Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 03,2003



            Good morning my dear ones, I am Sananda here and I have come to tell you the latest on the ones who would give a lot to the cause of freedom and of love. I am going to tell you a story of a past remembrance and then I am going to let you in on a little secret that will no longer be a secret, but a way of life for all of the world.

            When I came to this writing this day, I came with a degree of loving kindness for this one, and for the ones whose eyes will fall upon these words. That degree was represented in the thousands for there is no limit on the love I feel for you. This is the degree by which the Creator is in bounds to you; there is no separation from you and all you represent, for you are the all, as is the Creator.

            Take the numbers of the ounces of Creation, and multiply that by the numbers of the ounces of existence, and you have the big fat zero that represents the degree of love that is and that isnít; for even the isnít is. There is nothing that has been uttered, thought, idealized, perceived, conceived, dreamed, imagined that is not. It all is. Do you see how we play with words here? This is way it is with Spirit. Anything goes, so what may seem to be one way, is actually another at the same time.

            So why the differences that we see in the words? We do that in order to make the separations for the sake of communication. Without that we just know it all, all at the same time. There would be no communication for it would not be desired, for we would all just know itÖÖ..all.

            Okay, Iím done now with the playing of the words. This was shown to you for the purpose of entrusting you with a little secret that certain ones know, and that they feel others donít. This is that no matter what they say, they may have a different meaning from what you hear or understand. This leads to a miscommunication, and this leads to hurt feelings and animosity and non-believing, among other things that we neednít mention.

            Now I address the otherís intents. This is a field where there is much variation, and yet only one meaning. It is once again up to the perceiver what the meaning is. There are many variations in the same theme, depending on who is observing and conceiving of the theme.

            Take money, for example. What is money, but a piece of paper, or a piece of metal? Is it something that you can put on a plate and eat for supper? Is it something that can give you strength when you apply it to your skin? Is it something that can say some kind words to you? Is it perhaps an object that can raise a tear of appreciation because it is so lovely and moving to the heart? Is it any of these things that we so value in life, or is it something that we have applied value to from something outside of us?

            We have put a value on money because we have nothing else to pass around as an exchange. We donít all have a backyard garden anymore from which to exchange turnips for carrots. We donít raise cattle on one farm, and chickens on another in order to make the exchange that provides a varied meal. Only some of us weave our cloth and spin our yarn so that we may make clothes to put on our backs, and to trade for milk from the neighbors cow.

            All these exchange items are no longer fitting in this industrial age, and therefore, we needed another way of exchange for goods that would be regulated according to the value that we place on our lives. This is the way it has emerged in the world of today. We are placing a value on what some ones regard as worthless, or beyond pricing, invaluable. How do you make sense out of that way of thinking? You come to a common thought, and that is the way of the modern thinking and that is the way of the ancients. You come to a common thought.

            Take that into your day, my friends, and see what you can come up with. Does this stir any feelings of decision, or of thoughtfulness that may lead you into avenues that youíve not entered before? Wonderful! That is the idea. To lead into another thought that may lead you right back to the original. Do you see how it is all the same? It is you know. Or do you? This is your world and you have created it in your image. Where is Godís image? It is in you. Where is your image? In the world. Where is Godís image? It is in you, and in the world; for it is all the same.

            I love you all, I love you all equally. I love you all equally and in the image that you present; for it is all the same. Good day!!!


Thank you dear Master Sananda,

Nancy Tate