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Hi Everyone,

We are in Mt Shasta and are finding the energies wonderful. We are in the process of looking for a house to live in for the time we are inspired to be here. At the present time we do not have ability to connect with the Internet where we are staying, so our communications will be through an Internet Cafe for a short time more.

I will be able to do the October Unified Heart Readings, so anyone who wishes to take part in that may go to   for information for signing up and payment.

I now bring you today's message from Horus.




There is something that is beginning to take place all over the globe. It is a matter of taking the time to open up to the reality that is all around you and to see what is coming into being in the energies of change. I am Horus, once again, and I speak today through this one in the energies that are rising in Mt Shasta CA, emerging from Telos, in Inner Earth.


With these changes you will continue to see many earthshaking activities of differing degrees. There will be upheavals within the core of the earth and these will begin to set the vibration in ways that will bring the beings of Telos and various other places in the substructure of earth to the surface in the language that communicates to them the immanent timing for the reunion with various surface dwellers.


When I say core of the earth, I refer to the Hollow Earth. With these upheavals they will affect the earth only in the 3rd dimensionality. The 5th dimensionality of the life in the Hollow Earth will only be affected by the innermost vibrations that ascend to a higher degree through the changes that they feel inwardly. It will not be a change that will result in upheaval as the surface dwellers understand it to man, but as a means by which the inner world of the beings within live their lives. They will be able to communicate with the Inner earth beings their ability to feel what is taking place, and to communicate with the inner beingness of the people on the surface as they continue to release the ancient energies that they have held on to over their evolution on the surface. In that way, the Inner and Hollow Earth beings will be able to be of assistance to the surface dwellers in the degree that they are able to according to the degree that is being realized on the surface.


This means that those on the surface who are awakening to their inner truth will be able to receive communication from the Inner and Hollow earth begins, and that will enable their ability to speak in the language of telecommunication more and more as their vibrations rise. This will enable them to be able to work together on the issues that are still prevalent on the surface that are in need of change. What I am saying now is that even before the Inner Earth beings come to the surface to be able to work together with the surface people, their readiness is in progress as I speak.


There is coming a time for the Inner Earth people to be able to come to the surface and be in communication with various people. When this happens there will be a plan set into motion with the people that will be in harmony with all of the change that is going to take place. It will be part of the change, and it will include meetings with the people who are in communication with their higher selves. Those who have chosen to remain where they are for this mass communication through interaction will meet with various people in their area.


Those who have chosen to go out and follow a course of interaction over a time period and an extended area, will be able to do so with the necessary means that will become available to them. It will all fall into place with the interaction of the various people and beings from Inner Earth. Some people on the surface are interacting at present with those who are setting it up with them what will take place at the time of the emergence. All is being set into place for the reunions that have been decided upon.


I close with this piece of news; there is coming an occurrence that will bring to the people’s attention the differing changes that are necessary in order for certain parts of the planet to be in harmony with the Inner and Hollow Earth. These situations will give cause to the people who live in certain areas of the planet to rise up in self empowerment and show through their freedom and their love of their home that they do have the power to peaceably make the changes that are necessary for what is to take place for their home on the planet. I suggest that you all make the significance of these changes coming personal to your lives and in that way you will see how wonderfully the changes will affect your lives. You can then also see how much you give to your home and the wonderful family that live on and within this planet of love and harmony that you are giving birth to, as we speak.


You are glowing wonderful beings; we see that within you and emanating forth from you. It is time for you all to see that in yourselves and each other, for that is the stamp of freedom for all of you. Call for any one of us when you feel the desire; we are always here for you, in harmony with you at all times. Rise to the beautiful beings that you are.


Thank you dear Horus,

Love, Nancy Tate