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Wake up Call: Diaclosities, Oct 01, 14


I am here today to tell you of a development in the system that you know of as the money settlement. It is a time for the best idea that has come along through all of the diversity that has been plaguing the planet in the recent years. It is time for the ones who have been playing with the monies to let it all go, and allow the honesty and forthrightness of that which is in place and ready to be released to the public. This will help to bring the freedom to the people of planet earth. In that way then they will be able to be more at ease and have the freedom of mind to allow the other truths of their beingness to come forth.


I am in a place now where I am going to introduce myself to you all. I am Diaclosities and I am from the planet Mushaba. I come to you at this time for it has been ordained by the Creator for me to introduce myself to you all and to show you what it was that I promised all of you would come to be in the journey you agreed to in the original energy of your existence. This one, Nancy, had to go and reintroduce myself to her memory, for she remembered that some time back I had spoken through her. She has found that the first time she brought my words forth was in November of 2002.


I am here now because it is time, for what I was speaking of then is about to manifest itself in a whole new energy of this planet. It is time for the merging of the original energies of the Mushaba Force to come forth in the people on earth so that they may speak forth their own truths and live them in the destined manner in which they agreed to and knew would come to be, once they had expressed fully that which they are not.


This is the time for that expression to show itself forth and to be seen as the epitome of the successfulness of what they agreed to. It is time for all of the beautiful beings to speak forth in their actions, words, and desires of that, which is in complete harmony with all of existence. It is a matter of being able to let go of the present ideas of what is truth and what is manipulated into the idea of truth. There is nothing that is wrong in this world, nor right, for all is what it is and there is no judgment in that. The idea of something or someone being better or worse than another is old news and it is being transmuted into 'all is in harmonic balance with all of existence'.


When the Mushaba people came into the newly created universe that we are in now, it was the creation of the space in which we would all express our destined purpose and positions. This one, Nancy, was one of so many of you who did not hear of the Mushaba energy until some point in this lifetime. There was purpose in that and it will be made clear in the coming times why it was planned that way and what will come from the bringing forward of the Mushaba force, which is now evolved to the Love Essence of Mushaba. It will be expressed through this one, and Anakhanda Mushaba in the coming times, as well as others who will realize their planned part in this new information that will be seen to have influence on so much of what has been experienced here on planet Earth.


For now I will say this much; there is coming a worldwide release of the new way of expressing and using the monies that will take on a new energy and expression all around the globe. It will be seen how the harmony of all peoples can be expressed with the root of love at the base of the systems. Without the Love there cannot be the harmonic expression that is destined for all of existence.


I send forth my Love and knowing of the peacefulness that will be felt around the world and into the Inner and Hollow Earth and beyond. It will reverberate throughout existence once it is released and experienced by all of the wonderful beings on and within this lovely planet Earth. Peace, Joy and Love to you all.


Thank you dear Diaclosities,

Much Love, Nancy Tate