Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 26,2003



            Good morning my dear friends, I am Baldor, and I wish to bring you some information that may clear up something for all of you. There is an ongoing controversy on your planet as to the state of the universal and galactic wars. I, from my standpoint in the universal order see that the events of war are no longer taking place. There is an energy of grace that is permeating the universe. This State of Grace is according to the intent of all who reside in the universe, starting with the councils from each galaxy and the Federations thereof.

            When I first started commandeering this position in representation of my planet Orloff, I did so with a long gathered expertise of information concerning this universe. Since our destiny, through our collective intent, is to become a member of your universe, I decided to become versed in all aspects of the universal orders and capabilities. One of the aspects that I studied intensely was the condition of wars in the universe. I discovered that though this had been for a long time a warring universe, this is no longer the case. You have cleaned up your act, so to speak, and now you are cleaning up the mess that has been created.

            This is why it is so important to come to the state of peace on earth. You are bringing up the rear, so to speak, and this is fast coming to a close. The last warring faction on your planet is in its death throes, and there is only one way to go. That is inward and then outward to the rest of the peaceful universe in which you live.

            I see that this will be accomplished very soon; and this is the start of the downfall of the minions of the warring factor on earth. The reason that some think that there are still some of the warring minions off planet earth is because they have sent some of their adversaries off planet to bring a degree of escape to their antics, and to be able to make an escape from earth should that be necessary. So you see, they have created a smokescreen, in a way, to provide themselves with a channel by which they may leave and gain a new foothold out of the pull of the earthís gravitational field.

            What they do not realize is that their backs are covered by the Light. They think in their arrogance that they have control of the portals in the Middle East, and that they will gain their re-entrance into the earthís influence and take over again with their new- found strength. What they do not realize is that they are in actuality being held in a protective net of energy by the Light forces and that their counterparts on earth are merely playing out their last desperate tactics by which they feel that they will regain their power and come to a reigning influence on earth once again.

            My friends, they are mere shadows of themselves. They do not even realize that they are not who they once were, and that the substance of who they are is being held in protective custody by the Light forces. They are merely puppets of their own uncharged energies of intent. That is to say that they are operating merely in the memory of their original intent, and not in the intent of the actual moment that is now.

            You see, they have no concept of the Now, for what they live in is the energy of supremacy in the future. This is because they always look to the ending, which to them represents their power of the goal attained. They do not see the Divinity of the Now, for they are always just outside that and operating in the next, not the Now. That is why they cannot see the light, for they are in the shadow of what is the light. They are always one step ahead of themselves, and cannot see what they have just missed. What they just missed is the Grace by which they can come to the Light, and find the power that they strive for in their position in the fear energy. Fear propels forward always. Love stands still and receives.

            I suggest that you all stand still in your love and feel the compassion that is within. Feel it for these misguided ones who are living in the fantasy land that they have created. They war with no substance. They think that they have the upper hand, but they have nothing but their wild ideas of supremacy and dominion over all. The Creator is the supremacy, and He gave it to you when She created you. Those who think they have it all, have the supremacy that was their inherent right, and they share it with All That Is. They just donít realize that, for their scope is narrow and incomplete.

            I leave this transmission now, and extend to you all my wishes for you to enjoy the coming weekend and to love all of The Creator sourceís creations, for you are in the Grace, and they could be too. Blessings!


Thank you dear Brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate