Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 23,2003



            Good morning my friends from across the universe. I have been a while in speaking with you, for I have been interested in what has been happening on your planet and in the lives of all of you. Today, I, Baldor, have seen a happening that I wish to comment on. This is an event that I see as a coming into battle of the forces of the darkness, and the surrender of those forces to the light.

            You may not see that as yet, for the blanket is still over the body, so to speak. However, I have x-ray eyes, and I can see the results of this coming event, and the ramifications of it. I can see that there is a parallel that is in creation, and that it is about to merge with your reality as surely as this is my intention for your planet. I am in a position here to observe the happenings on your earth, for I have a firsthand seat with this one who is my aspect. Together we form a team that is unsinkable in scope and magnitude, when she listens to me (chuckle).

            What I am seeing is the President of the great nation in which this one lives, in a transitory position within himself. I see the inner workings of this man, and I see the resistance that is building to the ones who would seek to distort his genuine self. I see the errors of judgment that his beingness has declared, and I see the workings to change those errors and bring them into the light. I am not saying that this is going to come about in a manner that will bring instant change to his demeanor; indeed the forces that are working to carry on their shenanigans are strongly implanted within his psyche. However, we all know how mighty is the sword when the Light is at the helm of battle.

            When I tune in to the earthly ways and the instances of the ravelings of the systems that are about to be implemented, I see the glow of the light emitting from all of the issues that are facing the world right now. I feel a great drawing to you all, for I was one of you for a time. I have the innate sense of what you experience, for I also tune in to the essence of my sister here, and I feel the changes that take place within her, and these reflect the changes that are taking place within all of you, in one degree or another.

            I take these ruminations to my people, and they in turn apply them to their society and their carrying out of their desires as to the word of the Creator. We live according to the Holy word of our Creator, which is yours as well. We live in the promise that is offered us with every moment, and we do it within the proponents of our abilities. This is the natural law, and as such, we are living the dream of the mighty I Am presence, as are you in your potential. You think that this is something you strive for, however, this is something that you live, as surely as we do, though in a different manner, according to our ways.

            When you live in the I Am presence, you live the knowledge that you are Holy, and you are in purpose to the cause that you bring before you. This is what you do, and this changes its face from time to time. The face of it for you is in flux, and the I Am-ness of that now is in flux along with you. This is a law of the universe, and as we sit at the periphery of your universe, we adjust our energies to further suit yours. What we find interesting is that the longer that we extend our position here in proximity to you, the more acclimated our energies become to you, and we are finding that with your speedy transformation to lightbodyness, we too are becoming less dense, according to your intent, and therefore the ability to become part of your universe is becoming truer and more likely. This gives us cause to celebrate, and we give you cause to celebrate as well; for if we in our huge intent for transmutation can accomplish this, what does that tell you about what you can accomplish?

            I give you that to ponder, and to relate to your circumstance. You are beginning to open to the scope of what it is that you strive for. Sometimes it seems a large and almost impossible dream. Look at this scope, and see the possibility pop into a scope of I will, I Am, I AM!!! If we can come from our former circumstances of repulsion from our universe, and come into the position next to yours and survive the catastrophic conditions we lived in for millennia, then look what you can do, and indeed are doing. Why you’ve already gotten as far as we in your story. Look what is happening for us. You can make it happen for you, that which you strive for. We join you in your dreams, and we root for you from our place in the bandstands. You have not only us rooting for you, but our celebrations join and blend with those of the whole of existence, for it is a grand spectacle that we see, and we are tearfully cheering you on. Go people, go! Onward to the Light and the love of all there is!

            Good day, and God Bless you all.


Thank you dear brother Baldor,

Nancy Tate


A note from Nancy about yesterdays message: the time I proposed for the exercise of love and compassion is Monday, September 29, at 9:11AM. I had forgotten to add the AM to the time.