October 13, 2014               Click here for Printable


Wake up Call: Diaclosities, Oct 13, 14


I am here today to tell you of what is taking place in the air and in the hearts of so many people. I am Diaclosities and I am going to give you some information that will open your hearts and increase your feelings of well-being. I see that there are so many of you who are living in the confusion of what is being told will be coming, and what has not come to pass.


First I wish to allow the truth of what is in your lives in this moment to circle the globe and come back into your hearts in a way that makes it feel so soft and wonderful. There are ones all around this planet who are seeing you in a haze of light that encompasses the very essence of your Love and Light. In this way you are being reminded of who you are and what you are capable of.


In another aspect of what is taking place you are in a cocoon of Love in order to allow you to see the innermost strength and power you have to move forward in your own way according to what you choose. This cocoon is in no way confining, but is free and Loving. It is the very essence of The Creator, and it represents the ability you have that reflects the ability that the Creator has, and that you have been endowed with. As you go along in that energy you will find that there is much more that you can do in this world than what you are being told by the masses.


You have the power to see for yourself what it will take to step outside of the debris that is being sent forward by those who would seek to have you on your knees at their feet. You are more in power than that, and as you step away from their ideas you will feel the essence of that inner power you are endowed with come to life and inspire you to the ideas that will speed up your freedom from the old energies of submission.


I see you reaching out to the ideas of freedom and I know that you will recognize the feelings that speak to you of what you can do. It may not reflect what is being told to you of how the moneys are going to be distributed and how the governments will be coming into fashion with the ideas of freedom, however there is more to the picture than what is taking place outside of you. You all have the ability to create your own world in a wonderful harmonious way that can flow freely and with much love, peace and joy. You can bring about the best interpretation of your world in conjunction with the rest of those who follow their own lead.


I see in you the ability to create new thoughts. I see you then going forth in those thoughts with the power you have to bring about the results of using your power to overcome that which has been keeping you in a prison of depending on others to bring you what you intend to have in your life. Yes, you do have that ability. I shall give you an example.


There is a person in the past few days who wanted to have the ability to sing shown to the world in a way that is above what was being done in the past. She knew that whatever it was that was holding her back came into a classification that needed to be released and brought to a close. In order to increase her ability to sing she had to first let go of how it has been and then allow the newness of the singing to come forth in example. When she finally allowed it, then the parts of her old way stopped working.


It is a temporary thing, that when is enabled to begin again will be in a new way that typifies the newness that she has been inspired to. Not only that but there are new people coming into her life and new ways of looking at what she will be doing to express the love she has for singing what her heart represents, for the people, and in respect and love of them. It will all fall into place in the ways in which she steps forward in the coming moments. It will be something that will match her own inner abilities, and will be in harmony with what is around her and in her world of creative Love and power. Watch for it in everyone you know, including firstly in yourself, for the example this woman brings to her life is a reflection of all of the abilities that are being expressed and will continue to be by you all.


I leave this morning's wake up call on a note of Love. I see you all in a pool of everlasting Love that reflects all of the colors of the rainbow. I see each of you adding to the pool and giving of yourselves to enhance the image that speaks of the Love of Eternal Light. You are the givers of the rainbows and you are the glow of the Divine.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Much Love, Nancy Tate