Morning Wakeup Call Message
September 17,2003



            Good morning one and all! I am going to tell you a story; it is a story about the ones who are known as Enki and Enlil. I am telling you from my heart and my soul, and from the one whom you know as Bachari. This is the aspect of me who was in the realm of Sumeria when we first came to this earth. Here is our story.

            When we first came to this earth, it was as Eeta (F) and Loer (M). We were a part of the Kingís court; and the King was Enki. He gave us every opportunity to come into the courts as cherished ones, through the opportunity of bringing our liaison with each other into a generally recognized position of brother and sister. This was not the case with us, for we came as twin flames, and in doing so assisted each other with our journeys.

            Soon Eeta was to have found favor with Enki, and he received her as his wife. This was in the event of his coming to a place of worship of the ones he found to be in his heart and in his soul. He believed the ones who came to him in trust and in love. In those times, to take a woman into ones bed meant he was wed to that one.

            In that position in Enkiís court, Eeta found that he was a loving, though sometimes stern and stalwart man. He was the brother-half of Enlil who stayed in the ship and found his brotherís actions to be in disfavor. He then decreed that there would be no more of his brotherís actions and therefore he decided to cast down the ones who followed him and the ones who were in his command. This was to take place at a date when all of the pieces of gold were brought to the ship, and the ones who mined it were safely away back to their places on earth. He did not consider the ones who were created by Enki to be of value, and therefore, they must perish.

            The question has arisen as to the name of Jehovah. This is not as some have surmised. Jehovah was a title given at a later time to the Gods by the descendants of the ones who were created by the King, Enki. This one knew him as King, though the ones who were created came to know him as God. The term Jehovah was created, from the name Jewah for the purpose of distinguishing the right doing, or loving God from the one that is supreme over the earth and her minions. This is not to be confused with the ones who gave the King the title of Jehovah. They considered him to be their father, as indeed in a sense they were correct. So, when the term Jehovah is used, it is used as a derivative of the term Jewah, and not to name a certain God. In this case both Enki and Enlil are Jehovah, for one is God over the heavens (ship), Enlil; and one is God over the earth (Enki). Both were considered to be Gods, and this is where the idea of Jehovah originated, though the term was not used then. This is a term that has been brought forward from the Hebrews.

            Enki was the God of the earth, for he created humans from his seed of DNA. Enlil did not share his brotherís vision of a supreme race on earth, so he banished the people from the earth by creating the deluge that destroyed a vast population. This was all part of the plan, and when you realize this, then you will be able to come to a greater understanding of your role in this plan. This is a part of your history that is not going to be found in todayís history books. This will be coming from the cellular and etheric memories of all of you in the times to come. When the news about the real history is out and being seen as the truth that lives in the memories of all who walk this planet, then you will see the new onslaught of books being written about who was who, and what their roles were in the testimony of time.

            As I walked the earth in the shadow of the King, Enki, he came to me one day and asked that I might be the bearer of the news of his upcoming marriage to my sister in spirit, Eeta. I refused, for I loved her dearly, and did not want to be the bearer of news that broke my heart. I told him not that, but that I thought that it was an announcement that befitted only the higher in the kingís court, rather than that of a mere jester. He capitulated, and so I was spared the anguish. When the time came for me to come to the assistance of her, I was not able to, and was given the order to carry out her execution for a deed that to Enki looked as though she had betrayed his love and his position as husband. Rather than carry out the prolonged execution as he had ordered, I quickly took her life, and then mine.

            This whole instance was the representation of the way the dark side of the light showed itself in the activities on earth. When Enlil declared the deluge, and when Enki declared the betrayal, this established a precedent that has carried in the annals of time for the people of earth. These were the Gods who came to us in the various writings throughout the history of the planets. These were the ones who came from afar, from out of our solar system and found their own orbit to bring an influence that perpetrated itself every 3500 years. These were the ones who came from Nibiru, and mined the gold for the repair of their planets atmosphere. These were the ones who were considered God, and who carried their abilities to the creation and ruling of mankind.

            Now Enki has come back to this one, and declared that he has seen her innocence and that he knows that there is only love. He has released the grip of darkness from this one and from all of mankind. Now you may all walk in the love that he now recognizes. His coming back to the love and the light has given you all the opportunity to see that light within yourselves and to have nothing to keep you from living fully in the light. He too has the knowing about the Creator Source, and he tells you that he is not The God, for he is one of Godís Creations, as are you. He knows that the child he did not claim is indeed his son, and that he is the father of the child that he did not claim all those eons ago. He exhibited the frailties of the emotions when he forgot his sovereignty and allowed the ego to interfere with his abilities of discernment. Now he comes to that child and this one in healing and love, to be forever in their Grace.

            This one has granted permission for this story to be told for she sees the release it has given her and the difference it is making in her life, and the life of the one who was indeed that child. This is a revelation of love and light that has permeated all of mankind, and given them the opportunity to rise and shine in the love that Enki gives. The Light is upon you, and you are all Kings and Queens forevermore.


Thank you dear Brother Bachari,

Nancy Tate