Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 30,2003



            It is a grand morning my friends, and I am here to give you a report on the activities of the heart and mind of the universe. I am Lotar, and I am pleased to be back in these communications once more. I have been very busy in the halls of progress in the universal order of accomplishments. My work has been of integrating the pieces of the workings of interplanetary finding of the activities that take place of earth these days.

            There is much to be gained from the actions that various peoples on your world are taking lately. When these peoples come together and form the liaisons that are undergoing tremendous changes, they do so with the rest of the universe in mind. These changes represent the underground cities of Telos and Chrystos, as well as many others that are in the etheric and will be coming into your awareness as you enter into the same dimension that they exist in.

            You are rapidly coming to that dimensionality. If you have noticed, there has been of late a different elevation of the energies in which you live. This has brought about an elevation of all of you. Some who are in the consciousness that recognizes this are able to function in a relatively unchanged manner, on the outside, that is. You feel the difference, and are able to assimilate the energies and acclimate yours to the rest. It is a process of integrating the elements of the changing times and the changing energies to your own, and rise above the earthly manifestation of the lower energies in their resistance to the changes.

            When I do the studying I have been doing. I have seen the results that the increased vibrations have on your bodies. Some of you may experience old maladies resurfacing one more. Some may see that the conditions that they have lived with for years are lessening, and may soon disappear. There are any myriad of things that are taking place, and they are all involved in the elevation of your vibrations in this stage of the evolutionary process.

            Do you see that this is happening and that it will continue to happen? This is a forgone development that you as a species have called to your existence at this time. You have decided that you are ready for the ascension that is your destiny, and this is one of the final stages of that destiny. When you rise in the morning, are you feeling almost as tired as when you laid down to rest the night before? This is because you have been traveling during your sleep time, and there is a part of your body that is still attached, if you will, to your psyche as it travels. It is a portion that is indeed life sustaining without the psyche, as it used to be, for the process of ascension has already started to integrate the 3rd dimensionality of your bodies.

            This tiredness will soon be a thing of the past, and your transformation will take place at a more comfortable pace and the integration will support the inter-terrestrial travel that you will be doing. There will come a point when you will be able to take your wholeness with you, and still keep the physical behind. This is what you know of as bio-location, yet it will be something that you all will do as a matter of custom in your sleep time. You will be aware that you do it, and it will become a way of being that you will eventually do as a matter of course at any time of the day or night, at your will.

            As I from my standpoint in the heavens observe your development to these various stages, I am reminded of when I too was in your shoes. I am contemplating coming and reuniting with this one from time to time and carrying on some of the works that Zetar and I do together now. I have conferred with this one, and she is in agreement that this can be so in a very short time. We are planning to do this in as brief a time period as we can handle at first, and then we will come together and enable each other to work as one for longer periods of time.

            This is something that a great many of you are doing at this time. You are realizing that it is coming to a time when the oneness can be achieved in an instant and then the exploration can be in memory of when we were one, before the division into aspects took place. We realize that this can be a very healing and visionary procedure, and those who have entered into it have been greatly pleased and jubilant at the integration results. We have found that it very closely reunites us with the Creator power and fills us with a will that is entirely harmonious with the Creator Will for the period that we are in the oneness. This we are able to carry over with us for the most part upon the aspecting into the “two” again.

            As you are beginning to get the picture, there is much that you will be remembering of how it was when you were planning this time of this experience on earth. You will be re-experiencing much of what you could then, and you will find that your experience will be so much more developed and you will be able to carry those times to a more defined and richer experience because of the knowledge and abilities that you have garnered from your time on earth. This has been a great learning place, and you have only just begun to realize what a gift you have brought to yourself and the rest of existence. I am deeply honored to be a part of the alliance on a first hand basis, and I look forward to the further integration that we will have.

            I leave this transmission now and join Zetar with a mission of our own. We are studying the effects on the stars of our galaxy from the new influx of energies that are infiltrating your planet at this time. We may have a report on that in the near future, depending on our findings. Have a grand day, and peace be with you all.


Thank you dear brother Lotar,

Nancy Tate