Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 24,2003



            On this day we come together for the sake of giving each other the love that is prevalent in our hearts and in our minds. There is no better time than right now for the unitedness that has the power of transformation and good will to all of mankind. Now is the time for the love and compassion to rule, and for the ones of the Creator to stand in readiness for the times of tomorrow to be the times of today.

            I am Sananda, and I welcome you to the experience of the ages, and the might of the mighty and the sword of truth. Your names are on that blade as it sinks into the ground of the earth and trembles at the power with which it finds its way into the hearts and souls of all who walk in the shadow of the light and hear the sounds of jubilation as they ring across the land.

            There once was a lad who came to the town where he was born just seven short years ago. This lad came to the town with the understanding that he was to remain for the next five years, and in that time he was to find the origin of his birthplace and tear the old house down. This was to be in recognition that all that is Holy is going to persist rather than the structure in which the Holiness was revered. This is the concept that has come to the masses and this is the privilege that will come forward and be seen and lived in the coming times.

            When you find that the times are upon you and the shadows are slipping away, then you too will find the place of your birth, and allow the vestiges of that place to slip away and allow the truth to be revealed. This is the way it will be when the coming to the golden age is well enthroned and in the lives of all of you. The truth of who you are, and the origins of your birth will be brought forward and seen for the truth that it is.

            There is no danger in the truth, except what you make of it in your fear. This has been the way of it for time eternal on this planet. Enter in the fear; exit the truth of the moment. This is coming to an end, and the only thing that will be evident is the truth, for there is nothing but the truth, and this is all around you. I bring the concept of value to the front. This is a concept that has many dimensions, and these dimensions are floating together into oneness every day as the energies support a coming knowing about one’s value and worth. These times are the times of clearing out the stuff that has accumulated for these millennia, and this is the vacuuming of the debris that has gotten stuck in the crevasses of time and space. This is the time of the recesses of your lives to open and expel the emotions that have entrapped you; now you are setting yourselves free.

            I am coming to be among you; and I shall walk in your footsteps, as you have walked in mine. The truth about the cross shall be common knowledge, and the story of Bethlehem will be told in its entirety. The wonder of wonders will be revealed. This is the time for the coming of the ancients, and with that coming is the representation of the true story and how it all came about. I will tell you my story, and you will tell me yours. We shall compare notes and we will see that it is all the same and yet bears our individual stamp of identity. It will resonate together to form the perfection that is the hologram of life.

            I leave this transmission now and go about my business of coming to the final preparations of the announcement that is to take place in the twinkling of an eye. This is the final hour; and there is to be a coming that will shine on through the ages into infinity.



Thank you dear master Sananda,

Nancy Tate