Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 02,2003



            Good morning, my loved ones! I am coming to you from the steps of city hall in downtown Bangkok. I am going to leave this place in a few minutes, but first I want to tell you how beautiful it is here, and how much I love this planet earth. I am Mongolian Andy, and I am new to your ears and eyes, so I would like to introduce myself and explain why I have come to this communication, and why I have chosen this one to speak through.

            When I first came to this earth, it was as a mere child, and I chose to live in China because I loved the scenery there. It reminded me of my home place on the other planet far from here; it is located in the system you know of as Orion. I am known there as Andraga.

            I am ambassador to your planetary mission known as NESARA, and I too am working with the other masters who are in service to you through this law of the land. I was in a position on my planet of administrator to the general laws of finance and governing within that energy, and I volunteered for this mission for the purpose of not only bringing my assistance to the cause here, but to also bring the knowledge and wisdom I accumulate here back to my homeland.

            On my planet, we come to a place within our governing system that represents the spirit within us. We come for the purpose of generating the ability to see beyond the ordinary, and finding the actual aspects of the commonality and realizing that within that commonality is the distinctly Divine. From there, we operate in the fineness that that energy generates and inspires. This is the fundamental formula for a successful and smooth running system. We have operated within this formula since we first evolved to the fifth level from which we now travel the dimensions that you know of at this time.

            We see the dimensionality in a different way than you do, for there are many dimensions and many layers of those dimensions. It is not so clear-cut as you would understand them at this time. There will come a time when you will begin to awaken to a greater degree of understanding of the dimensionalities, and then you will see that you create the layers of the dimensions, and that they are variable within themselves, changing and evolving right along with you, with the One, as well.

            When I came here as an infant, I did not come in forgetfulness, for my time here was not as yours has been. I decided to come through the birth process, for I had not yet experienced that, and I knew that it would enhance my stay here. So, as I grew and matured in my body, I was aware of many more things about life than the others of my age. This was indeed a challenge, and one I welcomed, for it taught me a great deal about human nature in its egoness of amnesia. One of the things it taught me is that with the amnesia, the ego reigns, until the innate spirit of the person emerges consciously, and begins to be heard. This is where the compassion comes in my friends, for without compassion there could be no understanding of the state that you all are operating in.

            Now I see a great change happening. This change is growing in leaps and bounds just in the last decade. I see the examples of the change in the hearts and minds of so many. I see it here in China, and I love the way it has changed the people of this land, and all over the globe. This land has been a place of stirred up emotions and suppressed rights for a long time. Do your realize what a time bomb that can be? Without the calm and the inner strength of Spirit, this could create a chaos that would have the power to annialate mankind and destroy the earth.

            This is the power of spirit, my friends. Instead of having this time bomb detonate, there is a moving away from the trigger, and a calming process taking place that is bringing a neutrality to the circumstances. This provides an atmosphere in which the certain ones of the military and government are losing their grip over the people. You see, there is no great amount of uprising taking place. It is an inrising that is happening, and it is taking the place of the fear in the people, and causing them to move forward in their strength, quietly and without adding to the tyranny that once threatened.

            This is a great example of how it works, my friends. This is how you can do it all over the globe. Using the advent of inrising is the sure strong way to give energy to the peace you so desire and intend for your planet. You can go about your daily lives in the power of the Divine, joyfully and with great conviction of the courage it takes to stand for your sovereignty and your might. You can be the gentle, quiet warrior and still feel the effects of the governing system that you are moving toward. In fact, you can get there just by adhering to the knowledge that you are supreme, each and every one of you, and by quietly going about your business of bringing the truth to your consciousness, and to the world. There is great power in the advent of stillness, for in that stillness of the Divine is a great murmur of love and compassion that breeds a purity of purpose that spreads around the world, planting itís seeds of love and strength, and supplanting the seeds of discontent.

            You are wise beings, all of you. Some may still be finding that wisdom; some are living it at this very moment. You have come a long way since you first came to this planet, I know, for I knew you then. I saw you leave and descend to the life you are living in now, and I am seeing the future for you in love and openness. When we lived and loved together in the times before your time on earth, we traveled this universe, and others as well. We sojourned on various planets and traversed the systems continually searching for the next opportunity for advancement in experience. When you decided to enter into this experience here on earth, I chose to remain in the wings until this lifetime, when I would come and serve in the emergence of the lightbody culture.

            I am pleased to come to you at this time. I will tell you now that there are other emissaries of the universe here on earth at various strategic spots around the globe, and we are here for the express purpose of lending our expertise to this great history making, and divinely inspired event that is upon you, and is about to change the way your lives are governed and your cultures are operated. Your new paradigm is upon you, and the results are soon to be experienced by all of you.

            I am pleased to have been the bearer of this particular news this morning, and I salute each and every one of you for the work you do. Some of it may not seem to be of much value, however, believe me when I say that there is nothing of greater value than another. I leave you now to your day, and your ministrations of justice and good will on your great road to love and compassion in motion.


Thank you dear Mongolian Andy,

Nancy Tate