October 21, 2013               Click here for Printable


Dear Ones,

I have been feeling inspired in the past several days to create another slideshow that was timely with the recent full moon eclipse and the energy that was associated with it. It is called Love Moon Rising, and it is available to see now. Click Here




I am here this morning to speak through this one about a matter that is troubling many of you at this time. It is one that needs addressing in a way that can ease your minds in many different ways. It is about the changes that many of you are experiencing in your lives and within your inner selves. I am Hatonn, and I am with you this day to alleviate some of the concerns that you are undergoing in these times.


It is a matter of being able to see the issues that are upon you in a way that can release them from your beingness. These concerns, whether they are physical or emotional, are part of the process of releasing that which no longer benefits you in your evolvement. As you see most of these issues come forth, especially at times and in ways that may be puzzling, you will know that there is no way that they have any bearing on what your life is like at the time. It could be confusing and downright disturbing because of the feeling you have of its non-validity.


Dear ones, this is the reflection of the old issues that you have dealt with and that are being removing from your beingness. The only way that they could stay and be a part of your lives again is if you give it new life and think that it is something that you need to deal with now. It is on its way out and all you need do is to bless it for what it has done in itís purpose in the past, and allow it its freedom from you into the love of the universal energies.


If these issues seem to hang on it may be because they are trying to show you something about your present life that is timely and that shows you that you can let go of something that seems to be pertinent to your life now, but that is building on the old energy that is similar to it. The experiences that you are bringing to your life now can reflect something that is not finished in its message to you. If that is so, if when you allow it to release itself from you, and it still is there, then you may want to look at it for what it is telling you and see a whole new perspective show itself to you. Then you will find that upon that revelation it will flow on out and give you the freedom to address it in todayís energy. That is the freedom you have to express in the energy of the Now.


My dear ones, there is a matter that I wish to address before I leave this message today. That is that this one is seeing why the return of her beloved dog has not taken place as yet. She is seeing the shreds of holding on that may have kept the new one from coming into her life. She is seeing that it may be something that does not happen, and that if that is the case it will be because what is coming for her and her beloved Bob may not include a pet being in their lives. If it is not a matter of that being the case; then it is a matter of her seeing that it is best to let the issue go. She can then begin anew with what is coming that she is going to create for herself first, and then for anyone else who may be involved. That is one of the things that so many are dealing with in these times. It is a matter of living in the Now without expectations of what is wanted to be a certain way, because of past times. Allow what will be in the new expression of what is to come from the Now moment, for in that moment is the newness of what is intended and desired.


I am not saying that there will not be a new doggie in her life, but that its newness, if it comes, will be in tune with its own beingness as well as hers and Bobís. This is a new road to the expression and experiences of Love, and it is most grand and glorious. You will see your lives being lived in a wonderful essence of Love that began this whole expression of life. It is time now for you all to begin your new awakening to the newness of what is with you now and the potential it has to reunite with yourselves in a whole new way.


I leave now with the blessings that you are living and creating. You give me such a dear expression in your journey and I give it back to you in my gratitude and Love of all that you are and do.


Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate