Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 19,2003



            Good morning one and all! I am Sananda, and I would like to welcome you to the 21st century on Mars. This is a planet that has lots of history and lots of involvement with the ideas that are taking place on your planet right now.

            When Mars sped by earth so closely a short time ago, it remembered itís past alliance with you when it was a stopping off place for the ones who gave us our start. We were the ones who benefited from their proximity to our position in the heavens, and we cannot fathom at this time the amount of energy that has been responsible for the decline that that planet underwent.

            Do you think that this is the only planet that ever underwent karmic influence? No, there are others, one of which is Mars. The energy of karma is not an earthly occurrence, but a universal potential that has been utilized for as long as there has been the intent in this existence.

            When Mars was populated on the surface, there was a society that was much like the one here on earth. The major difference was in the degree of density that was employed for the carrying on of the experience that the planet decided upon in its destiny of Divine intent. Theirs was not an intent of free will, but of Divine will, and when the ones from outside this solar system came and utilized Mars, the planet underwent a huge degree of change that added to the already fragile condition of the planet.

            This was the eventual cause of the demise of life on the surface. At that point there was still life within the core of the planet, and the civilizations had a degree of involvement with the proceedings on planet earth. This is not well known even by the ones on earth who have uncovered most of the information of the history of the Annunaki who came to this planet to colonize and carry out the plan that they had developed.

            You see, I was part of that plan, in the incarnation I employed at that time. My original family was the family of the Nibiruans who came to earth to mine the gold. They were not able to find the amount they needed without going to deeper exploration of the gold in the earths interior. I was part of that plan, and I was in that first landing that came and explored for the gold. I was not as you know me now, but an earlier version of the family members who came for purpose and carried out the early stages of man.

            As I speak of myself as one of the ones who came from the battleship from Nibiru, I also speak of my potential as Jesus. This embodiment did not come until the purpose for it was realized and set into place. You see, my friends, the potential for all of history was in place at the earliest input of the plan. This was the idea that came from the intent. It is an energy stamp that happens when an idea comes from the thought. When you think of a thought you then set in motion the potentialities that spring from that thought. This is a law of the universe. This is the nature of creation. There is nothing that is thought of that does not create from itself. This is a good thing to remember while you are drifting around in your daydreams and having your fantasies of mind. The stronger the emotional output in addition to the thoughts, the more likely is the probability for creation in your experience.

            I tell you all this, for the purpose of opening your eyes to what is taking place on earth right now. There seems to be an enlarging energy of chaos and tyranny. However, if you look closely at the small signs that something different is in the air, you will see the nuances of exchange coming about. Soon these changes will be blatantly obvious and the lid will come off and expose the contents for all the world to see. There will be evidence come forth that will corroborate my words of the real origins of man, and this evidence will be irrefutable.

            For now, we continue to work in the energies of change that roll around and into place that take us to the immanent announcement and disclosure of the family of the heavens and the gifts of the people to themselves. We will meet you on the bridge, Commander, and all will be revealed.



Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate