Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 05,2003



            Good morning my precious ones, I am coming to you from the realm of the Holy Clouds of Forgetfulness, and I am here to tell you that you are losing sleep over an illusion. You are going through the phases of the illusory times of your living on earth, and you are about to ascend to the hierarchy that shows you where you really are.

            You may call me Igor, and you may find me in your heart and in your soul at any time, for I am the part of you all that lives in the realm of the truth of the place where you are. I am sometimes bold and brash, if that suffices the experience, and I am other times soft and serene as a kitten asleep in the womb of its mother. I am always at your beck and call, and I am willing to be whatever you want to be in order for you to come closer to what I represent in you. I am at your beck and call, and without you I am a cloud of perception in potential.

            Every thing has energy, is energy. Therefore everything has a life of its own in potential or in movement. Once it is in movement, then its potential is being realized every millisecond it is in flight. In a state of suspended animation it is as it is, in potential. The potential becomes movement upon intent.

            What is your intent for this moment? How can I assist you to this movement? Are you going to sit at your computers all day, and communicate with the masses? Are you going to go out into the world on your two feet and communicate with the masses? Or maybe you intend to go out into the country and canoe gently on a lake surrounded by trees and gentle flowers, and communicate with the masses. It is all a communication, and one no less or more than the other.

            That is true, my friends. You communicate with one another everytime you think of anything. This is the way it is done, you know. This is the way that communication takes place, through the mind and through the heart. There is the grid that carries this along, and the grid is interconnected with all of you.

            Thought you were alone in your loneliness? Think again, and realize that you are never alone. Somewhere someone else is feeling that loneliness because they felt yours. You feel yours because they feel theirs, and yours, all at the same time. Change that loneliness to joy, and guess what someone else will feel! Yes, that is the way it is done. Feel the heart resound with its pleasure, and then feel that connection as someone else feels it and matches hers with yours.

            I once stirred a personís heart through his intent, and he went from sorrow, tears, and sobbing, to overwhelming joy, and laughter and tears of love and mirth streaming down his cheeks. Have you ever done that? Youíre welcome. I love you too!

            I jest my friends, but I come from truth. The truth of the moment is all there is. I love to assist you to laughter, and you know how quickly sorrow can turn to joy. In an instant your reality can transform from one to the other end of the spectrum. Isnít that profound? Isnít that simple truth?

            Now I take my leave, and I give you a new perspective perhaps on the energy of the universe as it relates to you. You are my bright shining star, and I bring you yourself in me and in all of you. Good day and happy doings.


Thank you dear sweet Igor,

 Nancy Tate