October 22, 2014               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Sananda, October 22, 2014


This is a day for fantasizing. This is a day for calling out the truths of fantasy and desire. It is a day when you will be so blatantly honest with yourselves that you will never be able to give yourselves a lie again. You will know that it is a time for truthfulness and that it will lead you to the journey that will bring you to the best life that you could foster for yourselves. It is a day for saying to yourself and everyone around you that it is a jewel of a day in which to bring forth that, which is a gift, not only to you, but to all of mankind. What do I speak of here in this message? It is of Love. It is the only thing that you cannot disturb in its purity, for it is the root of all that you are and that you express to the existence of yourself.


Take my hand as I drift with you through the aisles of completeness. I am Sananda, and I have been in line awaiting my presence once more with this one in relaying a message that speaks to you of your own ability to manifest that which you desire in life. I speak now of the futility of not relying on yourself, as opposed to others around you. When I say this I am not suggesting that they are separate from you, not at all. You/We are all One, and in that Oneness we speak our thoughts and desires, and we go forth in the energy of Love in the curtailing of that which we send out to others for manifestation. When we say that we can and do manifest through our own intentions, then we are saying that we are all one and we can see what part of us we are working with in order to bring forth that which we have intended for our lives.


We are going to bring about a spectacular new world. We have already begun to do that, in our first step on this earth and in these ideas that we have brought forth while being here. When we first came to this planet, we did so with the idea that we ere going to experience something that we had not brought to our beingness before. Wouldn't you say that we certainly have done that? My goodness it has been quite a journey of our own making, and we are still at it in a way that has matured and brought forth the power that we have within to bring about the changes that we see coming in our hearts and minds.


How are we going to live the next stages of our lives as we walk forth in this world? That is for us all to choose and to see in the best order of living who we are. It is all our choice, whether we see it that way or not. If indeed we are all One, as we all know we are on a level of uniqueness, then we are definitely in the order of creation that we have been destined for. We are journeying through the muck and the mire that we have had stored deep within. Now that we are expressing in our inner Divine beauty we are helping to draw forth all of the baggage that has been plunged deep within and is working its way out of our lives.


Hang on dear ones for the coming times, and see the celebration come from the release of all of the old stuff. It is bringing forth the new energy that we will be expressing in the embrace of how we are releasing that which no longer works for us. We are bringing about a feeling and expression of freedom so profound that there is nothing that can keep it from expressing fully and sincerely in our lives. This is the power that we all have.


Every time you go through a time that seems to be challenging, know that it is the forbearer of the ease of life that is awaiting our claim. We are going to be in celebration with everyone as soon as the last cylinder of energy that has been stored for so long is allowed its freedom to become the Love it is meant to be. Nothing can resist the energy of Love once it is released to its own expression. That is the wonder of all of us. We have the power to be who we are in full expression. I am seeing that in so many of you, and I see the light shining forth from all of you. When you see and feel it within you there will be no stopping you in the freedom of life that you are destined for.


So dear ones, be ready to dance and sing. March in the freedom of who you are, and know that as you uncover more and more of who you truly are you will see the rest of the story as you allow the truth of who you are to come forth and express in the beauty of the newness of Love in expression.


I go now and dance with you all in the beautiful clouds of gold and silver as you express ecstatically the Love that you are and the Journey of that Love that you express. We are all One in Love, Peace and Joy.


Thank you dear Loving Sananda,

Much Love, Nancy Tate