come. We stand in salute to all of you; and we declare this Labor Day to be the opening of a whole new paradigm in the annals of the onset of man into the new Golden Age.

            Blessings are shining down upon you. Arise and welcome them home.


Thank you dear Masters of the Violet Flame, and all of the Colors of the Spectrum of Light; thank you dear St. Germaine,

Nancy Tate