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Hello Dear Ones,

When I read today's email from Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, I knew why I had been feeling that there is a Wake up Call awaiting. Here is a part of what was in Cesar's message today that inspired me to express through my higher self, Avenda:

Oct. 4 is the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi, celebrated with the blessing of the animals, since he is their patron saint. It is also World Animal Day, started in 1931 in Florence, Italy appropriate, since St. Francis is patron saint of that country as well.

Also, one of the members of my goldenlight list wrote asking me what would happen with our pets when we ascend? Here is what I received as I wrote her back.

Our pets will ascend with us and not only that they will help us to ascend by showing us their magic in what they do and how they react and respond with us to the changing energies. Even if at times they get a bit hyper it will assist us to see what it takes to bring them back to a calmness that is not only easy to be with but very loving as well. We will also be of help to them, for as we show them our love and appreciation for them, we add to their knowing that they are a gift to us, as we are to them. As to where they will end up, that depends on what the agreement is between them and us. Some will continue as the identity they are now, and some will become the beingness that is in line for them after they ascend. Either way, it will all be in harmony for us all. I am Hatonn, and I send you my utmost love.

Here now is what I received today from Avenda.


Wake up Call: Avenda, October 04, 2015


I am here today to speak through my conscious one of the love of animals and how it affects us in every awakening that we have, to the ability that the animals have to communicate with the humans. I am telling you this because it is the time in which many of us are seeing the ability of the animals to be with us in ways that are different from what it was from the beginning of our lifetimes in duality.


Yes, that is when the communications between the animal kingdom and the humans began to close. It shut down, and then we were put into positions of having to find ways to communicate and live with them that came from the idea that they were "less than" us. It was another way in which we forgot who we are, and how there is nothing on this planet that cannot be in harmony with one another.


This one who is me, expressing on a level that we chose for this lifetime, is one who truly feels blessed to have part of the animal kingdom in her life on a personal level. She sees the jewels that Cassie, and her other dogs and cats she has had over the years as well, have been and continue to be in her life. Just as she is in the process of ascension, so too is her understanding of what they mean to her and how she is learning from them, and they from her, as well.


One of the members on her 'golden light' list wrote to her recently asking about what will happen with her beloved pets when she ascends. Nancy tuned in to me and I reminded her of what she already knew. The animals, the beloved pets, will choose their path and how they will follow it in the way that will not only benefit them, but their beloved ones who oversee their lives in giving them a home full of love and caring.


It is a time now for all of us to see the oneness that has been spoken of through so many that includes all of life. The animal kingdom is one level of the ways in which we are in body for this experience on earth. It is a time of being able to participate in a way that shows the world that there is no separation in the fullness of the expression of love. It is only the idea that we chose to experience in the duality that is now bidding us all goodbye, and happy return to the openness from which we agreed to fall. We are now on our way back to the fullness of our understanding of what life is. After experiencing what we have created in the duality, we have learned more that we will be taking with us further into our expression of the oneness of The Creator.


We will take our dearly beloved pets and other animals with us, and we'll also be reunited with the species of animals who have chosen to leave our planet along the way. They did so because they too agreed to be in our phase of the forgetfulness of our oneness. They are awaiting our return to their connection with us. We have so much to share in the coming times, and one aspect of that is to be in much closer communication and harmony than we have been. This is becoming obvious to many who are seeing and feeling the harmony of how we interact with the animals and how they interact with each other. It is a time when we are in the last vestiges of living the separation that we came here to live. We are feeling and knowing the connection with all of life on earth. It is an example of how we are a part of the Creator and how we are able to live that in our lives in every moment.


I close this message today with the knowing that today is the day that represents what I have been saying here, and more. It is the day in which you are celebrating the animal kingdom and all of the expressions of that part of the life here on earth. I am with you as you take the time to be in gratitude for these wonderful essences of nature. Life is in Oneness, and we are all living it in harmony and Love in any way that we choose. That is the beauty of where we are now in the ascension of all of life here on earth, and beyond.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate