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As I see it from here, we are about to go into a frenzy here on earth that will unequal anything that has been so far. As the new energies of change come rolling in on the heels of the clearings that are taking place all over the globe there will be new happenings that will take all of those who are not residing in the light by storm.


These people will be given the opportunity to reside in the light, or to remain where they are for another millennium or more. They will be given every opportunity to see their origins and live according to that Lightness of being, or they will find that the reality that they have created will live on for them growing exponentially deeper and more condensed as they go on.


This is something that they are creating through their choices. As they take their steps, governed by their need for control over others, they will find that they will receive the sameness of what they are creating now. The energy they are living by is ever condensing into the dark hole that brought them to this world in the first place. They are perpetuating the myth from which they came and that brought them to this planet in the first place.


Yes, that is why they are here. They have come to this planet to work it out once and for all. They have been given many opportunities to see what they are doing, to step back into the light and to allow that to show them the folly of their ways. However, they are so engrossed with what they have created, they cannot see that they are but a millisecond away from being able to be who they are in entirety, and they have been since time began.


We are doing what we can to be able to speak to them of what the reality is. We see that if they turned around in their path with a mind to a different view they would be able to see the Source from which they came and to balance their world, which in turn would bring them back to the realm of light from which they came, as all of us did.


What we can do for them it to hold that candle of light steady and sure for them to be able to feel it and turn toward their freedom. We have already seen our freedom and as a result we are living it in a way that allows them to think that they are being victorious in their dealings with us. This is not intentional from us to be holding this light of Truth in our favor. It is merely what it is. We are living the Truth of our Source as much as we can in the energy of our intent to do so. That is the difference between us, and the ones who would see themselves always in control of others. We see and live our intent of freedom for all, and they see and live their intent of being able to control all of existence. The fine line between the two is being lived in this moment as a chasm between the two worlds.


I tell you this in order for you to see where we are in this time of existence. We are on the cusp of being able to live completely who we are and allowing others to do the same thing. We are carrying the torch of freedom in love and understanding of what this moment in time means for all of us. As we stand on this threshold and carry the candle of light and love, we do so with the fullness of knowing that it is a matter of carrying out the momentum of the changes, and of being able to hold our peace through the inner changes that are taking place, as well as the outer changes.


I encourage you all who are experiencing the inner changes, which bring about some physical trials to do what comes to you to be able to find the comfort that is there for you. Just because you are clearing out old memories of pain and dis-ease does not mean it is something that you have to bear. There are ways in which you can bring a new comfort to yourself and at the same time be grateful for the clearing out, for when the episode is over you will feel a new lightness of being. We are all here to assist you in these clearings, so whenever you are in that state ask for us, your guides and higher selves, for we are at your side and in your hearts.


As we go down this road that takes us to the new beginnings of love and Light, freedom and joy, we are singing our hearts out, for music is the language of the spheres. It is no wonder some of you are being inspired to sing and play your instruments. We say do it and be blessed with it, for it is what you have written into your fields and your lives as the generator of goodness and lightness of heart. Allow yourselves to blossom forth in any endeavor that brings a song to your heart and music to your ears.


We have one more thing that we wish to say to you at this time, and it is that there is no one who is more beautiful than you, and you, and you. You are all there is and you are Us. We are one, and in our individuality we step forth and share that unique gift that we emanate forth to the whole of existence, including any being who wishes to partake of our beauty. We sing to the heavens in our sleep as well as in our waking hours. Give yourself the gift of Love in any form that you are inspired to, for it is your ticket Home. I Am Avenda, and I welcome you to that Home which is where All of Us reside.


Thank you dear Avenda,

Love, Nancy Tate