October 10, 2010               Click Here for Printable ,  Click Here for Spanish


Archangel Gabriel


There is something that I wish to tell you on this day of days. It is my understanding that you are all raising the energy for peace today and for infinity. It is also my understanding that it is happening tenfold and a thousand times duplicated.


I am telling you this to remind you of the tremendous amount of power you have and have had since time wasn’t, and has been. You have always had such an infinite amount of power that you have never squashed and forgotten on a soul level. Anytime that you have seemed to forget that, it has been providence that has made it seem that way.


Providence is what I came here to talk about this day, and it won’t take me very long. In fact, it is taking me as long as it takes for you to know exactly what I am talking about, and that is one second of your time. In universal time that one second reverses to all that has been and is and will come to be. It is available to you at any point in time or non-time and as you make use of it, it too makes use of you in any way that you so deem.


I come to the place right now dear ones when I remind you of the journey that you agreed upon when you began wafting through the universe in the way that brought many treasures and many trials. You have lived through them all with a modicum of disbelief in yourselves and others, and in that light I now share with you that you are no longer in that doubt mode, or you would not be in the state of being that I see you all in now.


You are bound for glory in that which you seek, and in that promise that you made to yourselves is the eventual outcome that is at your elbow at this moment. It will be but a minuscule whisper in time and then your whole world will change and begin to manifest itself in the way that you have set the image as. You will be expressing in your glory at that point in time when you have seen the tribulations go over the fence and drift away into the bright light of healing. You have done it my dear ones. It is now the time to hold that peace and happiness for it is seen in the light of Truth and the expression of Total and unabridged Love.


I sing to you in the Image of that Truth right now in the Love that I am forevermore. I am Your Guardian, the Angel of Love and Mercy, Gabriel.


Thank you dear Archangel Gabriel,

Love, Nancy Tate